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[Bai Xue of reporter of round-the-world network coverage] according to the BBC (15 days of reports say BBC)1 month, lan Ci of German Bavaria city because mayor of Hu Te city is malcontent refugee policy, one car Syria the refugee sent German

premier Mokeer to be in the office of Berlin.

Peter of mayor of city of orchid Ci Hu Te bilks Er (PeterDreier) expresses, he wants to transmit a signal, the refugee policy that is Germany then cannot resemble same before. The message says, this car that is fully loaded with the refugee at 14 days nightly arrive at Berlin. The everybody on the car is to attend this one journey of one's own accord. But, after the bus stops 1 in silent to overcome Er office doorway half hours or so, the element of a few uncertainty that goes up as a result of the car by block the way. Lai Er expresses, he is when last year October ever the refugee bus plan that the phone informs him Mokeer of.

Sitefen of German government spokesman Saibeite (SteffenSeibert) is in a statement express, authorities meets the place be in charge of to the accommodation of the refugee, and the government also provided overall support to these refugees. Saibeite expresses: These refugees that Berlin agrees with to deliver solve the accommodation of the first evening. But Lai Er tells Germany " the world signs up for " reporter, he is urgent to the government offerred room is dissatisfactory, so his individual paid one evening the fee that lodges in guesthouse to the refugee. What can produce next, let our wait and see what happens, his say.

Actually, when German reporter is interviewed on board, discover, passengers do not know this is one is politics the journey of enunciative service, a few people criticize the mayor's way. Before this, mokeeryin is the greeting policy of pair of Syria refugees, let her become heroine in a lot of refugee hearts. And these people on the car adopt vigorous refugee policy namely, and the refugee that acquires the life right in German freedom. This thing lets a person feel unusual, he is using those people that are needing protection, this is off base! , the associated cacique of Bavarian green party also is being pushed go up especially hair message is condemned.

But local authorities shows, solve for these people in Lancihu special accommodation problem is very difficult. The mayor that brings the bus especially from Lancihu takes retrospective car in, he just attends a meeting to be surrounded all round in media of tegument of premier government office. The mayor is in statement say: End refugee wave enters not within the foreseeable future, this country can provide living place less and less, but the sign that I see less than allowing that why to build new house to the refugee.

A local authorities spokesman that takes a bus to come to Berlin together with the refugee tells BBC the reporter, they can remand these refugees Bavarian, if they are willing. Spokesman compl

ement says, the refugee on the car is very glad, and comprehend oneself option adequately. 51 refugees show the interest to the journey when begin. In Lan Ci Hu Te has 2100 person that take refugee to need to solve accommodation problem, and refugee number still is increasing ceaselessly.

The message says, bavarian population amount is 152 thousand, basically comprise by a wide place in the road and village. Berlin comer is sent to be called Fehlbeleger on the car, it is to show those had been granted refugee status, but the person of the dwelling place that still occupies the person that requesting to take refugee, although already was in Germany permissibly,take refugee because of them, cannot find the place that can live however.

This spokesman still expresses to the reporter, the place that lives in him hires room demand very big, resemble London a bit, house-owner can choose favorite lodger to lease a building. Orchid Ci Hu Te has 2100 refugees, 450 people are in the position that cannot find the home.

(Original title: Because German mayor is malcontent refugee policy sends Mokeer the office one car refugee)

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