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The United States just was not approbated " decoy says " . Contrary, official of an United States is announced to American media, "Seal " team member is taken at that time " Jinuke " drive go to a valley to assist American army to swim cavalry group gets military of tired special type one group. This official says, "Seal " reinforce army repels besiege successfully to s

wim in valley region the armed personnel of cavalry group, but in returning way, helicopter experience ambushs crash. Another official says, swim cavalry group is previous by is overland and irruptive valley, besiege instead. After crashing, swim cavalry group is driven go to crashing spot, clear away " remaining pieces " .

Real lot says

7 days, have an U.S. Army curule say, this Taliban can down " Jinuke " , solid belong to fluky, did not mean Taliban to have turn over helicopter warfare capability newly. Taliban claims before this, they advance shrapnel in the about 137 rocket outside rice (RPG) , hit " Jinuke " . U.S. Army respect says, RPG belongs to short range to atttack a weapon, precision is very poor, hitting helicopter to be able to say only is " lucky " . Respect of tower benefit class says, they improved RPG, raised accuracy. This view, western media thinks suspect.

U.S. Army injury does not rise

Foster " seal " need 5 years

According to associated press statistic, show number of unit of special type of U.S. Army of level Afghanistan churchyard to already amounted to 10 thousand person. The American official of underground identity is announced 7 days, 30 American soldiers include in the victim

, among them 22 factitious and picked seal commando team member, among them again 20 people are the pickeddest " seal " 6 teams member.

Be called " picked medium picked " " seal " 6 groups are active special type arms only 120 people, unexpectedly loss arms of 20 special type, to the United States, not less than is write down " inflict heavy losses on " . Member of unit of a naval special type is accepting the United States " naval times " when weekly is interviewed, breathe out greatly " astonish, fab " . "This unprecedented, this is us (special type army) the worst day on the history. This is us (special type army) the worst day on the history..

The Pentagon at present begins to consider how " fill a vacancy " . Nevertheless expert of army of special type of university of American national defence agrees Nisai Keluote captain thinks, short-term inside fill is vacant and not easy, what because foster,need 5 years with arms of level special type is long.

Special type of U.S. Army combination fights Mai Kelei article of · of headquarters commander Williams will admit in congress senate this year in June: "Prospective challenge is, more to the demand of special type army... the problem is, unit of a special type cannot be developed between one night. Unit of a special type cannot be developed between one night..

Afghan government official says 8 days, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization two days ago " Jinuke " arm carriage helicopter meets with down, because,be by Taliban " ensnare " , and purpose of this action of tower benefit class depends on be " base " constituent head is pulled ascend " revenge " . Add up to in 38 victims, 20 much more factitious United States are naval " seal " commando member, include " seal " member of the 6th element. The action series that will shoot dead Ben Ladeng in Pakistan assault this year in May is " seal " 6 teams.

Entrap decoy says

An Afghan official that does not wish to publish a full name tells Afp 8 days the reporter, "Jinuke " meet with by down fact department person coax, fall into trap of tower benefit class. "Already confirmed now, military helicopter... fall into commander of class of benefit of a tower to set the trap below. Military helicopter... fall into commander of class of benefit of a tower to set the trap below..

The view of this official is, the commander of tower benefit class that is called Carrie Daxier is set bureau, inform an U.S. Army with the means of similar clue: The one place that members of large quantities of one tower benefit class are covering with tiles Er amounts to a gram to visit area of the valley that ascend auspicious civilian curtilage inside meet and discuss. Be stationed in Afghan international safety to help unit " Jinuke " armed transport acts subsequently, fly the target in going to a valley.

This official says, helicopter accords with expect of tower benefit class completely into cereal line, because this course is the only course into cereal. Taliban sets hot season in valley a side beforehand, wait for helicopter to fly close when executive attack.

"Witting helicopter can walk along Taliban which line. " this official says, "When helicopter nears an end, encounter rocket and other and advanced weapon are atttacked, the crash after helicopter inflicts heavy losses on. The crash after helicopter inflicts heavy losses on..

Reinforce says by volt

Afp cite is same the word report of renown official, afghan president breaths out rice heart · to block Er to plunge into Yi government to think to be ambushed this is Taliban " ascend to pull avenge " act. But a spokesman is admitting Taliban before a word is ascended to was not carried to pulling when Taliban engineers executive assault.

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In new network on August 29 electric England " defend a newspaper " publish an article 28 days to say, ailiyasong warns U.N. deputy secretary-general say, the whole world still has 2.5 billion person to lack the basic and wholesome establishment such as the toilet, have 1.1 billion person among them still everywhere relieve oneself, the health to this billions of population, will safe, education, prosperity and even dignity produce the fact of person of this one be astonished tremendous influence.

Ailiyasong says, the problem cannot get basic environmental sanitation solve, can give this 20 much population to bring disaster only. India two girls are entered because of adventure namely solve in the ground inside urgent, ability can suffer the rape kills.

He says, environmental sanitation problem is an extensive issue that involves many fields, if environmental sanitation gets ameliorative, can improve many aspects at the same time at least so. Above all, can reduce childbirth mortality, a lot of women use water because of what do not have clean and gone in childbirth, a lot of children also because cannot get clean water and wholesome condition too poor suffer from the disease such as malaria to die young. Next, can rise to go to school is led and manufacture efficiency.

Ailiyasong still emphasizes, let a female the toilet can be used conduce to implementation equality of men and women, safeguard female safety and woman's better acceptance is taught. There is some of place in Africa, the school is done not have female lav

the schoolgirl's privacy cannot get protective.

U.N. data shows, the whole world still has 2.5 billion person to lack fundamental sanitation facilities at present, and this one word, compare the 2.7 billion person 1990, decreased merely 7% . In this 2.5 billion population, about 1.1 billion person still is in ditch, brushwood everywhere relieve oneself. For photograph comparing, the whole world uses the number of the mobile phone to want to use the number of the toilet more than.

Look in Ailiyasong, this is a shocking fact, everywhere relieve oneself has caustic mankind's fundamental dignity not only, still go against health and environmental sanitation. Although have some of state already hind the importance that after knowing, becomes aware the ground begins to realize environmental sanitation problem, but gain headway at present still slow. Target of development of chiliad of U.N. environment sanitation is the number halve that lacks the whole world basic and wholesome establishment to the end of 2015, but look at present, this one goal comes true impossibly.

(Original title: U.N. : The whole world 2.5 billion person can use 1.1 billion person without the toilet everywhere defecate)

 Beautiful " science " magazine publication article calculates global population amount to by October 7 billion

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