Chinese female student studying abroad falls in the beauty by murder case mallet is fierce disrelish repatriate China

China News Service rests this honest one stake of electric is pendent on December 10 Chinese female student studying abroad of 19 years is murdered in the beauty massacre, both sides dominating debate was reached eventually a few days ago admit one's guilt agreement. Fugitive 15 years, the Shi Chen of the guilty suspect that is detained nearly 5 years, Chinese student studying abroad at that tim

e (Chen Shi transliterates) , be sentenced 20 years of imprisonment, probation 15 years, at present he is executed the law by immigrant and custom bureau detain, await repatriate China.

According to police record, on October 18, 1996, with respect to the Labamajiekesenweier that read A the city stands university, when Chinese female student studying abroads Liu Zihui (Zihui Liu. Eyewitness shows card is the last the person that meets with Liu, be in those days Shi Chen of 21 years old of student studying abroad that come from Chinese Tianjin. As only suspect, shi Chen is taken police station inquiry, be not worth as a result of evidence and be released, but he loses sign at this point.

After two months, liu Zihui's body is in barrel-drain to be discovered. 2005, board of inquiry of unsettled case of office of inquisitor of area of county of Huo En blocking Er discovered enough is right the information of Shi Chen to lodge a complaint, jury is in fierce below the condition that minds absent, accuse he makes staking murder a blame.

Execute the law the branch expresses, history work to support oneself black through be in the Chinese meal house of countrywide each district all the time, he uses this kind of means to cross between each cities, different cafeteria, with other the workers that do not have the identity live in dining-room boss home together, take cash salary, all low-key act. Meantime, wanted criminal of number one of TV program United States ever investigated his track publicly.

Execute the law personnel is informed against at was being received in January 2011, in the Minnesota house of a Chinese meal will use the Shi Chen that anonym wo

rks to arrest. In subsequently front courtyard careful, he denies all accusation, this case enters endless contradictory order.

According to associated press report, the judicial file that this week announces shows, shi Chen will agree to admit one's guilt on December 4 agreement, be sentenced 20 years of imprisonment, among them 15 years of probation.

Lawyer Blanche of Shi Chen (Ryan Blanch) expresses, reach admit one's guilt the agreement is equal to admit guilty, this action is for the accused avoid the optimal increase that tries at accepting jury.

Assistant area inquisitor Field (Sheila Field) this Zhouxiang Alabama " the star signs up for Annisidu " express, this case has been as long as 19 years, evidence is indirect greatly, allow when to be awaited, we are happy see what can save time and money to reach admit one's guilt agreement.

The basis admits his guilt agreement, shi Chen will offset 263 days 4 of detain await trial years again time of its serve a sentence, he is current by release from the jail, detain in the United States immigrant and custom execute the law bureau, will be returned by renvoi dispatch before long China, take over by Chinese judicatory system.

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