Holand name picture is missing 10 years to show Wukelan possessory make a price 50 million Europe

Login register picture of name of Holand of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be missing 10 years to show Wukelan possessory make a price: of origin of 50 million Europe? ?2015-12-09 11:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

The intermediary outside occupying reports, art gallery of Li Silan of Holand Xi Fu lost 70 silver to reach 24 to belong to the 17 pictures to period of 18 centuries golden age to make 2005, include the work of the Great Master such as painter Huo Yan and Bokaerte, market prise makes an appointment with 10 million euro. Incident up to now already 10 years, the house just announces work is at present on hand of commando of Wu Kelan ultra-Right 7 days, after the other side asks Holand pays 50 million euro, remand draw.

Data chart: Among them the picture of golden age name of have things stolen of art gallery of a Holand.

The report says, golden age is Holand at the world history go up most the time of scene, at that time this country dominant world trade, domestic art and scientific progress are remarkable. Have things stolen of art gallery work is old, miss all the time.

Till the house just was in last year,website discovery draws a Wukelan, of the same age in July more somebody is stationed in to Holand base complementary embassy, claim ultra-Right commando organization has all work, be willing with market prise plus sell one's own things of 5 million euro. After Holand judicial department undertakes investigation, ever tried to adopt diplomatic measure resumptive picture is made, but commando organization make a price is exorbitant, bilateral negotiation fails.

The report points out, commando of worry of Holand art gallery organizes furtive resale to be drawn, decision general incident is fair all at the world. Gram of man of chief inspector cons

picuous releases film in YouTube website, reiterating work is Dutch culture bequest, purloin their person should not plan to make money with this, say to politician of Wu Kelan high level harbors to participate in incident even again, estimation work collects Yuwukelan churchyard manages a place more.

In addition, the house still just call-overs mention nationalism of Wu Kelan extreme to organize battle group (OUN-B) deputy commander in chief is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Ji Yani of chief of party of freedom of political party of Meiniuke, ultra-Right uncle gram, still have ever the Naleicaishenke of branch of administer state security engineers incident in the behind the curtain. Keendesi shows Holand foreign minister, early before ever followed Wu Kelan contact with respect to incident, believe the other side can be handled seriously.

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