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    German the first to be appointed to an office female prevent hopeful of long Feng De Laien Chengmo overcomes Er successor

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    Service of provide for the aged

    of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in a

    n attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, a

    rticle, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the
    aged is taken

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    Day of 1 of company of power of electric Japan Tokyo will say xinhua net To

    kyo on August 2, blessing island section of section of the first nuclear power plant detects horary highest radiate is worth the heretofore of 10 Sievtert, but east report states this won't cause an effect to exercise of rush to repair.

    Integrated Japan joint company and " read sell news " the website reports 2 days, measuring those who give value of so tall radiate is date of 1 of nuclear power plant and 2 aircrew reactor near place building advocate the surface of cop of exhaust canister lower part, electric respect figures radiation source may be the radioactivity material of interior of consist in cop east. And before the highest radiate value that measures inside nuclear power plant appears in reactor of 1 sign unit to build interior, for horary 4 Sievtert.

    According to the report, if the person lasts 6 minutes to be in horary in the radiation environment of 10 Sievtert, wait for acute symptom with respect to meeting occurrence vomiting, suffer radiant quantity to be able to amount to 1 Sievtert. Undertook radiation value determines that day nevertheless the radiation capacity that the 3 stuff place of exercise suffers is highest for 4 fine long hair Sievtert.

    Because appear,the rush to repair that heretofore must not have near the area of highest radiate value works, to the south of place electric general 3 meters of less than sets radius all round this one area for off-limits area, prepare to install iron plate to wait come screen radiate.

    Report expresses east, occurrence Gao Fu shoots the

    specific reason of the value to still be in investigation.

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

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    Log onto sex of the president before registering IMF of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to invade case add: Does accuser give medicine to report the proof rapes origin: ? ?2011-08-18 09:0 of Qu Xi of inclined  of O Kang border9 Http://www.mnw.cn/

    Sitelaosi - the data photograph that blocks favour and Diyaluo. Graph / people picture

    International Monetary Fund (Duominikesitelaosi of the president before IMF) - sex of experience of card favour place invades be found out and brought to justice. French media repo

    rt of a medicine reported quote that day, case heroine is graceful body place suffers Feisatudiyaluo harm may be come from " rape " .

    The report proves the gender is encroached happen

    France " wall bulletin " weekly makes public new York of an United States 16 days Diyaluo accepts clerk of hotel of Suo Fei spy before long after case hair the report that medicine checks.

    The report is overcome by Lu of new York emperor - Luo Sifu hospital issue, indication Diyaluo at that time to the doctor " complain tearfully " , say oneself are encroached by sex of a man, ministry of the shoulder when struggling gets hurt.

    The report makes conclusions, "Get hurt reason: Attack, rape. Rape..

    Acting lawyer Kennisaishangpusen says Diyaluo, the report shows the gender is encroached happen really, refuted Sitelaosi - the view that Kaen's lawyer group has sex of one's own accord about both sides.

    "Medicine reports (content) quite strong, " he says, "Legal medical expert (check) won't lying. That is a bottom line. That is a bottom line..

    Nevertheless, because Diyaluo just cannot show report original or copy instantly, report content authenticity remains to affirm.

    Sitelaosi - card favour will encroach this clerk to be arrested in new York because of be suspected of a gender on May 14 this year, be accused by 7 accusation. But he denies all accusation.

    The accused oppugns report authenticity

    Report content brings about Sitelaosi - doubt of Kaen's lawyer group, both sides dominating debate hits saliva to battle.

    Sitelaosi - the lawyer Williams peaceful of card favour is strapped and Benjiemingbulafuman makes a statement say, the report does not have decretal person be convinced, body state shows the Diyaluo that it records, this clerk is sufferring a gender to encroach around to have sex with other of one's own accord.

    "Cite medicine report confirms or prop up in the light of Sitelaosi - Ka Enxian's unripe accusation has misdirect sex and beguiling sex, " statement says, "The report confirms, accuser body did not suffer any harm because of forcing to contact. Accuser body did not suffer any harm because of forcing to contact..


    statement view, the report concerns Diyaluo the description of body state may be caused by a variety of reasons outside be being encroached except the gender, "The freewill sexual behavior inside before including case hair several days " .

    "Report conclusion says with accuser one party demit is made for the foundation almost completely, " statement says, "But accuser has obtained card to cannot trust. "But accuser has obtained card to cannot trust..

    New York check square previous with Diyaluo credit suffers for doubt restore Sitelaosi temporarily - of card favour " free body " , but the criminal such as the rape abortive that is aimed at him accuses not cancel. Sitelaosi - card favour stays in the United States at present, wait 23 days to attend a hearing again.

    Whether to nolle prosequi next week to see reason

    Personage of a few judicatory says, as a result of check square likelihood at will deciding on the hearing on August 23 whether cancel is aimed at Sitelaosi - the criminal accusation of card favour, this hearing of witnesses to this president before international Monetary Fund character is crucial. Accuser nods upcast to give medicine to report in the crucial time that is apart from hearing of witnesses to still have a week, certainly will adds variable for hearing trend.

    Confederative inquisitor Ma Sai straps Simai to overcome thunder to tell Afp the reporter before the United States: "As a result of Diyaluo credit suffers doubt, square possible of course cancel is aimed at check Sitelaosi - the criminal accusation of card favour.

    Dan Maike thunder thinks, the tall attention of the huge natural resources that just is this case investment considering new York check, media to the case is spent and safeguard the public need to check square degree of belief, inquisitor extends investigation time likely, defer make final decision.

