45.8 million person of American gets commissariat certificate to let a government raise rather do not wish to apply for a job

Will report on March 3 according to network of American world news, american unemployment rate already fell in January 2016 to 4.8% , although this already was,come 8 years new low, but the number of welfare of

certificate of the completely beautiful commissariat that get does not fall high according to former residence, still be close to 2013 the forty-seven million six hundred and thirty-six thousand person of record. Report, this kind of phenomenon mirrors instead increasing people auxes would rather let a government make offerings to and do not wish to work.

According to the report, official name helps a plan for compensatory nutrition (The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, the commissariat certificate of abbreviation SNAP) , all maintain up to now from 2011 making an appointment with 46 million beneficiary beneficiary. In the statistical data Feburary, still have amount to 45.8 million person to get commissariat ticket.

News of trade of American Peng rich ever reported before point out, in April 2008 unemployment rate is of 5% during, the United States is only 28 million person gets commissariat ticket.

The expert points out, the number house of commissariat certificate beneficiary beneficiary does not fall high, a lot of reason; include a government to make the people easier get commissariat ticket among them. At least Aobama's president assumes office up to now, ever rolled out a measure namely, make the people easier get commissariat ticket.

Basis authorities can offer the data of the closest year to show, in the commissariat certificate beneficiary beneficiary that accorded with a qualification 2013, more than 85% accept a government to help; posture than below, 2008 only the 70% aid that accept a government.

The expert points out, at present the United States already was a country that is based on a government to make offerings to. Standpatter of China government office researcher of foundation of wisdom library tradition Ruikete (Robert Rector) points out: Apparently one

swarm person is not work population at present, work population once was belonged to 10 years ago, but depending on commissariat certificate to live now.

The expert expresses, if a government has a lot of person that drive to tell the people not to need the work ceaselessly, in order to make offerings to oneself and domestic person, the environment that they make offerings to with respect to meeting creation and depends on.

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