In wearing plane flight route, the United States encounters accident of crash of strong air current to send 7 people to get hurt

American airline a plane flows 24 days because of encountering acuteness chaos, cause 7 people to get hurt, finland of button of the eastpart part of Canada of the crash-land in road saves testament to writing brush International Airport. Associated press report, 767 planes carry this Boeing 192 passengers and 11

unit staff, fly to Italian Milan from American Miami surely formerly. 24 days later on, plane safety descends testament writings brush after the International Airport, at least 4 ambulances and a fire engine wait to come to help in the spot. Nuolisi says Sara of airport female spokesman: They encounter chaos flows, somebody gets hurt, because this changes course. Si Tan says Luo Sifan of American airline spoke

sman, 3 unit staff and 4 passengers are sent toward the hospital to be evaluated in order to accept further, but all do not have life danger. He says, the company works next is send the passenger that did not get hurt toward Milan. Nuolisi says, this plane stays in airport pass the night. (Zheng Saiyuan) [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially]

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