    According to Yan Jie of reporter of report of Xinhua News Agency

    Responsibility edits: Read related Hdwmn_cjf: Central observatory weather forecast: South greets another name for Hubei province of Guizhou of stronger rainfall change to have arrive greatly total fleet of Fujian of rainstorm 2017-09-18 armed police: Arrive again parting when, strong and handsome fitness surpasses the barback 2017-09-18 Fuzhou that cannot forget all one's life publicly to ring down the curtain satisfactorily many 200 athlete takes part in the match Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2017-09-18 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Russia railway station produces suicidal sex to explode to already sent 15 people to die [graph]

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    rvice of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and s
    enile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

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    The ten million in Hungarian hobo is fully happy large award establishs beneficent fund contributory

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    Greek happening disaster of severe loaded vehicle of 40 cars pileup at least 4 people die

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    Spain appears first in European churchyard infection dust rich helps virus patient

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the

    form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is tak

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    Report will occupy China Daily net on September 30 report of Japanese joint company, the resolution of cabinet of authority of defend oneself of collective of lift a ban that will make in July to bringing times governm

    ent, the talkfest of legal system of Japanese countryman security that comprises by the constitution learned men that object explaining through revising constitution defend oneself of collective of lift a ban counterpoises 29 days with this the attack that is contrary constitution creed, to constitution the 9th is counteracted those who make the same score creed is negative for submit written report to the government, the requirement recalls this one ministerial decision.

    Ministerial decision was written to overturn to restrict the constitutional principle of political influence with constitution in the report. It is to bring times government to constitution usurp, point out want authority of defend oneself of collective of lift a ban should revise constitution. The report still points out the content of ministerial resolution is very ambiguous, exercise condition is uncertain also. Cannot undertake effectively preventing.

    That day, before Guan Dasen of director of ministerial legal system politics complementary press conference criticism is held to say in Tokyo, ministerial resolution cited to prohibited 1972 the governmental explanation that exercise collective defend oneself counterpoises, reached however can exercise this one completely opposite conclusion. This is beyond the mark change a concept secretly, it is deceit.

    Advocate those who write constitution to celebrate should fame of university constitution law teachs small Lin Jie to express: Since express to revise the consideration of relevant law to will undertake at next year, why to want rapid move to make ministerial resolution again. The tentative idea about exercise condition whether is suit

    actual? Hope 3 premier are in An Beijin make on congress temporarily define.

    Ever held the position of defensive official before government-owned room deputy magisterial Liu Ze assist the 2 self-defensive team member that express furiously not to hope those want to contribute other for indescribable national policy for nothing effectiveness.

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    The whole world that is located in Switzerland is first-rate government of business school international admits an institute (IMD) announced competition ability of world of a year to rank today. As the one part that 60 economy system ranked 2014, the figure that center of IMD world competition ability still regards business place as to each countries had a rank. According to Switzerland Luo Sang management learns courtyard website to show, the rank basically is based on 4 big factors: Efficiency of economic performance, government, commerce efficiency reachs capital construction, the analysis points out this area creation and the ability that maintain the good economy environment that can let an enterprise have benign competition, thereby eduction discretion.

    Director of center of IMD world competition ability Professor ArturoBris expresses: "The circumstance of integral competition ability 2014 is the United States continues to obtain part of successful, Europe to restore, a few giant rising market ranks glide. The competition ability rank that can allow a country without single tricks of the trade rises, still depend on greatly local situation. Still depend on greatly local situation..

    Ranked window 2014

    2014, the United States remains the old, reflected its economy flexibility, higher employment number and technology and infrastructure dominant position.

    Before 10 ranks do not have too big change. Switzerland (the 2nd) , Singapore (the 3rd) with Hong Kong (the 4th) wait for small economy system to because exit, management efficiency and innovation hold lead position,continue.

    European rank is better than last year, its progressively economy restores this profit from. Denmark (the 9th) with Switzerland, Sweden (the 5th) , Germany (the 6th) with Norway (the 10th) ascend together before the body 10. In system of European borderland economy, ireland (the 15th) , Spain (the 39th) and Portuguese (the 43rd) the rank all rises somewhat, and Italy (the 46th) and Greek (the 57th) glide somewhat.

    Japan (the 21st) the rank continues to rise, profit from

    raises his of abroad competition ability more fatigued and weak current. As to system of Asian other economy, malaysia (the 12nd) with Indonesia (the 37th) the rank rises, and Thailand (the 29th) because politics does not stabilize an element,glide somewhat.

    The rising market rank with huge great majority glides, should ascribe economy growth and foreign investment put delay and infrastructure to still be not worth. Chinese mainland (the 23rd) the rank glides, because be opposite,the part is of its business environment be anxious, and India (the 44th) with Brazil (the 54th) glide to answer the labour market with ascribe low efficiency and the commercial government that do not give power. Turkey (the 40th) , Mexico (the 41st) , Philippine (the 42nd) and Peruvian (the 50th) also glide somewhat.

    Cognitive: Sea appearance of the country is resembled

    IMD shows in the light of the investigation of the tall canal that works in each country, in the before 10 ranks of the figure outside there are 7 countries to also ascend the body encourages the of great capacity that commerce develops at having in before whole was ranked 2014 10 countries. Overall say, the rank of integral competition ability of a country and the international figure that its regard management place as have very big concern.

    The tall canal of Singapore most the abroad figure that values its country, and the rank of Ireland, Chile, Qatar and Korea on this standard all outclass is overall rank.

    Contrarily, the United States, France, Taiwan and polish tall canal are right the international figure pessimism of its economy system is gotten much. American result may mirror deadlock of international contradiction and domestic politics, and French figure continues as a result of the globalization attitude with slow reform and negative country adverse.

    Bris says: "Economic performance is varying every year, and figure is more long-term, change is the process of a successive. They still can be sought much better figure and the benign loop that more remarkable economy behaves. Because this is in charge of the acknowledge of pair of its country figure high,the prospective competition ability to the country admits a likelihood is practical and how-to. Because this is in charge of the acknowledge of pair of its country figure high,the prospective competition ability to the country admits a likelihood is practical and how-to..

    Rank of almanac of IMD world competition ability reflected 300 multinomial levels, build the investigation that is based on statistical index and IMD to undertake in the light of 4300 international tall canal. Since was released 1989, almanac of this world competition ability is accepted and banner year country competition ability all the time rank report.

    According to Switzerland institute of Luo Sang government released recently " 2014 almanac of global competition ability " show, as a result of Singapore whole competition ability rise, make rank of competition ability of its whole world rises to by the 5th of last year the 3rd of this year, be next to the United States and Switzerland, reside an Asia firmly at the same time the first. Be in Asia-Pacific area, before competition ability is ranked 5 economy system is ordinal it is Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia.

