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上海龙凤阁Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to erupt history on: of origin of opinion on public affairs of disgrace China of ABC of protest of demonstrate of the biggest Chinese? ?2013-11-10 20:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

On November 9, overseas Chinese of Chinese of hundreds United States is in new York acting square holds activity of mass protest demonstrate when Manhadu, outcry ABC (ABC) broadcast in taking off an excellent program " kill smooth all Chinese " opinion on public affairs. The TV program that asks ABC contains disgrace China opinion on public affairs this kind apparently to broadcast apo

logizes publicly, fire a master of ceremonies Jimmy Jimeier. China News Service sends Ruan Yulin to photograph

American Chinese overseas Chinese protests an ABC (the demonstrate activity of opinion on public affairs of ABC) disgrace China ferments continuously, cause in complete beauty answer actively. 9 days, washington, new York, los angeles, cease about 20 cities such as Si Dui, san Francisco, Chicago erupt once more the remonstrant activity of impetus huge, american famous live abroad is gotten express, this is beautiful national country 200 come for years, participate in a city most, answer Chinese with the widest range to protest the move.

On October 16, ABC TV station takes off an excellent program " children round table " in, children of an United States says " the Chinese that kill light " , jimmy Jimeier says: "This is very interesting idea " , say " should we make all Chinese living? " , after the program broadcasts, cause outcry of Chinese is in the beauty.

Ever since, ABC high level sends organization of Chinese of letter United States to express an apology, jimeier is in compere after apologizing in the program subsequently, will protest in los angeles Chinese the spot bows again on October 30 apology. Jimmy expresses, innocently affront any a group of things with common features descendants, affirmatory permanent sign off in experience work program " children is round-table forum " link.

But the anger of American Chinese overseas Chinese still was not appeased. The part thinks in beautiful Chinese, jimmy did not admit his error, want ABC to publish an apology, fire Jimmy.

"Homicide is not fun " , " the disgrace of ABC " , " reject the colour bar " , 9 days build times square in sex of mark of new York ground, the hundreds Chinese overseas Chinese that comes from city of Ni Yazhou of standard of evening of new jersey, guest, new York holds large-scale meeting, citing catchphrase shop sign, halloo catchword, TV station of indignant protest ABC broadcasts the TV program that contains disgrace China opinion on public affairs.

Mass organizations of beautiful Dong Hua's person always meets standing vice-chairman jointly Hua Junxiong is protesting the spot to say to the reporter, choose to protest in times square, basically be to hope American masses can know this matter, today's theme is to object the colour bar, oppose force, it is the right that strives for equality for the Chinese not only, also be to be all a few a group of things with common features descendants to sound.

The school work that the Zhang Yangang of student studying abroad that comes from Shanghai just ended Ni Yada of guest evening standard to learn, protest in times square the spot says to reporter of China News Service, "I think this is not what ABC is in cold blood, perhaps be an error, differ also want discharge auspicious rice surely, I accept Jimmy's apology, I come here to just think out a station, let public opinion know, do not allow to discriminate against a Chinese. Do not allow to discriminate against a Chinese..

9 days, in capital Washington, chinese of about 800 overseas Chinese is in national square assembly, head for ABC to be stationed in Washington branch doorway to protest demonstrate, requirement ABC holds a press conference to publish an apology, and compere auspicious rice suspend sb from his duties of Er of · radical plum and even fire. Zhang Congzhi of Maryland city student and ala of father Zhang Hu entered the remonstrant activity that day. Zhang Congzhi says in protesting the spot makes a speech, "Compere and ABC passed erroneous information to the public, should apologize publicly to all audiences and social community, because their opinion on public affairs is,mix in incendiary animosity slaughter. Because their opinion on public affairs is,mix in incendiary animosity slaughter..

