Install militia of times allocution Japan to ask its prepare to carry out security new job

In report will occupy new network on December 16 day intermediary report, japanese premier is installed times Jin Sanben defends in this country province militia undertakes allocution on advanced caucus 16 days month, he says with respect to the security law directive that will hold water in September, the hope imagines all conditions and undertake comprehensive preparation, in truly while security pers

onnel is complete cogent finish new job.

The report says, install the times palpability that return a watch to continue to push the policy that with him the country cooperates in security domain, say to hope to advance strategical international defense cooperates.

Day intermediary points out, law of Japanese new security will at applying before the bottom in March 2016, install times the likelihood is to consider the job that adds to answer should begin training thoroughly, new job includes the guard of authority of exercise collective defend oneself, rush to the rescue that rescues the U.N. important official that makes a surprise attack by armed gang to wait to wait.

Install the times Japan with respect to security law to be able to be discussed point out around the person of self-defensive team member safety undertook all sorts of discussion. He emphasizes: To give a descendants peaceful Japan, must build firm base. The result of such considerations is peaceful security legal system.

In addition, install the times ability that listed collaboration of equipment, technology and army to apply with respect to the defensive collaboration with his country to build assist, put forward to ask to

say militia needs to offer cooperation through remarkable ability, the hope is bold and ongoing, look down at since bear partial diplomacy mission of the whole world.

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