The United States thanks Iran to release Ceng Xiangyi be denialed by sailor of sequestered beautiful navy to just apologize

International is online report: In the center of American navy headquarters affirms Iran had been released 13 days by navy of sequestered 10 United States sailor, secretary of State overcomes the United States to thanksed to Iranian this action li that day, but spokesman of American the State Council and vice president are done obeisance to ascend deny beautiful square Ceng Xiangyi to just apologize.

In the center of American navy headquarters makes a statement 13 days affirm, by the navy of 10 United States of distrain of Iranian revolution armed escort the sailor has been released by safety, statement says to show without evidence these sailors are in harm be gettinged by the body when distrain. Two naval ships and boat that the member that state and did not explain naval vessel of these 10 United States takes are how by Iran sequestered, but the account that states American navy will investigate these sailors to appear in Iranian water area.

According to this statement, after these 10 sailors are being released by Iranian revolution armed escort, by American navy the plane is received, they will head for Qatar to accept medical treatment examination to be reported to superior by sequestered incident. The United States that the naval ships and boat that takes before these sailors take-overs by naval sailor of other United States and leaves for maritime space of quarter at Bahrain is naval the 5th fleet.

Card of American defense minister says especially very glad that these naval sailors are obtained release, feeling Shea just resolved this one episode in time. He states Secretary of State of special still acknowledgment is the diplomatic effort that releases these sailor place to do in the gram.

According to the United States anonymous official discloses, kerry is in 12 days the member that be informed American naval vessel by Iranian distrain hind, ever communicated quickly with Za Lifu of Iranian minister of foreign affairs, because mechanical failure just enters Iranian water area adrift,calling an U.S. Army naval ships may be, he appeals Iranian authorities solves this problem as soon as possible, iranian respect is affirmatory also will release very quickly by sequestered sailor.

Kerry is published 13 days in university of American national defence release to Iran above all when the speech was conveyed by

sequestered sailor gratitude.

Kerry says: I also want to be in to Iranian authorities the cooperative manner in this one incident and rapid reaction expression acknowledgment.

Kerry says these sailors are in by obtained during distrain take care of very well, yi Fang offerred rug and food pass the night to them. The member that Kerry still states Yi Fang releases American navy ship inside short time is the United States the achievement that contacts Iran actively in recent years is reflected.

Kerry says: If be 3 to the front of 4 years, we imagine very hard similar such thing can happen. In fact, can say explicitly, this one incident can pass official channel peace to solve today, the foreign relations that improves between the United States and Iran produced main effect.

After the member that Iran releases American sea naval ship, ever media coverage says, beautiful a member that to ensure Yi Fang releases naval vessel, ever entered Iranian maritime space to apologize to Yi Fang with respect to naval sailor. To this, spokesman of American the State Council stalks or branch the apology of government of more nonexistent than saying United States, the United States also just did not need apologetic place. American vice president is done obeisance to ascend 13 days to also express the United States when accepting American media to interview square never Xiang Yi square excuse.

Do obeisance to ascend say: The United States just did not apologize, need an apology far from. When your ship occurrence problem, did you need an apology to say my boat gives an issue? Do not need of course, not was necessary to apologize, this is the situation that the metropolis in general voyage encounters only.

Do obeisance to ascend still express, a light boat of American sea warship also was explained by distrain the United States and Iran open the importance of communic

ation channel.

(original title: American acknowledgment Iran releases Ceng Xiangyi be denialed by sailor of sequestered beautiful navy to just apologize)

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