That day, in los angeles, chinese of on 1000 overseas Chinese protests in the demonstrate before building of ABC TV station, the hand lifts catchphrase card to halloo catchword, TV station of strong condemnation ABC broadcasts in the program " the Chinese that kill light " contemptuous sex opinion on public affairs. American Chinese mass organizations always meets the representing such as chairman Lu Jiang and director Zhang Sujiu jointly, TV station of ABC of Xiang Luosha Ji hands over written protest to believe, requirement ABC apologizes publicly cordially in media, fire compere auspicious rice, adopt measure to avoid to appear again similar incident.

Local time 9 days of 12:30 minutes or so, even more before 1000 Chinese overseas Chinese gathers in square of san Francisco municipal government, citing various catchphrase shop sign, call out catchword, the disgrace Hua Yan in program of Er of · radical plum talks rice of auspicious of master of ceremonies of remonstrant ABC TV station, ask Jimeier and TV station sincerity apologize, fire Jimeier.

In square of san Francisco municipal government in the sky, one when circle is helping the aircraft of a banner, writing above: "Hey, ABC! Teach love, is not racialism! is not racialism!!

In spot of san Francisco activity, reporter of China News Service sees, the peo

ple that participates in assembly abstains the T-shirt, expressive aspirations. Imprint on some T-shirts in having American the Declaration of Independence " on July 4, 1776, life, freedom and pursuit are happy " , some is imprinting " on November 9, 2013, for peaceful assembly, object the colour bar " .

American Chinese's large-scale recently protest activity also was caused " new York Times " , the attention of the media of mainstream of western much home such as the BBC, give a report in succession. " new York Times " say, the memorial that refers the White House has gotten exceeding 100 thousand autograph, the White House or program of bother about ABC " the Chinese that kill light " opinion on public affairs.

But the overseas Chinese of Chinese of partial new York that also Ceng Jiang intense protests ABC disgrace Hua Yan is talked, after apologizing publicly with Jimmy in ABC, did not attend to protest an activity this, express " can accept ABC and compere Jimmy Jimeier's apology, but understand to attending the Chinese that protests an activity to express and respect. But understand to attending the Chinese that protests an activity to express and respect..

Also foreign citizen of Chinese origin is written civil point out, "The Chinese's rights and interests is ignored all the time in American mainstream media, hope this incident can let American mainstream media take a Chinese seriously.

Hua Junxiong expresses, protest the activity does not have close organization this, a lot of areas are initiative, according to the circumstance that masters at present, completely beautiful today likelihood has 16-22 the city participated in this activity, participate in a number to may exceed 10 thousand person, this the activity can say is the United States since holding water, participate in a city most, answer Chinese with the widest range to protest an activity.

Hua Junxiong expresses, this remonstrant activity has not gotten the farther response of ABC, of a few Chinese appeal to beg had not achieved, had not planned at present next activity. Because already had more than 100 thousand person,in petition of the White House website autograph requests to undertake investigating to this incident, the White House must give response, appeal more people sign on website of the White House, pay close attention to the response of the White House to this matter closely also, expect to be opposite federally the investigation of this matter. (Be over)

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored


 Smeary position and equestrian boat plane break Vietnam maritime space couplet place be identical


The intermediary outside occupying reports 10 days, be in before long hind held U.N. " co

nvention of specific and groovy weapon " on a informal meeting, the expert will discuss homicide robot this one topic for discussion. At the appointed time experts will discuss, homicide robot is indispensible reach effective.

According to the report, the A gold that participating in discussion expert is technical research robot is taught (Prof Ronald Arkin) and Professor Xia Ji (Prof Noel Sharkey) , this is " specific and groovy conventio

n " (CCW) meeting first time discusses system of automatic type weapon. About discuss will write into the report to will submit U.N. in November this year.

Alleged " homicide robot " it is to point to be in need not below the person's control can full automatic choice and the weapon that aim a target. This kind of weapon still is studying level, but the progress of science and technology makes it comes true more and more likely.

