Violent wind of award of beautiful lottery head to 1.3 billion dollar Shi Shangxin is in sale high to nod a second to kill more

Login register violent wind of award of head of beautiful lottery of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be in sale high to nod a second to kill origin: more to Shi Shangxin of 1.3 billion dollar? ?2016-01-11 11:1 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel [summary] capital Washington is in more drug-store and exceed trade, occurrence second kills a phenomenon.

Occupy central company 10 days to report, the happy certificate that show color flies American might ball after award, did not see person of lucky win a prize in a lottery up to now, completely beautiful people is crazy buy might ball lottery ticket, the head award amount that lets 13 days drive prize rises Shi Shangxin of 1.3 billion dollar is tall.

The report says, in complete beauty the might ball of 44 cities and put on sale of and other places of Washington special zone (total amount of award of head of Powerball) colour certificate is accumulated after amounting to 900 million dollar, 9 days of evening open Yu Meidong time a 16-19-32-34-57 and might ball date 13 wait for 6 number, did not come out to before dawn have philtrum reward.

Completely beautiful people is crazy grab might ball lottery, the colour ticket that has 200 million dollar again overnight sells piece, open award day 13 days next time, makings of head award total amount achieves history of 1.3 billion dollar again new tall.

American people insanity buys might ball lottery ticket greatly, capital Washington is in more drug-store and exceed trade, occurrence second kills a phenomenon, large quantities of fan opened team of award in front of to buy colour ticket at 9 o'clock in evening, be just as get rich the clique is right.

A Min of assistant of drug-store of street of U of China government office (Amin) says, selling might ball colour ticket all day long, nevertheless she has preparation early, colour certificate printer won't do not have i

nk, but dragon of at nightfall later generations is more.

The card that queues up to buy colour ticket on the west (Kathy) asks many 10 is waiting to get rich people inside inn says, is the certificate that buy variety here ask raise one's hand? One explodes after laughing, nobody raise one's hand, a Min or busy move sell colour ticket.

It is reported, 1.3 billion dollar deducts taxes, be like win a prize in a lottery of single public figure, still have 600 million much stake, because of award of 9 sunset philtrum, beautiful countryman gets rich numerously the dream can do a few days more.

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