Russia is stationed in Afghanistan incident of car bomb explosion happens to already caused 7 people death near diplomatic mission

[round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to Russian new company on January 20 message, russia is stationed in Afghanistan event of

car bomb explosion produces near diplomatic mission, up to now, dead number already rose to 7 people, 25 people are injured.

According to the report, afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed, have 7 people death, 25 people are injured. A message personage weighs Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, calumniatory without the explosion of Russian embassy staff in Kabul downtown die.

Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases a message to say, after Russia is stationed in Kabul diplomatic mission to produce event of car bomb explosion around diplomatic mission, adopt measure to enhance the security of pair of diplomatic mission and staff member.

Accordingly before report, an identity is unidentified person a car on Russia embassy is detonated in Da

r-ul-Aman street. Still allege without any horrible organizations at present responsible to incident of this detonate blast. (The exercitation compiles: Wang Ying goes over a manuscript or draft: Di Lu graceful)

(original title: Russia is stationed in Afghanistan explosion happens to already sent 7 people to die near diplomatic mission)

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