    Almanac shows, singapore obtained apparent progress in the rank of many domains, and be in business to evaluate a domain convenience, law and system frame and urban government individually is more list head of a list of names posted up, drove what whole ranks to rise accordingly.

    Relevant news:

    Center of competition ability of world of institute of government of mulberry of Swiss the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces issues the report that ranks about global competition ability every year, undertook investigate and be rankinged to 60 economy system in all this year. The 4 old standards that this center evaluates competition ability basically are efficiency of economic performance, government, commerce efficiency and infrastructure, among them every cover element of many classification judge again, add up to divides a standard to exceed 300. And among them 2/3 it is to be based on digital statistic, the others is the questionnaire investigation that according to the whole world place of 4300 executive personnel makes. Additional, investigation discovers the rank of integral competition ability

    of a country and its international figure have very strong associated sex. In the country of before competition ability is ranked 10, entity is as single as 10 beautiful a list of names posted up outside 7 enter the sea that encourages commercial development likewise, and Singapore ranks head of a list of names posted up.

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    72 years old of Hocking are accepted " challenge glacial a bucket " 3 children are acting its endure water to irrigate (graph)

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    Associate of coax of 2 12 years old of schoolgirls uses bayonet disclose to Lin Zhong its are 19

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    25 years old of women of American California are kidnapped 10 years convict treats her to be like queen

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    On May 1, rich of 2015 Milan world can kick off that day, italian Milan downtown erupts the remonstrant conflict that the rich that turn over a world meets. Demonstrate person wanting world gain, want satiate, street should walk up below rich catchword, produce intense conflict with police and evolve gradually for disturbance.

    On May 1, be in Italian Milan, the police stands in by demonstrate person by ignition car.

    According to media coverage, the person that share the display one's strength of violent conflict has 500 much people, the person that partial head wears the unconscious face of respirator enters the bank of edge street and store, spread arson to much home business, burned tens of car, mix to constabulary cast block explosive. Italian police use lachrymator and high-pressured squirt break up demonstrate crowd, dispatched large quantities of firemen put out a fire. It is reported, thousands of police is reinforced to Milan by deploy, police shut several subways to stand to expand in order to prevent disturbance for a time. Milanese police announces the person that arrested tens of renown youth demonstrate subsequently, in the meantime, there also are tens of renown polices to get hurt in the action.

    Although violent conflict sends strange place to be apart from Milanese world rich to be able to hold an assembly room to still have a space, but the trace that the person that the everywhere inside city sees display one's strength destroys. According to report of Italian TV station, after demonstrate ends, face guard of a lot of black and coat are in by person abandon on the road, indication likelihood has force of a few ultra-Right and anarchist to mix mark to be in procession. The person that have put on a show of force expresses to media: These are the affray that come from outside person those who stay, what we undertake is peaceful parade. These extreme elements cannot counter world gain possibly, but the normal parade that destroyed us however.

    Milanese world rich can accompany criticism and protest all the time. The person that turn over the hold a demonstration that world rich organizes thinks, the government holds world rich to meet the money earned by hard toil that such la

    rge activity is wasteful taxpayer, in the meantime, the behavior that they still protest to world rich meets casual of many hire hands and support volunteer. The rich that turn over a world meets athletic spokesman express to media, the people after alive rich can conclude just is known knowingly, before Italy is met than managing world gain more poor. In addition, in can preparing a process, alive rich is immersed in many official embezzle bribery scandal, the time limit for a project that makes place is built not only again and again incur loss through delay, and more the unsatisfactory of drama people. With respect to a month, because be suspected of corruption accepting investigation,have 8 people again. According to saying, local Maffia and case are concerned. No less than is rambunctious Afp reporter place saw that day, be gotten on by the bank wall of arson in one place, demonstrate person on gush you exploit we, you should pay cost world rich to b
    e able to be equal to the handwriting such as Maffia today.

    The antiforeign mood with the increasingly as may arisen as whole Europe also happening of this second disturbance is concerned, as Mediterranean country, italy often becomes stowaway to enter European first selection. Kick off in Milanese world rich before today, what the student organizes turn over globalization parade to be held in Milan.

    Read related: Rich of Italian Milan world can produce intense conflict large-scale disturbance (group plan) 2015-05-03 new York is phyletic and equal processional activity erupts rambunctious police arrests Baltimore of 120 people 2015-04-30 to end a nocturnal curfew to there was Xiamen of Zhangzhou of miniature protest and city of spring of Fujian of recreation of conflict 2015-04-30 news last night

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    One is pointed to to participate in rambunctious last week teenager, was driven out to give cheap to rent a house by British government together with family recently. This is British aut

    horities is opposite of the person that riot another unprecedented " liquidate " killer mace.

    According to England " daily Post " 13 days of reports, daniel · Sa Tan of 18 years old - carat gram and its mother had received what governmental hair comes to drive out letter, ask they move a value instantly 225 thousand pound (add up to 2.34 million yuan of RMBs about) two bedrooms cheap rents a house. Carat is overcome and be the same as age cummer, because try in the evening last week,in London commodity of electron of theft of a shop is mixed relevant rough stuff is sued.

    Sign and issue drive out Lawei Gaowendiya shows controller of made parliament of city of Wo Sai of British flourishing at present, next, city parliament can

    affirm list further, this is meant because participate in disturbance to be driven out to give the dwelling place that has governmental subsidy,can have more person. But personage of party having industry says, this policy can not solve a problem at all, because local government must be searched for these families,replace housing. It is reported, have at present exceed ten million Englishman to live in the dwelling place that has governmental subsidy.

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_ctt

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    Login register folk of black of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to arm to release both sides of 73 governmental army according to cease-fire agreement still intense fight origin: ? Travel hill?2014-09-15 10:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] meanwhile, both sides erupts in area of Wu Kelan the eastpart part intense fight, long cease-fire still needs hard.

    In report will occupy new network on September 15 outside intermediary report, 14 days, regard cease-fire as one part of the agreement, black arms between Ke Lanmin released 73 Wukelan governmental army member. Meanwhile, both sides erupts in area of Wu Kelan the eastpart part intense fight, reach long cease-fire to still need hard.

