Dalian arrives directly at Russia class to list content of Russia of current open Sino-South Korean to shed a passageway

The message occupied Dalian of center extensive network on January 27 Chinese sound " center wide news " report, this morning, the class lists the international container that is fully loaded with equipment of Korea SamSung electron from Dalian harbor only then hair, pass through the territory of a co

untry of the port in Cong Manzhou, nonstop Russia blocks Lu California. This " SamSung class arranges a travel of " , indicating the Sino-South Korean is Russian time other people sheds big channel formal open.

This morning, the class lists the international container that is fully loaded with equipment of Korea SamSung electron the station of center of Dalian railroad container from bay of Dalian big kiln sets out. The course is full tomorrow continent in port leaves the country, nonstop Russia the California blocking Lu western, row of class of this time of SamSung is whole world of Korea SamSung electron first class that names with company name is listed, this indicates other people of a medium, Han, Russian time sheds

big channel formal open, also be the Three Kingdoms of Sino-South Korean Russia the breakthrough is entered in what content shedding domain cooperates, it is our country " is taken more all the way the Ou Ya originality of the strategy of Ou Yalian alliance of " strategy and Russia, Korea of 3 old strategies agree lift, will be strengthened and promote the trade collaboration between the Three Kingdoms of Sino-South Korean Russia and economic development.

This from Dalian harbor only then the Asian railroad other people of hair sheds big channel, arriving at Russia to block the time of Lu California is 12 days probably, take marine need 40 days so, land transportation needs 30 days. Time cost shortens greatly.

Class of this time of SamSung lists the establishment of the electronic product that basically is SamSung and form a complete set, share 50 container, value 7 million dollar, samSung electron is Korea SamSung below group period internationally industrial business of the electron, business alls over each pace world corners, the product that at present SamSung electron produces in factory of Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen has begun exit in succession, the business that sequel still will widen the Hai Tielian of passageway classics Dalian that reachs area of hill of Ren Chuan, boiler, Taiwan, southeast Asia carries exit goes to Europe, the new channel of much style through traffic that compose establishs SamSung electron to be collect node with Dalian, still can be LG electron, run quickly, the other company such as this Feng Tian, cropland offers an operation cost the new other people with lower, higher effect sheds route.

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