Color of old woman of 8 a period of ten days lures Japan money media is cheated to weigh its after 4 males " small devil "

Stage intermediary says, japanese big slope happened to cheat m

oney to cheat lubricious case together a few days ago, but those who deceive people is a woman of 79 years old of advanced age, she is suspected of color luring 4 year of about 59 males that reach 69 years old, abduct the other side arrives after guesthouse, take the chance to confuse them with sleeping pill again, property robs again later.

Taiwan Dong Senxin hears the cloud to reported on January 28, there still is wheelchair when person of this old woman appeared in court first a few days ago, appearing in court the 2nd times is to binding double horsetail however, still go up in the court make eyes, local media still is used " small devil " describe her.

Japan of quote of cloud of Taiwan Dongsen news " produce classics news " report, this old woman was gone to in July 2014 by accusation between Feburary 2015, coax smaller than her, age makes an appointment with 4 age the 59 old man that reach 69 years old, be suspected of getting on their coax after guesthouse, take the chance again drug confuses them and loot property.

Among them the one old man that the name pursues clean trade 69 years old points to say, he is the old woman of subterranean market knowledge in cropland of big slope plum, the other side professes 60 odd, at first two people photograph talks very joyous, met the 2nd times to arrive guesthouse.

Old man expresses, after entering hotel at that time, he took 5 1000 yen to give opposite party, say to say this is a bit intention, arrived subsequently the bathroom bathes. The old woman after coming out took drink of one canister tea to be drunk to him, oneself not doubt has him to be drunk go down, when proper preparation handles affairs, feel drowsiness will raid suddenly, do not wake completely subsequently human affairs; till later he is born to wake up by the service, discover property and mobile phone all disappear without trace, old woman person disappears early.

Police fish 4 old man all are by old woman person with such gimmick loot, the old woman was arrested later, and in December 2015 forensic head spends open a court session. She is sitting at that time wheelchair appears

in court, return gas to be like hairspring for a time, the judge still worries about her to physical strength can'ts bear bear and rest front courtyard. January 2015 when 2 degrees of open a court session, when the old woman appears alight however, still bound double horsetail even, more often go up in the court make eyes.

4 cases that the old woman is accused, she only calm bear among them 1, but deny sleeping pill falls inside beverage, also deny sell spring. She just is begged to handle 7 years of sentence according to robber blame by check, courtyard of big slope ground will be at the beginning of Feburary adjudge.

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