    Data chart: Local time on September 12, army of Wu Kelan government and close Russia opposition this in Du Nie overcome upper zone, according to current cease-fire agreement, commutative prisoner of war.

    Shen Ke of pineapple of Wu Kelan's president publishs a message to say on gregarious network, governmental

    army member is in 73 Wukelan area of gram of Du Nie Ci is released.

    However, the ministry still produced Wukelandong 14 days that day intense fight, du Nie Ci overcomes city to suffer stonk, local official says the condition is critical.

    Wu Kelan government criticises folk arms reinforced the attack in the eastpart part, menace arrived cease-fire agreement. And folk arms to say, folk arms not to the government army fire, it is governmental army is launching attack instead, it is they broke regulation.

    Pineapple Shen Ke and Er of gram of German premier silent communicate, those who conveyed pair of cease-fire agreements to be encroached is anxious. A statement of office of Wu Kelan's president says, heart black president agrees to have further effort, peace resolves current situation.

    This year on September 5, in Ou An mediate of organization, Russia falls, wu Kelan government and this country folk of the eastpart part arms signed cease-fire agreement, war situation of Wu Kelan churchyard is appeased somewhat. But Yacainiuke of Premier Wukelan says, this one agreement is to stop a step of the first pace that slaughter and takes only.

    Read related: Photograph of Mao Xiaofeng wife: 80 hind did two people of 4 lines young star marry 2012 (pursue) 2015-02-02 2015 year before pop chart of the popular in January smartphone that install eminent 10 do 10 optimal mobile phones recommend 2015-02-01 Mao Xiaofeng does setting data uncover secret to be investigated? Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of 2015-02-02 news recreation

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Brief family name: Burmese desire to purchase Indonesian weaponry to decrease to be depended on to China

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    Thailand army commanding officer cling to Yo expresses late on November 29, army will be in turn over middleman and guarantor of tide of governmental put on a show of force to hold neutral position currently. Cling to Yo still expresses in a statement, the army is paying close attention to condition closely to develop, if cause violent conflict as a result of assembly activity, cause personal casualty, army gets ready to provide protection and help for people at any time.

    Thailand government spokesman is carried pull express, the government is established in premier government office at rising 30 days " war situation room " with media center, close monitoring and evaluate the newest development that opposes governmental meeting display one's strength, report condition in time to media and public.

    Instead element sticks leader of governmental put on a show of force to will guide the person that oppose governmental put on a show of force on October 30 in Thailand office of special case investigation, TOT is mixed CAT holds meeting before company of two state-owned communication. Element is stuck return menace to say, the person that will lead ho

    ld a demonstration on December 1 holds premier government office.

    Recommend read:

    Thailand turns over governmental put on a show of force to upgrade flower pull: Did not arrive dead end won't be violent suppress

    Does future of Thailand

    political situation walk along He Fang? Be " red " or " yellow " ?

    Peaceful premier says the government won't seek the person that military help will meet put on a show of force

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    Login register Egypt of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian is building of famous college education burned to conflict send 1 person to die are 100 people arrested origin: ? Qu Xian?2013-12-30 09:4Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 2 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    The love that is located in capital Caire endowment Hal university is pursued by burn down data

    Dispatch Egypt Home Office will confirm the net austral Fujian 28 days on December 30, the student that supports Moslem frat surrounded a famous institution of higher learning that day university of love endowment Hal counts an education building, prevent final to be held normally, with the safety that comes round to maintain order army happening conflicts and arson. This protest activity causes a student to die, about a hundred person is arrested.

    Block takes an exam

    Solemn elder brother meets a proponent " be troubled by "

    School square staff member introduces, the love that is located in capital Caire endowment many institutes hold haing Er university 28 days morning final. Leave before taking an examination of, about a hundred student that supports solemn elder brother to meet stems education building enters the mouth, try to prevent other student to enter examination room, both sides produces conflict subsequently.

    The statement that Egypt Home Office publishs says, these make trouble students " threaten other student and labour of teaching and administrative staff " , destroy office apparatus, some people fire a shot toward the day even. Below this kind of circumstance, secure armed forces enters a college, try to break up demonstrate student, maintain order, unexpectedly a few students ignited business school building.

    Egypt TV station and circulate the spot picture at Internet shows, billow of smother of building of education of a three-layer, indoor meet with in other photograph of; of serious burn down, station of a few students that cover a range supports in education building, to block of cast of secure armed forces. Egypt nation TV station reports, protest the student still ignited agronomy courtyard building.

    Student of a protest says to associated press reporter, they appeal boycott final all the time, but those who hold is peaceful demonstrate, without threatening other, also do not have arson. Suffer conflict effect, the exam begins time to be forced to defer about half hours.

    Make casualty

    Become acute of Egypt insecurity situation

    Egypt media reports, secure armed forces drives spot hind and demonstrate crowd form to situation of didymous stand erect. Demonstrate person ignite the tree around and ash-bin, secure armed forces uses high-pressured squirt and lachrymator to break up demonstrate person. Officer of a police confirms, authorities arrests 101 students in all, reason is these person hold include gas flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil to be played inside " abstain a weapon " . A message personage confirms hospital field,

    19 years old of students die in conflict.

    Past a few months comes, love endowment supports Muerxi to reach in haing Er university its the student that solemn elder brother meets often holds the demonstrate activity that is aimed at authorities. Egypt government 25 days formal after Egypt solemn elder brother can label horrible organization, tight situation somewhat become acute. Egypt temporarily Musidafa Hejiaqi says the aide of presidential Acili Mansuer, although violent activity lasts, egypt also restores to go up unlikely month of critical condition that remove.

