Before Egypt court sentences solemn elder brother to meet top leader is imprisoned 10 years

Report will occupy xinhua net Caire on December 22 Egypt government media " pyramid signs up for " the website reports 22 days, court of a military affairs sentenced Egypt that day Moslem f

rat (solemn elder brother is met) Mohammed of former chairman of bureau of guidance of highest and decision-making orgnaization Badiya and meeting leader imprisons additionally two solemn elder brother 10 years.

Them 3 people are accused to be in Egypt army is right in August 2013 after clear field of camping ground of demonstrate of Muerxi's president proponent, the Suyishi that is Egypt city incendiary force, arson and killing civilian.

In addition, there still are 90 the accuseds to be sentenced in this case lifelong imprisonment, the set term of imprisonment that 56 the accused are sentenced 3 years to differ to 7 year

s by absent, 50 people by innocent release.

Badiya faces multinomial accusation at present, he already was sentenced in different case two capital punishment and 5 lifelong imprisonment, but he still has authority to put forward to appeal to these court decisions.

From July 2013 Egypt army removes since presidential post of Muerxi, mu Erxi's proponent sponsors remonstrant demonstrate activity ceaselessly. In August 2013, egypt soldiers and police to two place camping ground of demonstrate of Mu Erxi's proponent has clear field, this action and the conflict of countrywide each district that its cause cause death of on 1000 people in all. Subsequently, egypt soldiers and police undertakes to Mu Erxi's proponent in countrywide limits large-scale capture. In December 2013, egypt transfers the government meets solemn elder brother qualitative for terroristic group.

(original title: Before Egypt court sentences solemn elder brother to meet top leader is imprisoned 10 years)

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