Support uses the personage of homicide robot to think, existent law should be enough deal with what using the likelihood below this kind of weapon to arise any circumstances, if gives an issue, can make and rather than of ban of of short duration be banned completely.

But, anti worries about mankind of menace of this kind of weapon, must prohibit of any automatic type " homicide machine " .

Professor Xia Ji is the mobile public figure that rejects this kind of weapon, he expresses, "Cannot ensure automatic weapon system can abide by law of nations, each country also did not begin to discuss this issue, this is the great menace to the mankind. This is the great menace to the mankind..

A gold professor says, hope homicide robot can reduce blame battle casualties greatly, but his apprehension may be in to somebody robot technology crudely when, use in war. A gold professor thinks ban of of short duration is a good idea, but object prohibiting completely. His view is: The robot may compare the mankind to be in whether can be better decision made on punching bag.

Nevertheless, professor Xia Ji is done not have so hopeful, "I am right full automatic the weapon has wariness very much. "I am right full automatic the weapon has wariness very much..

In May the plane drives without nobody on the 13 meeting topic for discussions that hold to 16 days, still fail because of this weapon complete automata. But researcher is working toward this direction.

Paris dock of the base of a fruit of 6 areas aperture every make the same score work off of one house price price of meter of day of forty-six thousand two hundred euro


A Heroic Cat Saved A Young Boy In California After He Had Been Attacked By An Aggressive Dog.

In the California, of a heroism " feline knight " brave fights cur, save the small host that played to be assaulted.

Feline brave fights cur to save next small host

The Boy, jeremy, 4, was Minding His Own Business In His Family ' S Driveway When He Was Attacked By The Dog. Within Seconds, his Cat, tara, jumped In And Body Checked The Dog Away Before Chasing It Around Family ' S Car.

4 years old at that time Jeremy is considering little boy oneself on the private driveway of oneself amuse oneself, be assaulted suddenly by cur. A few seconds in, the tower pulled the feline Mi of his home to jump out, held back the worry of cur with the body, chase cur to expel it beside master home car subsequently.

"Tara Is My Hero, " Jeremy Told ABC News.

Jeremy tells ABC news is being written down say, "The tower plays the hero that is me. "The tower plays the hero that is me..

"My Cat Defends My Son During A Vicious Dog Attack And Runs The Dog Off Before He Can Do Additional Damage. Thankfully, my Son Is Fine! " Roger Triantafilo Wrote On YouTube.

Father Roger of Jeremy passes kinescope of this paragraph of monitoring to YouTube, he writes so: "My son is atttacked by evil dog, the cat of my home jumps out to protect him, expelled evil dog. Thank heaven son did not give what major issue. Thank heaven son did not give what major issue..

Jeremy ' S Mother, erika Triantafilo Was Also In The Front Yard And Appears In The Video Seconds After The Cat Has Chased Away The Dog.

Advanced also at that time courty

ard gets stuck in mom dust of Jeremy, mom's form appeared in the video after feline Mi drives away cur.

"I Didn ' T Really Even Realize What Had Happened Until After W

hen My Husband Showed Me The Surveillance Video, " Erika Told ABC.

"I did not realize at that time what to produce, after the man looked monitoring kinescope to me I just understand. " Ailika is right the reporter say of ABC news.

Despite How Quickly The Attack Was Warned Off By The Cat, jeremy Still Had Deep Gashes And Chunks Of Skin Torn Off. It Was Lucky He Only Needed Stitches.

Although cur assaulted incident to be checked quickly by feline Mi, but Jeremy still was bitten very deep cut, chunk skin is torn off, fortunately it is OK that he needs to seam a needle only.

 5 cities such as Colombia win award of innovation of city of international of the 2nd Guangzhou



ice of provide for the aged of attention
spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

The net austral Fujian on December 29 dispatch local time 25 days, the 30th antarctic division of Chinese takes an examination of a team to take " Xue Long " date receives the telephone call that the maritime center that rescue makes Australia suddenly to say, a Russian ship that holds 74 people by floating ice box up, two icebergs to passenger ship drift, minatory ship and personnel are safe, be badly in need of coming to help. "Xue Long " date immediately is headed for come to help.

