The spot in investigation of incident of explosion of Turkey capital car already was blocked (graph)

Log onto the spot in registering incident of explosion of car of capital of Turkey of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to investigate to already was blocked (graph) origin: ? Salary  ?2016-02-18 09:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

Xinhua News Agency installs card to pull on Feburary 17 report (reporter Zhengjin sends Zou Le) Turkey Vice Prime Minister holds governmental spokesman Numankuertuermushen concurrently 17 days to say, the capital installs card to pull downtown near red crescent square produced car explosion event towards evening that day, cause death of at least 28 people, 61 people to get hurt.

Outspread read: Incident of assault of bomb of beautiful condemnation Turkey says to will stand together with ally Turkey premier cancels European Union peak meeting journey because capital explosion of capital of Turkey of explosion of Ankala happening is newest casualties message already caused casualty of nearly 100 people (graph)

This is the Turkey capital that will film on Feburary 17 installs card to pull downtown on fire spot explodes near red crescent square.

Turkey NTV TV station reports, this car explosion happens by the regular bus of 3 for military use near dormitory of soldier of headquarters of the headquarters of the General Staff of Turkey armed forces. After explosive happening, spot smother billow, a disorder. Get hurt personnel is sent toward around hospital cure.

When explosive happening, the presidential government office that Turkey presi

dent Aierduoan is pulling in An Ka is chaired hold advanced and safe meeting. Ankala saves governor Kelejilaer to express to media, he suspects explosive is installed to be on the car.

Because explosive place is apart from the headquarters of the General Staff of Turkey armed forces very close, turkey army and police

carry out block to the spot after the accident, the spot has 10 several patron wagon, police helicopter circles in sky.

Turkey premier amounts to Wuteao Lu Shui, the government is undertaking investigating to explosive incident.

Last year on October 10, ankala produces suicidal type explosion two cases to assault incident near the railway station, cause death of at least 102 people, 200 much people to get hurt. An Ka pulls office of city chief procurator to will release statement to say on October 28 last year, investigation shows a branch that organizes Mohammedan country extremely made event of explosion of railway station interlink.

(original title: Explosion of Turkey capital car sends at least 28 people to die 61 people are hurt (graph) )

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