Canada 6 years old male child from small on ban flying blacklist family to denounce a view for its

Occupy central company 4 days to report, canada 6 years old male child parents says, male Tong Zaixue pace period is included travel menace list, ability acceptance investigates confederative and public safe head of a department recently.

Although be included to ban flying list, male Tong Amai heart (the family of Syed Adam Ahmed) does not let him discover the personnel installing check all round all the time, but ever inquired to airline and governmental official Amaide stands t

he account that fly repeatedly.

Maternal Ka Jie of A Maide (Khadija Cajee) expresses: We try to avoid his bring into contact with these people, because do not hope,let him have the feeling that be aimed at or sticks label.

Ka Jie and marital Sulimanamaide (Sulemaan Ahmed) expresses, carry with communal and safe ministry (Transportation And Public Safety) never the front answers what why the son appears in airline to ban flying list to go up.

Ka Jie says, when A Maide just just can walk, it is Canadian airline (Air Canada) employee tells them under the counter.

Although these things happen again and again when Amaide is small still oneself, but they worry to be brought up as Amaide, the meeting that install check has interference sex more and more.

When Suliman is taking Amaide to fly to American Boston to watch ice hockey to surpass from Canada recently, a Maide gets again interrogate and examine. A Maide is (NHL) of ice hockey of North America profession is unconscious special the fan that Lou Jia takes adult line.


Su Liman bans what screen of the computer that add ship shows flying list photograph pass an individual to push on the spot special (Twitter) , subsequently more than 160 is reprint for many times, this matter gets eventually the response of the public and relevant section, include baud of congressman humble Er (Jane Philpott) and Er of Gu Dai of communal and safe minister (Ralph Goodale) , latter acceptance can be investigated.

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