Beautiful republic partisans enters into an election contest stimulate a controversy to say toward rocket but anticipate the enemy

[Nie Lubin of reporter of round-the-world network coverage] morning will launch Korea on Feburary 7 long-rang

e rocket during be worth the United States party of general election republican entered into an election contest 2016 person in new rarely the city spreads out Bushener new round within the party primary election argues. The topic that this inserts temporarily offerred new gunpowder for this controversy.

7 days of messages weigh company of American Peng rich, the controversy of primary election of beautiful republic party that having in city of Er of assorted of new rarely cloth is entered by the message chaos of Korea rocket, everybody enters into an election contest the person publishs pair of this one incident at this point in succession answer a view.

The Jiebubushen that comes from Florida city was given out the strongest make known one's position, those who if anticipate the enemy attacks the protection when the action,say we are safe lift necessarily, so we should be carried out.

Landed magnate Telangpu continues to maintain its alleged give the argument that China solves, claim what they can do is faster at the same time more like surgical operation.

Dekesasi the city is senatorial Taidekeluci thinks, the United S

tates must enlarge ability of its missile defense to browbeat in order to answer Korea. He advocates even, president should the rocket that ground of anticipate the enemy makes next Korea blast off. But further comment won't be made before he emphasizes reaching in further information.

Gram of Kathy of American Ohio bey expresses, the United States should be reported to Japan before Korea rocket whether can take action to launching an activity, support each other on this action.

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