84 years old of silent overcome big marriage more: With small cummer of 25 years old of famous models gets married woman of 6 daughters keep sb company

Announce to not be engaged 2 months, moduoke of 84 years old was about to marry. Occupy Australian media 4 days to report, local time 5 days, moduoke will be married in British London smaller than him preexistence bound famous model of 25 years old outstanding Li Huo Er, at the appointed time 6 daughters of two people will become a matron of honour.

Open amour arrives get married rhythm is very fast

Arrive from open amour announce to be engaged to arrive again get married, each pace walks along Moduoke so quickly. According to " Sydney pioneer morning paper " 4 days of reports, famous model of the world before medium magnate silent overcomes a plan to be married at 5 days more outstanding Li Huo Er, cathedral holds the Shengbulaide that wedding will be in London.

The cathedral of heart of holy cloth Lai that the appearance is exactly like bridal cake is the place that numerous new personality chooses to hold wedding, because border London is famous street of journalism ave fleet, cathedral of heart of holy cloth Lai is called again reporter cathedral, get married in this cathedral to medium magnate silent is overcome more and character does not have a sense undoubtedly.

As to the bride the marriage formal attire of outstanding Li Huo Er is installed, the message says, the bride can choose stylist probably osmund osmund the formal attire that Wood designs Anweisite. Osmund osmund Anweisite Wood is stylist of London famous fashionable dress, person on the west mother of an emperor, get of outstanding Li Huo Er love, just holding " field of fame and gain " late banquet clique is opposite magazine Oscar on, huo Er is worn osmund osmund the black that Wood designs Anweisite flashs tight ceremonial robe or dress appears.

Do not know Huo Er to whether can wear high-heeled shoes on wedding at present. Because since after be together with Moduoke, the suddenly Er more that is as high as 1.83 meters personally chooses to wear smooth with the shoe, just won't give a person commanding sense beside Moduoke so.

The diamond on marriage give up is worth 2.4 million pound

Bridal dimensions of 5 days absolutely won't small. Because silent overcomes the children with suddenly Er to add up more,have 10, prep let alone grandson generation. Message personage says, 6 daughters that two people prepare to let both sides are become together a matron of honour.

Moduoke gave birth to 4 daughters in 3 paragraphs of marriage afore, puludengsi of 57 years old, Yi Lisha of 47 years old is white and Geleisi of 14 years old when give birth to with Deng Wendi and Keluoyi of 12 years old.

Huo Er criterion and before before male friend, rolling stone advocate sing Mikegugeersheng to have two daughters: Yi Lisha of 32 years old treats Ya with tall of 23 years old in vain.

Although bilateral children occupies the wedding that says to will attend 5 days, but " Sydney pioneer morning paper " say, predicting Gugeer and Deng Wendi won't be attended. The message says, this paragraph of marriage that Deng Wendi overcomes more to silent is grouchy, especially Huo Er is engaged the diamond on ring is bigger than what she receives at that time much. Disclose according to British media, the diamond of Ma Yan of inlaid of marriage give up that Huo Er receiv

es hefts 20 carat. Gem major personage says, the equestrian eye diamond of such size is very infrequent on market, reckon value is as high as 2.4 million pound.

After wedding, moduoke still will have honeymoon in all with Huo Er. It is reported, two people confuse the super houseboat that takes Moduoke fetch order (Verti-go) , head for the intertropical area tourist attraction that has different region amorous feelings to have honeymoon. Nevertheless, have not announce specific meeting where to go to at present.

With the 2nd wife divorce silent overcomes a divorce to spend 1.7 billion dollar more

The analysis thinks, no matter be silent,overcome given Huo Er more plunge drop, still be the speed that he marries Huo Er, showed silent overcomes pair of Huo Er more take seriously. Moduoke will make public amour in October last year, this year on January 12, be in England again " peaceful interview person newspaper " the news that announced oneself and Huo Er are engaged.

This also will be the 4th paragraph of marriage of Moduoke. 60 years ago namely 1956, moduoke and sky marry by Pat, after be delivered of Lu Dengsi of firstborn daughter general, two people left other 1967.

After divorcing 1 year, moduoke with " daily lens signs up for " reporter An Na marries, ability is 19 the An Na when marrying years old. Moduoke and An Na bore 3 children Yi Lisha white, Lakelun, Zhanmusi. After spending 30 old matrimony, two people parted company 1999. The report says, this divorce spent silent to restrain 1.7 billion dollar mor


1999, the divorce agreement become effective with An Na only 17 days, 68 years old at that time Moduoke married Deng Wendi of 32 years old again. Then, deng Wendi is delivered of bud of two daughters case silk and Keluoyi. On November 20, 2013, moduoke and Deng Wen Di announce to reach divorce agreement. (News morning paper)

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