Local time 27 days, see the menace besides the iceberg considering the Russia boat that is stranded, reduced rank of ask for help, and at the moment the serious degree of floating ice area was head and shoulders above " Xue Long " date destroys glacial ability, a west wind with coming together with takes cyclone, "Xue Long " date decides to stop the advancement that break ice, place enhances oneself security.

Apart is less than 7 sea mile

Size floating ice bespread offing, see the seawater that is less than blue almost. At horizon line, the Russia boat that stopping to be stranded " Shaokalisiji academician " date. The distance that is less than 7 sea mile does not calculate distant, but " Xue Long " date however inaccessible although within sight. Antarctic floating ice is Hai Bing after forming, below wind, seawater, tide and tidal action, happen broken and formation bulk is differ shiver. Most floating ice has 3 to reach 4 meters at least thick, and " Xue Long " date belongs to B1 class icebreaker, can the speek of a ship or plane with 1.5 (about horary 2.8 kilometers) break 1.1 Mi Hou's ice continuously.

A powerful west wind takes cyclone sweep anything away " Xue Long " the maritime space that date sails, the biggest wind-force reachs cyclone center 11 class. Offing big mist is enveloped, wind snow accompanies each other, bailang is monstrous, visibility extreme difference. Encounter this kind of soup before, "Xue Long " date can enter floating ice area to take shelter from the wind. But for " cut " , captain Wang Jianzhong decides to take cyclone center to take a risk to pass through from west wind directly. 26 days afternoon, "Xue Long " number wears Yuexi wind smoothly to head cyclone center.

Have two icebreaker rush to the rescue additionally

With " Xue Long " date is driven toward what come to help at the same time almost, still have French icebreaker " star dish " date and Australian icebreaker " australis " date. Among them, "Sta

r dish " number also opened to be stranded ship " Shaokalisiji academician " the brim glacial an area of date, but because glacial layer is too thick,abandoned rescuing move with weather reason likewise. Broken ice capability is the strongest in 3 boats " australis " date still is on the road, predict 29 days to just can arrive.

Occupy media cite additionally " Shaokalisiji academician " number the word of captain radical Xie Liaofu says, this boat was not immersed in panic, the supply on the boat is ampler, the sailor works normally, expert proceed ocean studies, also be in at the same time " experience " the be in danger of this different common. "Xue Long " date is in place is on call, captain Wang Jianzhong most

the arrival that looks forward to west wind or southwest. He says: "As long as weather opportunity is favorable, we can continue to be stood by to Russia boat. We can continue to be stood by to Russia boat..

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs: In square absolutely won't concessional humble square with any formal embezzlement kindheartedness reef


Dispatch will occupy the net austral Fujian on December 26 outside intermediary report, little girl like

s Bobby baby, but Bobby baby is shown the figure is too poor all along, break away from reality badly. Imitate of a famous website Bobby " grow stout " about, give off " fat edition Bobby " the comparative
photograph with original Bobby, drew netizen heat to discuss accidentally.

According to the report, famous website revising a figure " Worth1000 " imitate Bobby " grow stout " about, for fat edition Bobby the design gives three-layer chin and a pair of thick legs, still do not lose beautiful voice through dressing up.

Subsequently, famous big model company shares this photograph in gregarious website, say to think toy company should produce fat edition Bobby, attract nearly 40 thousand person to nod assist, even more 2000 people are reprinted. Half of comment stand or fall, the netizen says, "3 chin Bobby " can remind a female to pay close attention to dietary health, also somebody is criticized is to defame a female, "3 chin " honest too exaggerative. Most person thinks, what the girl needs truly is the figure of moderate.

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