Expose inside story of a plot of secret Mexico jail: Thing plain code marks a price convict and guard divide the spoils

Spain " the world signs up for " will publish on December 21 " in the extravagant life like the hell in Mexican jail " one article.

The article says, aokedaweiao enters Mexican city north the first day of a jail by loot one sky. He says: Guard stripped off me, they divide up my thing before me. Next they gave me a dirty clothes, guard defines to me personally price-list. Plain code marks a price all things inside, include to have a meal, drink water, use toilet, sexual life, lying to sleep and take a beating

Commit murder because of be being accused to make and rob a blame, aokedaweiao stayed near one year in the jail time, later by acquittal. He told about the reality like the hell of Mexican jail, be like over there with a small society, draft regulation by dangerous convict and corrupt guard. Among them the most fundamental rule is about to look for Mom, find that to be able to decide you namely whether living the person that go out. Convict people will take the place of with Mom point to a certain senior convict, actually he just is the true dictate inside high fence, can decide the future of all children.

The lawyer Luobaituokeertesi that a blame government that devotes oneself to to strive for human rights for convict organizes says: Go in have to work, want to be in charge of cleaning, still new convict needs offerred a few services. If not be willing to do, must pay other prisoner and guard. This is the autonomy of a kind of convict.

Aokedaweiao says: After going in, other prisoner can analyse your appearance, ask you a few questions, look can from how many money is gotten here, they can want the phone of your parents with you, so that extortionate they. There is money when I go in, at the beginning cannot help doing a few cleaned jobs, deliver food and drugs for them.

He and Mom are contacted later. Keertesi says: He is the old convict that must contact, he said to calculate.

Aokedaweiao says: My parents will visit me, they took some of money to me, such I can choose prison house, still can have bodyguard. Countrywide citizen observes Laiangneierfeiernadesi says constituent researcher: There is the person of a kind of an eccentric person be callinged in the jail. They also do not have income without family, rely on to the person to earn money when bodyguard, it is servile almost. When fighting for example, those who start work is take orders from these bodyguard at host. The different faction in the jail and Mom have conflict to contend for domain via regular meeting.

The article says, aokedaweiao and person come to an agreement, pay every months 2000 than all alone (1 Mexico compares RMB of all alone =0.4059 yuan this net is noted) choose a fine prison house, about everyday the 100 employ that compare all alone a servile bodyguard, where do I walk along where does he follow, I let him what do what does he do, his meal money and cost are assumed by me.

The prerogative fine prison house that Aokedaweiao says is one grows 4 meters, wide the 3 spaces of rice, 38 people are asleep inside. Some is standing to sleep, some is lying to sleep, perhaps sleep on hammock. If think toilet, the body that has to step on others goes. Is this fine prison house? The explanation says Aokedaweiao: Yes, because you can choose to be together with who, can be far from those most the area that masty content is in, have TV and be on the air, OK also overpay bit money gives Mom, live on single person prison house, but can expose oneself so, let everybody know you are rich, this is very dangerous.

Lionel says: Some people are standing to sleep, be called out bloodsucker, there is a sheet on the body, some people sleep in the toilet even. If you did not pay,sleep money, meet by the prison house with special coop, can take a beating over. Want dining room or public section to sleep even. The video that circulating a few convict film even on the net, indication convict can pay guard, this is to avoid by cruel kicked compulsive tax, it is convict receives fund sometimes, mix next guard divide the spoils.

When the corruption that speaks of police, aokedaweiao says: Should make guard much take care of take care of you, must pay every months 3000 or 4000 than all alone. Feiernadesi says: The guard in some jails should pay even convict, let them assure his safety. Aokedaweiao says, he is during put in prison, because nature or blame nature matter die,have 3-5 person on average everyday.

The article says, the family outside high fence is propping up convict people the life. Aokedaweiao says: Convict often can want friend of seek a marriage alliance people do not come visit, lest suffer extortionate. When coming, do not wear too well, do not let anybody notice you are rich. See a dear one to be in the courtyard merely, they pay add up to the 400 fee that compare all alone to the beefeater of a few gate sentry with respect to need. If overpay 60 than all alone, visiting hours still can be lengthened 10 or 15 minutes. If agree to give money, can choose meeting in dining room or better land even.

Some visit turned a window with iron grating into the sexual love inside. A few convict will be rental pallet tent, the sweetheart that offers other prisoner and them gets along intimately. Keertesi says: In the spouse that the government offers the meeting in special room needs to deal with trival bureaucratic procedures, and inside the room too dirty, make people not be willing to go.

The article says, this is not the service of only sex paying fee in the jail. Aokedaweiao says: A lot of people walk the street. They put a hooter, want to be able to be about to pay with their illicit. Still can let them come in the evening occasionally even. The person that a little male homosexual, female homosexual, double sex is loved and cross sexual distinction, they do not have person visit, family also looks down on them, they can w

alk the street in order to get income.

Food and beverage collect fees according to amount and quality, using water also is same. The price that bathes with hot water is 20-30 than all alone, 10-15 of cold water bath compares all alone. Luobaituo says: Also want to spend money with toilet. The person that does not agree to spend money is about to go to the lavatory to a few designation places. Convict people call these places Damalinduo beach. Say none exaggeratively, convict people it is to sending out effluvial fecal among wash bath.

The research that begins in a few jails recently shows as a result, the city establishs a jail the convict of 53% is done not have but drinkable water, the person of 32% cannot be obtained clean with water, the person of 20% is not enjoyed of any types with water, the person of 18% can spend money to buy, the person of 12% is used after boil of meeting general sewage.

The article says, mexican authorities ignores to the phenomenon of this kind of small society in the jail. Every year can relevant report and video undertake to the phenomenon such as the

death in the jail and corruption accuse. The prison population with huge Mexico exceeded 233 thousand, and the acceptance of the jail ability has 166 thousand only. Feiernadesi says: The problem with Mexican judicatory the worst system is, the jail has become the costliest public house on the world, it is not to have a government inhuman, decide regulation oneself, corrupt and serious small society, guard people the one part that also is a problem.

(original title: Mexican jail: All thing plain code marks a price convict and guard divide the spoils)

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