Chinese citizen Laos encounters a 2 people to die the member that the diplomatic mission in 1 person injury is sent is visited condolatory

In new network report was stationed in message of Laos embassy website according to China on January 25, local time on January 24 morning, the violent element of unidentified identity surpasses the Song Dynasty to go straight towards a province to launch violent assault in Laos, cause 2 people of Chinese citizen to die, 1 person is injured.

To this, height of diplomatic mission respect takes seriously, start lash-up mechanism instantly, jointly with the wounded of old square main bring a patient out of danger, appropriate handles the dead's deal with problems arising from an

accident. Ask at the same time Laofang as soon as possible crack a criminal case, take effective measures, ensure Chinese citizen is in belongings of old person body is safe.

In addition, local time 24 days afternoon, china is stationed in Wu Hao of head of department of consul of Laos diplomatic mission wisdom in the company of alarm hospital of friendship of city of past every phenomenon is visited before Wu contact Guan Liuzhou in contest Song Ben saves the Chinese citizen Zhou Mou that in assaulting incident, gets hurt.

Director of Wu Hao wisdom amounts to the kind greeting of Guan Huabing's ambassador to have enough to meet need, enquire case case in detail, enjoin its to set his mind at to be raised, express, diplomatic mission general and Laos keep close about the branch communicate, urge Laofang as soon as possible crack a criminal case, adopt practical step to safeguard in safety of belongings of person of old China citizen.

The message say

s, at present Laos respect is undertaking investigating with respect to this matter. Chinese embassy reminds again safety is strengthened to be on guard in old China citizen, if encounter sudden incident, be stationed in connection of phone of Laos diplomatic and consular missions with China namely please:

China is stationed in Laos embassy: 00856-20-55561680

China is stationed in Lang suddenly to pull state to always get a house: 00856-20-55571303

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