    Recommend read: Egypt erupts

    Moslem and conflict of division pood person are sent 8 dead 20 more than injury

    3 judges collective asks frat of Moslem of Egypt cognizance court demit

    Police station of city of graceful Su La produces Egypt explosion sends 14 people to die 100 people are injured

    Read related: Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of news recreation Fujian

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Ma Hang MH370 is missing the data communication log of the plane will be announced aid a family member unscramble

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  • 武汉桑拿夜网TY

    Conflict of force of Thailand Bangkok general election sends 2 people to die 150 much people are injured

    2022年01月18日 02:54 武汉夜盟
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    Moduoke cuts the flesh to flee Russia

    2022年01月18日 02:54 东莞喝茶论坛
  • 夜上海论坛网

    Indonesian south maritime space produces shake of 6.5 class earthquake to collapse a building

    2022年01月18日 02:54 西安夜生活交流论坛 上海贵族宝贝论坛
  • 上海2020龙凤

    Company of Japanese Tokyo power decides 18 days, permanent shut blessing island the first nuclear power plant is last two nuclear reactor.

    Japanese joint news agency reports, report decides to discard as useless east date and 6 5 nuclear reactor, but do not demolish, leave research to demolish other the way of 4 nuclear reactor.

    Japanese premier An Beijin 3 inspect toward blessing island before September, directive east fulgurite manage personnel discards as useless date and 6 5 reactor, requirement east electric next year will solve sewage leak problem before the bottom in March. Report decides 1 to discard as useless before east to 4 reactor.

    Blessing island people appeals east electric company dismantles two nuclear power plant of local completely, nevertheless company of power of this home appliance still does not have a decision to whether demolish another to bu
    ild the power station that has 4 nuclear reactor.

    Japanese northeast maritime space produced 9 class earthquake on March 11, 2011 and spark seismic sea wave, blessing island leak of radiation of the first nuclear power plant, 1 is damaged badly to 4 reactor, date and 6 5 reactor are in overhaul condition, successful refrigeration was not damaged.

    Recommend read: Sewage of radioactivity of blessing island nuclear power plant again leak

    Blessing island nuclear power plant stores up condition of leap of radioactivity sewage quantity is very critical

    Korea most probably peninsula dweller is afraid of because Japanese radiate impact is big,have a fish

    2022年01月18日 02:54 东莞各区桑拿信息论坛
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    Login register incident of pop of inn of Miami night of United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to send 15 people to get hurt contain: of origin of 5 minor girls? ?2014-09-29 10:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] a wounded male does not have reaction, and 5 also sufferred an injury to 17 years old of girls between in 11 years old.

    In report will occupy new network on September 29 outside intermediary report, 28 days, inn of a night produces American Miami pop incident, bring about at least 15 people to get hurt, inclu

    de to count a minor among them, still have a children of 11 years old even.

    When police and rescuer local time before dawn 1 when when the left and right sides reachs this night store, a large number of adult and adolescent gather over, the spot a disorder. A wounded male does not have reaction, did not breathe, and 5 also sufferred an injury to 17 years old of girls between in 11 years old.

    Incident of pop of inn of American Miami night sends 15 people to get hurt outside the nocturnal inn after producing pop record () of webpage check scheme.

    Report of Colombian Broadcasting Corporation says, victim age all under 25 years old. And spot eyewitness says, they heard report of a gun about 100 times, come from 4 different guns.

    Rich ascends police spokesman say, one person the condition of an injury is at present serious but the circumstance is stable, and the other victim in order that takes in the hospital. A few victims had left hospital, but she is not clear about specific figure. Current, police still questions witness inside the hospital.

    Rich is ascended express, police is not clear a

    bout at present have how many gunman, with the reason that reachs time to happen. Up to local time 28 days afternoon, police has not undertake apprehension, also did not determine the status of any suspects publicly.

    The spokesman of fire control rescuing branch says, the spot has a lot of youths, at least 3 the wounded were gone to by move paediatrics.

    Investigation personnel is undertaking investigating to the boss of nocturnal inn, in order to define the quality of this club, and why so many minor gathers over. Rich is ascended say, she had worked to make in this one area old, but never had heard of this place.

    The report says, the phone of this night inn that produces pop record cannot put through.

    (Original title: American night inn produces pop incident to send 15 people to get hurt include children 11 years old)

    Read related: Strike of National People's Congress of industry of American oil industry comes for 35 years this weekday opens first phase of park of children of bay of dark blue of sea of the most large-scale 2015-02-02 to be not motivation to climb field climb corsair to appear on 2015-02-02 dusk light Jing passes male Luobaitepadingsen

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月18日 02:54 一品楼浙江信息
  • 佛山桑拿论坛0757

    Accept Beijing of general of CCTV reporter special interview to say to retire won't go performing the film

    2022年01月18日 02:54 东莞市夜生活搬到哪里了
  • 上海千花网论坛

    Land of the first to be appointed to an office of electric United States will install people net Beijing on September 24 Shangmuliji of whole head of a department is in today pointed out on Chinese Internet safe congress 2014, the network makes a surprise attack now is a global menace and challenge, to answer such challenge, be about to run a risk better and build very good stretch culture, ability is obtained quite live and succeed.

    Strange speech full text is as follows in soup Mu:

    Ladies, gentlemen good morning! Above all the assistance that I thank Bencihui to discuss square, they invite me to attend this meeting, I am honoured to be able to attend this meeting together with everybody very much. Believe everybody knows, our digital world was full of good luck, also was full of challenge and menace.

    So, the bounds on the ground predestined relationship that it is not existence of a real time and political dividing line, should say it is the limits of ceaseless dilate, was full of various charger, include to assault our country, still include element of a few hackers to organize crime, and the individual's behavior. So, the level of this kind of assault, be in everyday ceaseless amplification, its complexity is taller and taller also, its secret rate also is met taller and taller. The network makes a surprise attack now is global the menace that be faced with and challenge, to answer such challenge, we are about the better a few risks that run us to be faced with and build a kind of such very good stretch culture, can be being built in our constituent interior is crucial, ability is obtained quite live and succeed.

