Philippine president candidate rejects agreement of thing of phenanthrene U.S. Army " strengthen defense cooperation agreement "

Manila of China News Service report is Philippine on Feburary 21 candidate of two women president is made public 21 days on presidential election moot make clear right Philippine sign with the U

nited States " strengthen defense cooperation agreement " (EDCA) is held oppose position, emphasize this agreement damaging Philippine dominion.

Authorities of phenanthrene beautiful two countries was signed 2014 " strengthen defense cooperation agreement " , philippine allow the U.S. Army uses phenanthrene country martial base, in phenanthrene build military affairs establishment and deposit in phenanthrene, deploy weapon. Although this agreement has public opinion oppugns country sufferring phenanthrene, but this year in January, phenanthrene the supreme court rules this agreement accords with constitution to set, for the U.S. Army more large-sc

ale garrison Philippine open convenient door. Philippine defense minister discloses before Jiasiming, phenanthrene authorities can offer churchyard base of 8 department military affairs chooses to use for the U.S. Army.

Late on Feburary 21, philippine first moot was in presidential election 2016 southern city card imposes phenanthrene state delay abstruse collect city is held, all of 5 presidents candidate appearances. The presidential candidate that maintains support of higher the will of the people to spend all the time, female senatorial Gelisi teach is oppugned on moot, why doesn't American army want to build martial establishment to just pay rent to phenanthrene to be inside phenanthrene territory. She thinks, philippine authorities answers American the real intent that so-called band protects Philippine defend territory to say decline keeps vigilant, philippine best oneself consider oneself benefit, not excessive depend on phenanthrene beauty " strengthen defense cooperation agreement " .

Teach expresses Gelisi, her hope and China and east alliance has more contacts, in order to settle maritime dispute, let we and China and east alliance speaks.

Another presidential candidate, female senatorial bethel inferior Ge Zeji intense is painful batch, philippine be like pair of United States at sb's beck and call now, we must uphold our sovereignty. She thinks, on Nanhai problem, american has his interest to plan, the United States is getting oneself benefit in use Nanhai problem.

Proclaimed in writing of Philippine active constitution prohibits foreign army creates martial base in phenanthrene, 1991, philippine senate ever vote closes the U.S. Army base in phenanthrene churchyard. But 1998, phenanthrene beautiful two countries is signed " visit army agreement " , philippine allow American army to poor hold associated manoeuvre. Female senatorial Gelisi teach and bethel inferior Ge Dou thinks, phenanthrene is beautiful " strengthen defense cooperation agreement " it is international agreement, ought to hand in You Fei first senate examines the state. (Reporter Zhang Ming)

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