91 years old of old ladies and neighbour play passionate game put on the side of death have adult toy

England " lens signs up for " report, live in Aweiluo (Aveiro) 91 years old of mother-in-laws go up in oneself bed to death, the waist when be being discovered is the following completely naked, there is an adult toy on the side, the sheet paints blood. After polic

e checks the seminal fluid of spot collect, arrested a man that lives around granny, but at present he already was released.

Autopsy report of the mother-in-law shows she is to die at choking, likelihood and process of ultra intense sexual love are concerned, the judge also believes this is an unfortunate accident. In addition, the private parts of granny has, police also stayed the place o

f house to discover toy of a few adults in 49 years old of men, believe this is the tool that causes mother-in-law private parts to get hurt.

And although age is aged,local neighbour describes a mother-in-law and still reside alone, but very active, like to joke with the man. And 49 years old of married neighbour already Yo has two child, do water and electricity or painting via often helping to her home. Police shows the spot does not have the trace that enters forcibly, and there also is property inside house by pilfer.

(original title: 91 years old of old ladies and neighbour play choking death of passionate sport misfortune)

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