    I am very glad to this opportunity can share my a few idea in this respect and a few the person's experience with everybody. Hear like everybody, I have an opportunity to give our community the service, serve in different level actually, these experience still appeared when jumping over battle in me, when I also assumed American department of defense and secretary-general of land safety ministry later, be in all the time the experience that increases this respect, gave me unique impayable experience and wisdom so, go observing study and leader. Accordingly these experience gave me a lot of knowledge, laid a foundation a few idea that I develop ceaselessly and viewpoint. Now I already not young, I had witnessed the spring of Internet, at the same time we see height joins the number of the development of sexual Internet and interdepend develops. We can forecast us to face a lot of good luck and challenge now, this is the challenge that we digitlize a times to be offerred to us and good luck.

    The spring of digitlization won't end, we can see in before long before, the individual number that we are based on PC comes out according to changing an agreement to had been created, the department of defense that can promote the United States has better communication with a few universities. Of course we also can see, the global ecosystem of digitlization, also can promote the communication of the commerce inside limits of our whole world and culture. This makes our core characteristic and value did not happen any change, internet is an open system, it is based on faceless system to be built, it is not the communication platform that uses a design to build a safety, the opportunity that actually we face and frangibility exist at the same time, we are competing in any place, its ability and uncertainty, interdependent function collects our everybody between this congress quite.

    Also can see Internet also has its weak power of course, this is widespread presence, we can be exposed in all sorts of mix malignly before the evil person that use, at the same time we also have such obligation and part to act, that needs to hit this kind of malapropos person that use jointly namely. The risk that we face and crisis are bigger and bigger, we should be so clearer now this menace that realises we exist forever. We know they are put beside our, different crime exists in different country, the whole worl

    d is same, so, each country government should coact comes conquer these are evil person. At the same time we see some people are apathetic to this, still a few people realize adequately incontrollable however they this kind of activity, their motive still has this kind of their evil consequence to need our everybody to know. E.g. the destruction that can bring our network, still include a few theft, emissary behavior to wait a moment.

    We know the respect of behavior of cross the border in the number also is same at the same time, the colleague before resembling me namely American defense minister also has said, we resemble be on battlefield below these conditions same, we are in digital space is a condition that each other know everybody actually, the menace that understands place is each other are familiar, we are accordingly OK its assimilate to the battlefield now, especially the person that we have different operation, how we can explain these challenges that face, how to go defending our country, how the better soldier that goes making a network. This is very important to us, and this is a lopsided war.

    We know traditional ground has their tactics and strategy, they are OK ego conceal their identity, in a more open space, that is namely in the space that Internet does not have resistance to ill will so battle. Of course we should find new tactics and strategy now, enhance our ability, thereby more efficient have a battle. Of course we also are undertaking ceaselessly trying, dig this weakness where to be, and a few not of accredit where is receiving a point, better have defence. The weapon that sees when us they use a few low technologies will undertake destructive, but the weapon that they can not build a few high-tech will overcome a few particular defensive systems and specific target.

    A of the United States before a few weeks main shopkeeper be in the news says, a baleful software that did not see brought about the individual information of 56 million to be divulged. These charger have such capacity, we also need what otherwise breaks to have defence. In sky, district or maritime space compares enemy close the door on in digital space easier, the piquet of martial side can stand sentry on the spot, but the border in the number, in the light of some specific hacker captures them, passing a kind of significant means to capture them is very difficult, it is impossible even occasionally, this is clearly.

    Attrib border to a number defense will tell, in the attack that the most important border is in, not only it is this kind of to them a few defence that should consider us, still have the defense strategy of much level at the same time. There is the organization of two kinds of types only in 21 centuries. There is a common saying to say fly does not bite in China without seamed egg, internet filled gap, these Goth are not only atttacked to you in the doorway, they conceal interiorly normally, they serve as a kind of actual existence in digital world normally. If so if, how do our government and company undertake ego organization will answer them, we need to undertake active attack, defense or both need, it is since many centuries, the government that comes from a whole world is in ceaseless collection these information, and grandchildren once also had said a bosom friend tell the other.

    So, pass the intercept of these pair of detail, 19 centuries when we can have defence through decoding cable code, 20 centuries when had radio and telephone communication, but now network space is so simple communication technology not merely, whole number world is interconnection, the industrial control system with a lot of keys, banking system, life is safeguarded system and other a few systems are linked together closely, these possible meetings are atttacked, be damaged likely thereby. In this kind of behavior, had done not have the criterion of an international, the reality that possibility of attack of this kind of network raises ceaselessly is existence, every country is adopting measure to ensure and promote their information security, but the problem does not depend on digital technology, the problem just is not in 1 and 0 between gradual progress, perhaps pass bit, perhaps pass byte and platform gradual progress, the problem is to depend on a person. How is our leader made hard further with respect to this direction, so undertake paying close attention to in the space that how global citizen comes to in the number.

    The charge that face controls system and infrastructure in the light of their industry, after all do this calculate do not calculate a kind of war? The country that is atttacked can answer such digital charge, after all this calculates the martial weapon that is not a kind of convention, these are the problems of the politics that comes out when preexistence group emerge in large numbers from us and military affairs, the likelihood also is in the our not far reality that there still is not method processing as in the future, but the increase that I believe to all center is a country, each country can find a collective foundation and collective increase, make they can realize the hand of cooperative paralell connection in digital domain between each other.

    The behavior that atttacks in the light of this kinds a few can take action jointly together, will hit the crime that has an organization, need relies on company and our citizen, a few terroristic elements, undertaking this is planted financial system crime and wash money, bilateral with multilateral effort it is a help the inside international limits first choice when we overcome the problem of these digital respects.

    Our both neither can be babyish, also not can cynical, this kind of problem calculates what can succeed to solve occasionally. Government and privately owned organization should be the infrastructure that undertakes defending protective us together, a lot of infrastructure are a government mostly have, but will have operation by private sector, the crucial capital fund that there is 85% in the United States is by private have.

    I feel crucial to the definition of infrastructure is catholicity normally, be in China, United States or other country is same, they are a few systems or asset, have fictitious, also have entity. The harm to them and harm will cause inestimable loss to country and economic safety. These are clearly, a few lecturer in front also had been mentioned. Resembling is the industry that service of a few banking, telecommunication, traffic, the sources of energy waits a moment, crucial infrastructure is guarded to mean the public and private sector in the United States the responsibility since should joint responsibility and obligation, in Feburary 2013 the portion lays the cornerstone of this one new-style relation.

