American Chinese insanity buys colour certificate to favore free number to send be in short supply of colour certificate paper

According to the United States " world daily " report, american strong ball (Powerball)12 day bonus is amounted to 1.5 billion (dollar, similarly hereinafter) , insanity of Na Jiahua's person buys ticket, also join even Chinese people main force of the certificate that buy variety, the United States buys on sb's behalf is more purchase a piece of value with 30 yuan of RMBs the certificate of strong ball colour of 2 dollars. Especially the Chinese loves free number, bring about south the paper of free colour certificate that adds store of certificate of a few colour consumed, the colour certificate inn of geomantic treasure ground is dragon of great platoon leader more.

The Chinese buys on sb's behalf Miss Sun says, the distance opens award t

o be less than ten hours, 1.5 billion yuan of bonus are really inviting, she is stuck in small letter piece buy on sb's behalf message, it is joking only originally, did not think of to really Chinese people wants to buy. She marks a price 30 yuan of RMBs buy on sb's behalf certificate of a piece of colour, acting already now buy ticket of a few pieces of colour, this price surface is to earn money, but she should spend time to queue up. Had given a huge extinct reptile of inn great platoon leader of large award now, discharging 10 minutes every time is common, especially her a few guests want free number, she looked for several inn to just find the colour certificate sheet of free number.

Chinese forest gentleman helped Chinese home friend buy on sb's behalf one after another recently colour certificate, he says, american Chinese likes machine choosing number, the Chinese likes him to pick name, so a few inn-keeper join Chinese division the colour certificate sheet of free number is gone. He goes 11 days 168 supermarkets buy Shenggaibo colour certificate, inn-keeper says strong ball number is free paper consumed, let his morrow come again. He is obliged to go Ahanbula is located in Valley and a gas station of the 6th street to buy colour ticket, did not think of where is free the paper of date also remnant 3 pieces. It is to facilitate previously colour ticket is bought incidentally when inn shops, now is when buying colour ticket, shop incidentally. The stream that buys colour ticket to avoid 13 days is too horrible, 12 days of his early in the morning run t

he supermarket bought a few ticket that note variety, did not think of to queued up to discharge 5 minutes.

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