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New York one man operates small-sized and unmanned aircraft bumps Caesarean edifice to be arrested

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 5 associated press report, police of American new York expresses, local time 4 days of evening, after because of remote control a small-sized and unmanned aircraft impacts Caesarean large building, a man is arrested. The report says, say according to police, this man is held those who accuse is unmanned. . .


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Volcano of Japanese cherry island erupts of short duration reports without personal casualty and belongings loss

So far, japanese authorities of short duration did not issue personal casualty or belongings losing report.

2016-02-06 12:05 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Two small-sized airlineses bump casualties in los angeles photograph unidentified already discovered wreckage

In report will occupy new network on Feburary 6 outside intermediary report, united States Coast Guard says, local time 5 days afternoon, two small-sized planes are in near los angeles coast in sky barge against, casualties circumstance is at present unidentified. According to the report, still not be clear about at present 2. . .

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The wife does not do household Italy husband to tell its the court

In will report make new network on Feburary 6 the responsibility that whether housework is a wife? The intermediary outside occupying reports, a husband of Italian a few days ago with doing chore for, tell the wife the court, if accusation of the other side holds water, highest can sentence imprisonment 6 years, case. . .

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Indian monkey eats " stealthily to make trouble " by publicly expose of coop basket parade sb through the streets (graph)

(Original title: Indian monkey is eaten stealthily make trouble by publicly expose of coop basket parade sb through the streets (graph) ) monkey by monkey of publicly expose of coop basket parade sb through the streets by publicly expose of coop basket parade sb through the streets in new network on Feburary 6 electric monkey year be about to come. . .

2016-02-06 09:59 origin: ? Beijing of? of huge rock of discharge  contraction)
Korea releases railroad network compose to build plan to plan to shorten further a travel time

In new network on Feburary 6 report According to Han intermediary report, korea land the Ministry of Communication (call land the ministry below) released recently " compose of network of 2016-2025 state railway proposes plan " . According to the plan, korea government will enlarge speed per hour 300 fair. . .

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The Japan that uncover secret " mind " opportunity for combat: Give heat too twists and turns or your beauty dissatisfaction (graph)

The article points out, mention " mind " head fly, can be really " it is not easy to want to say to see you " .

2016-02-06 09:38 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
One edifice sudden fire already sent Thailand 1 person dies 5 people are injured

In new network on Feburary 6 report The intermediary outside occupying reports, thailand Bangkok delays accept made of baked clay area a 10 buildings tall large building breaks out conflagration 5 days local time. So far, this fire already caused 1 person to die, additionally 5 people get hurt. The report says, . . .

2016-02-06 09:37 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
One hotel happening fire already sent Iraq at least 17 people die

In new network on Feburary 6 report The intermediary outside occupying reports, municipality of heart of Iraqi library Er a hotel 6 days of on fire, bring about least 17 people die. The report says, the accident thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located in municipality of library Er heart Aierbile city. Fire alarm happening points to from time to tome a lot of. . .

2016-02-06 09:29 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
The wave of · of Henry of another illegitimate child of big Zhong Ma dust: As disparate as individual character of small intermediate horse

Small Zhong Ma also is father's illegitimate child, because of the play " camellia daughter " the show has his moment.

2016-02-06 09:03 origin: ? Felt of pay evil spirit?
Repeatability of German division grand approachs incident 22 people are complained invade in carnival by the gender

Broadcasting television stage represents Belgian French district, rabbi already to lodge a complaint of Xiang Kelong police station.

2016-02-06 08:59 origin: Round-the-world times - round-the-world net (Beijing)
Manhadu weighs American new York graph of machine collapse trouble spot causes much person casualty

Local time on Feburary 5, 2016, american new York Manhadu, place is in accident of collapse of crane of building site happening, urgent rescuer is investigated. Spokesman of bureau of new York fire control says, the accident causes death of at least one person, two people are weighed.

2016-02-06 08:58 origin: ?  young contraction?
China ever helped an Albania with countrywide force later however fall out

Will report on Feburary 4 according to BBC website, albania of Eastern European country prepares to offer 40 Russia before and Chinese military plan with on sale means. A price of these opportunity for combat amount to 8572 dollars (add up to) of 56 thousand yuan of RMBs about, already the United States, France and Italy bought an old to these old military plan to express interest.

2016-02-06 08:54 origin: ?  clumsy  ?
New security law will in March become effective Japan considers to be in peace keeping " assault "

Japanese premier installs times advance 4 days 3 to say, as a result of new security law will this year in March become effective, the government is considering the task in enlarging militia to act in Na Sudan peace keeping. The security bill that passed last year relaxed to act to militia overseas peace keeping. . .

2016-02-06 08:42 origin: ? Salary  ?
Base of first abroad military affairs of Chinese is about to begin construction base of around day having the beauty

Intermediary close daily outside, first Chinese abroad and naval base in African country Djibouti is about to open earth to begin construction. The branch such as Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, department of defense ever was in the end of the year expressed last year, chinese build is abroad safeguard establishment is to stem from a person. . .

2016-02-06 08:17 origin: ? Salary  ?
The politics austral Tibet is queasy accept of A Lu of " of directly under the jurisdiction of of Indian president " just Er state

According to quote of dispatch of Chinese Tibet net " times of Indian Si Tan " on January 27 message, in view of since last year November bogus A Lu Na just Er state (be equivalent to our country place saying the area austral Tibet roughly) politics is queasy, indian president general pulls accept cloth &m. . .

2016-02-06 08:16 origin: ? Beijing of? of counterfeit of discharge  Da)
IS3 is big Indonesian book head contends for hegemony southeast Asia or reappearance fears raiding

According to Singapore " associated morning paper " will report on Feburary 5, indonesian police is warned, syrian extreme organizes Mohammedan country element of battle of emperor of 3 Indonesian book is contended for on influence struggles, one department may be caused in southeast Asia area. . .

2016-02-06 08:15 origin: ? Be not north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome?
Hu Saiwu installs Yemen do not have man-machine especially or calling down one sand is China is produced [graph]

On Feburary 3, report of Yemen TV station says, hu Saiwu installs Yemen claim its use ground-to-air missile down the emissary and unmanned opportunity with an unusual sand.

2016-02-06 08:13 origin: ?  ?
Edifice of new York empire ever by bomber violent hit a structure still in good condition nondestructive

On July 28, 1945 morning, bomber of a B-25 turns when to new jersey button tile overcomes the airport, be in mist get lost, edifice of empire of dash against new York the 79th (wave pass an imperial examination mixes 80 78 layers) . The 11 people inside on machine 3 people and building die, plane fue

l is divulged outwards, spread reachs the 75th. But Caesarean edifice structure is whole nondestructive. (when building this building, for do one's best solid, more multi-purpose than common skyscraper very severalfold housing materials)

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