    Aobama's president signed a president to make, the title says to improve the network safety of crucial infrastructure, 3 in the most important network safety level main component are information is shared, management and superintendency committee, we hope the government can achieve these goals, do not damage the citizen's freedom and privacy again at the same time.

    American standard and committee of technical whole nation also are responsible undertake cooperative with private sector further, will undertake operation examination and the blue print that carry out an examination, can make the one part of company business and strategy of network risk government thereby. The United States established this network standard, it is to need to identify and can check a risk, protect infrastructure, can establish ability at the same time, will answer or say is to appearing when atttacking, let us restore to come over as soon as possible between the loss.

    Orgnaization of different a few governments also has superintendency responsibility, the economic branch that they differ in 16, include a few as crucial as these throughout the countries closely related relevant asset, no matter this war is in ground begin to exchange fire, still be in digital space our defender must have sufficient

    Enough confidence talent undertakes defending operating quite, resembling you is soldier or officer of a the presiding operation official of the company, chief technology, you should want to notice current we are right the consciousness of this phenomenon, the consciousness to the circumstance is a main component, and we also have a few federal the orgnaization also is in get a few pertinent information, include to identify the risk of some branch industry together with private sector, and still have the problem that a few crucial infrastructure appear likely.

    The United States built information to share a center, in this the enterprise in sharing a system can share information, these information include hypostatic crime and network venture, and the president makes also is seasonable can provide more information, arrive from the government private sector. In the meantime, it also was solved federally double liability issue, here includes the citizen freedom to the privacy that offers the citizen that we can defend again while protective country is safe and them.

    The times of the task is weighed in a many, everybody is in the meantime is OK do 3 two businesses, so will tell to American government, the thing that should be in charge of at the same time is more. You and I am clear, what people interacts in Internet is as user, citizen existence, how many does the individual information that most citizen did not realize to government and commercial department mastered them have, having a few news is legal regulation, having a lot of is this kind of freewill sex, yes, having a few also is by shocking get.

    Committee of U.N. human rights has raised this question before a few years, that also was to affirm the right inside digital scope also should obtain the protection like be in hypostatic incident for the first time, have same right. Mr Ma He puts forward the ambassadorial Han Sishu of Germany of the person that a ginseng in this committee meeting is met technically, everybody has authority to win private range, no matter be,still be in reality in fictitious space. So, he also is to appeal global community can be in digital age, in legal public and safe attention dot, and the balance is acquired in basic human rights privacy, the relation between this one country and citizen, produced tremendous change as the development of the times, governmental function also becomes now more and more vitrification, the government also has a lot of legitimate reason to obtain a few the individual's information by.

    The union with the is in with citizens actual deeper and deeper society of the gregarious network such as Twitter, these also are to let us experience unprecedented menace. The equipment such as the mobile phone that people place uses is being used everyday in the center, it knows who you are, what are you doing, be in even that momently what are you thinking. All these information are collected, classification, analysis, use at whole digital network inside, because economic society, country is safe,regard the target of attack as the individual even. So we know all these is a number, be a number with respect to imply can obtain, so, we also know to often cherish privacy in American dispute, I believe a Chinese also is such.

    To protect the freedom of our citizen and privacy, apparent this is this one government that regards us as the United States and one of congressional attention dots, to can answer the charge that resembles this kinds of a few 9.11 similar incident 2001, how is our land also entirely found and realized office of privacy of this kind of legal first hold water. No matter the technology is in,the United States also believes to identify terrorist attack to be able to have now how early, no matter they launch what kind of attack, the freedom that we will use up our greatest effort to protect a citizen and the land that protect us are safe. So, privacy office not only how is serious analysis information gotten and should classify, how to have the visit of this kind of private information, the visit receives below what kind of circumstance.

    Have the person of mark sex for a of summary United States, rich Lan Kelin once had said Benjamin, if a person is willing to abandon his freedom and get security, this person is won't so of the choice. It is so in whole and limited space, government to a few more private the acquisition of information, it is permanent in the critical period of this number challenge, the technology must be one of tools that browbeat as governmental blow, but no matter be a kind of what kind of substaintial menace, we should not use a weapon to point to our citizen forever, we are celebrating the advantage that current period brings to us now, the facility that has near 4 billion joins at present go up in Internet, it is the times of net of couplet of a content really, such space stops without method, also do not have a person to be able to be forecasted.

    Fortune magazine just undertook one is forecasted, in this century end will have 11 billion equipment to receive a network repeatedly. I also am nearly most just read on newspaper, the rate that present memory grows than economy is rapidder, even the growth rate that the computer treats the development of ability to have 9 times, the author that resembles big data period once had said, changing is not to be in the network, how using it however. The analysis of big data has been reduced and contribute the efficient, agriculture that has productivity more further, and the healthy level that improves the mankind, more safe transportation, more clean environment, these are the potential actual profit of indefinite digital period really, we are celebrating these fronts, but should not overlook a few negative effects however.

    Of the number gather and be being analysed is not the exclusive center that we pay close attention to. Used complex algorithm to bring a few advantages to us, but the better a few deed that have an individual are analysed and also can forecast. We should analyse a few specific action occasionally, will tell to the government must want very careful ground to develop downward down this road.

    Of data gather and be being analysed is not the dot that we pay close attention to exclusively, more important using at it, must this kind of regulation lets us can restrict those who have data to get and its use. Be in the United States, this had written our native a few code, somebody feels the photograph is meeting purloin the soul of people, in whole information age, we also see our digital soul also takes a walk in everywhere. We must want vigilance, the government can gather a few information occasionally, but won't purloin our soul, a few figures that adjust them ceaselessly as every country and individual concern, government and private sector also must want the contribution with go revising this kind of their relation to come better at economy and national security.

    Build the defense system with a flawless fine long hair without government and solid physical ability, they can use their advantage to take move above all, so they need to permeate to cut a dot to have assault. What so we consider Hun now is impenetrable, their endurance and ability, we must want to ensure we can have better way and method to come the control, destruction that restrains them the action and a few disastrous effect that produce subsequently.

