Russia encounters armour H1N1 flu causes 50 people death at least

The intermediary outside occupying reports, according to the statistical data of door of local Ministry of Public Health, since last month, russia has 50 people to die at armour H1N1 flu at least. Russia at least 37 areas erupt epidemic situation of armour H1N1 flu.

It is reported, the month on Sanket of the 2nd big city already had Russia up to now at least 30 people flow at armour to death, area of Bin Sike of mid Che

Liya since last week more produce even more to shed feeling or the upper respiratory tract 13 thousand times to affect a

record, local government announces 26 days to enter flu to erupt greatly seasonal.

Consumer rights and interests protects the Yabinsike in the car to point to with commonweal supervisory bureau, local flu and virus of acute respiratory tract affect a number of case an administrative unit in Xizang, already exceeded flu to erupt greatly what want a number 25.7% , in the center at least 43 belong to armour to circulate a proposal. Russia authorities appeals the people adorns guaze mask is reached avoid to take public traffic tool.

Armour shedding reachs indulge in wilful persecution of many Eastern European countries in Russia this year, already parted to cause 18 people and 50 people death in Armenia and Wukelan up to now. Landongbukelamatuoersike is overcome in black, up to now at least 17 people flow at armour to death.

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