Uncover secret to build a h-bomb altogether to divide a pace? Need get over what technology difficulty (graph)

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Report spoke of xinhua net Beijing on January 6 nuke, the first reaction of everybody is atom bomb mostly, after all atom bomb has been used in actual combat. But, on atom bomb, still have the nuclear weapon with a kind of greater power, that is h-bomb.

The technology also is meant to ask difficulty of more, development is greater while power is great. So, want to build those who give a maturity and can throw the hydrogen bomb that fight, need get over Where is what te

chnology difficulty? Today, xin Huaguo border talks about a nag simply to everybody.

[the first close: Compose]

The hydrogen bomb that each country makes, substaintial principle is actually similar. H-bomb includes primary and sub, rely on the X ray that primary fission energy erupts, cause sub fusion reaction. Tell popularly, it is ignition. So, obtaining ignition condition is h-bomb compose model core requirement.

Listen it is easy to go up, but implementation rises indeed difficult. If simple sub put on simple edge, so primary one blast, sub blow came loose, nuclear fusion was formed hard.

The expert says, when this age bound, only compose of two kinds of h-bomb.

[the 2nd close: Much discipline cooperates with]

Respecting nuke, the first course that everybody thinks of is nuclear physics research for certain. But, want to master mature h-bomb skill, relying on nuclear physics only is far


Simple for, development h-bomb needs science of mechanical, optical, chemical, computer to leave much stature course cooperate in coordination, relevant knowledge designs more than 10 kinds of big discipline system of about a hundred group.

Can see from this, want to build a hydrogen bomb, of need is reserve of huge talented person.

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