    Unlike hurricane, terroristic assault and other and potential destruction behavior, they meet those who destroy our government move, the operation of the enterprise, network assault is 24 hours of menace of 7, in digital age cannot avoid. Accordingly we must want to create a kind of stretch culture overcome such problem. So, we can see the theme in us is medium, we must want to have a kind of such consciousness, we think to be in 20 centuries when, aidewokedeerming (sound) introduced a brand-new concept, the concept of quality risk pilot that should have whole namely then, this is mode of operation of a practice not only, also be the means of a kind of operation, our business circles is challenged now, need a join to nod from the point of each key, can have their performance and quality matching so. Everybody amid, no matter be your employee, supplier or service business,the product ability that has tall efficiency ensures our terminal product as far as possible good, we do not have shortcut, we every make a move is the potential source that can think to enhance us to the product manages and overcome failure.

    We also taste the promotion of quality in the ceaseless yield that devotes oneself to us now, the organization that is in whole industry is same in management, so, we think whole pledges quantity management is very important, be in among market environment inside global limits, must want a concept that goes abiding by. So, we can see now in 21 centuries especially such, we need a such keys to nod, everybody cannot escape a such big environments. Include our employee, buyer, supplier, all these people can have a highest possibility actually, will ensure our safety is carried out, ensure we it is so good that all products can imagine like us, without the road that bend, every make a move should along the travel before a such direction, such our ability overcome failure quite. So we should devote oneself to the control of the product, be same in every substance and organization.

    This is very important to our company culture, going up among the century a revolutionary concept, the market can pass on those can employ the person of optimal practice practice actually, they can punish those people that make a change in the negative.

    Last bits, we can see everywhere of black swan incident is in, because be a few potential menace by assault of horrible incident, network, brought not only destroy, and it is annihilative consequence. A lot of organizations are full of flexibility now, had made

    preparation undertake debugging, and it is to answer these menace, accordingly, be washed out likely without the person that method is approbated and has a change. The person that did not enter a network through network number join will have the change of thinking means, take the way of optimal practice.

    Obtain a network to there are various kinds now, no matter pass,we can see which kinds of channel be put in a kind of potential frangibility. We see the occurrence as a result of the network now, of system of information of the protection of information of hypostatic company prefectural commissioner's office, individual safeguarding is very weak link, we need a variety of join end points to undertake the alert of 24 7 and protection, if do not have safe system to be able to bring about defensive destruction, we need to undertake operation is mixed continuously overcome this kind of attack. The cacique of industry of state-owend enterprise is in the beauty people be in endorse a such new thinking way and method, the risk that network safety often is considered as an enterprise to be faced with is not an IT problem. Cacique people also realise this finally, network news is true exist and not be fictitious, more and more companies also begin conformity technology of their IT, operation and consumer technology, can undertake a conformity, unified network stabilization plan is carried out rise. Safe now already more and more important, they had had very much company more extensive network education, make a part of their company culture. Before, the likelihood is burgeoning or the problem of the brim, built a new relation network however now, build with the government. So, we think the defensive system of this kind of domain and angle is giving place to of integrated sex tactics build.

    I still want to remind everybody, actually we can see the means of the survival of the fittest that says like Darwinian place is misunderstood, he is the nature with very famous England learns the home and geographical home, the survival of the fittest that we can see he says is not for faster, stronger, more advisable, mix to suit however change. Our enterprise also should be accomplished suit and change, such ability development go can have the flow of risk announcement at any time, can have the improvement of flow continually, upgrade safely and the abidance of stretch culture operation. Our purpose is to have stronger join sex, each other epicene with dependence, such government that we can have figuring word risk, is not to let danger manage you.

    Without doubt, in my head, of course we are present all personages are professional personage, have technical special skill or knowledge and professional knowledge, in the network we have respective professional knowledge, but below the environment that we want to realise a global new World-Wide-Web now, we how this kind of stretch culture is important. So, I believe everybody can have seen this is increasingly complex the world with menace, digital network has pervaded the whole world, with respect to a few what know like us, in us all digital terminal are mixed equipment, server, road by implement with other tools before, the 100 of on 10 thousand companies on our need government can be benefited from which with more people, is not to suffer menace.

    We can see now, everybody is the network world that relies on us, so, everybody is mutual connective, it is the data network that relies on us and mutual join. The frangibility of this kind of height that World-Wide-Web creates now has its value, this is a such face worlds that we must want to understand adequately. I believe to do not have any political leader or the apparitor of business, it is our citizen even, can ignore the deepness of sex of our network join is mixed now range, of course I feel this are more and more important now, that is we had let the whole world through all kinds of channel now the person of each places can understand this, we are contacted together each other.

    What can we do? No matter what we do, no matter where we are? We should realize this, and the use Internet that we want to undertake actuality ceaselessly, we know the world is the evil personage that was full of a few special how terrible and illegal handlers, we must try hard jointly to cooperate, come conquer they. We are reminded ceaselessly, that is who got make a surprise attack again, who got again loss, we cannot care our interest only, we care even other beside the person's interest and the assault that get. This is the attribute of world of connective of a height, we cannot care ourselves only. If say we care ourselves only, do not care others, who can win a such big battle? So our answer is we must want collective cooperation, long-term friendly cooperation undertakes on a such complex road, this is our responsibility, our descendants, the child of our child, several acting people's next common responsibility, it is us not just this generation, the child that includes us also is same.

    We are not from the earth acceded over there the ancestor, we are actually from the earth borrowed over there the child, we should think what can leave to the child, we still should be passed on to them or give them better, safer earth. Offer better economic situation and better rich to them namely, in resembling an adage, say, the travel of a thousand li, only then at you.

    Thank everybody very much, can let we and everybody begin our the first step together.

    (Original title: Land of American the first to be appointed to an office installs whole head of a department: Network assault is global challenge)

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    New York commits suicide after woman of Chinese of shoot dead of busy streets of the Mid-autumn Festival of man of Chinese of 5 a period of ten days doubt is killed for affection

    2022年01月18日 02:54 东莞各区桑拿信息论坛 东莞哪里还有QT