The United States includes endangered list to hope to borrow this check hunt to fight action African lion

According to Taiwan central company will report on December 21, american fish and wild animal management board announce 21 days, label the African lion of two breed respectively be in severe danger and suffer minatory species, they will be protected by American law. Authorities hopes to fight African leonine action with hunt of this keep within limits. Before a few months, the event of lion of a massacre that produces in Zimbabwe ever caused global public anger.

Among them, be labelled to be in severe danger the African lion Pantheraleoleo of species, be in at present the whole world only remnant 1400 bull, 900 bull are in Africa, 500 of the others are in dispersedly India. And Pantheraleomelanochaita of another kind of lion opening general that is labelled to suffer minatory species, also put only in the whole world 17 thousand reach 19 thousand.

Nevertheless, ai Xi of director of American management board (DanAshe) expresses, this measure is not mean prohibit in the round hunt kills African lion, just rose to apply for the difficulty that obtains hunt to kill what the lion permits considerably. Ai Xi says: The lion is the earth on most suffer one of species that love, also be earthly village cannot be replaced in joint capital fund partially.

Aixi emphasizes, if want to ensure healthy lion group be not city llano or future still can run quickly is Indian forest, want to rely on our collectivity to serve as s

omewhat, is not to rely on african and Indian only.

In addition, adopt this measure, if dweller of prospective United States thinks import vivid lion from abroad or be lion body assume office He Yi part, must want to accord with stricter requirement.

This year in July, minnesota dentist Ba Mo (WalterPalmer) is in Zimbabwe western 10 thousand base national park (HwangeNationalPark) is shot with bow kill Er of rare Cecil of lion of black hair on the neck of a pig (Cecil) , internationally causes controversy.

According to t

he report, a lot of Africa countries are like Zimbabwe and Bujinafasuo to still allow tourist hunt to kill the lion, claim this action can bring huge increase for them, in order to keep the job that zoology protects.

A place of strategic importance of handkerchief of chairman of American path association is strapped (WaynePacelle) expresses, in the past 10 years, american hunt is factitious get a souvenir, at least hunt killed 5647 lions.

After Cecil Er is dead, this association asks American government strengthens pair of leonine protection, ban prey booty to enter a country. (The exercitation edits: Hu Xuemei examine and verify: Tan Liya) [round-the-world net reports integratedly]

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