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Will come 7 days on May 6, philippine make disturbance in Nanhai early or late with Vietnam: Philippine sea alarm the fisher that I work normally in maritime space of reef of Nanhai half moon reachs illegal distrain 11 China fisherman.

To this, abroad hands in department spokesman Hua Chunying 7 days to emphasize in, china is right include half moon reef inside The Nansha Islands reachs his to add coastal waters region to have incontestable dominion, at present Chinese sea alarm the boat has driven an accident to the spot, just ask phenanthrene just gives out to this in logical explanation, and put a person instantly put a ship. Philippine respect also just is warned not to adopt any provoking to act again in.

" Chinese youth signs up for " the reporter understands through relevant channel, philippine production disturbance has political objective already, also have the specific consideration of aggrandizement Nanhai defence. Ding Zhile of chairman of association of fishery of door of pool of Hainan sea fining jade also appeals when accepting our newspaper reporter to interview, the government should increase the strength protecting fishing to Nanhai further.

Philippine sea alarm shoot fisher of strong capture China

On May 6 10 when the left and right sides, fine jade 09063 of sea fining jade, fine jade two 03168 fisher are in sea fining jade when maritime space of reef of Na Sha half moon works, encounter gun of He Ming of intercept of unidentified armed ship browbeats. Fine jade 03168 fisher withdraw sea fining jade successfully this maritime space, another fisher and 11 fishermans break couplet.

Philippine nation police station is maritime group always alarm Siwajiasi expresses 7 days through Reuter, phenanthrene sea alarm 6 days in the morning 7 when the left and right sides arrests fisher of a China around reef of half moon of The Nansha Islands, there is peace treaty of 11 Chinas sailor on this fisher 350 chelonian. Wajiasi says, phenanthrene just discovers the position of Chinese fisher is located in Philippine exclusive economic zone: This fisher is pulled at present of Philippine southwest cling to pull visit an island, philippine respect will reach concerned personnel to lodge a complaint to fisher over. 7 days afternoon, wajiasi discloses again say, still have a Philippine fishermen with what Chinese fisher is arrested at the same time, aboard discovered more than 70 chelonian. He says: Breed of a few chelonian belongs to protective ocean species, catching hunt is illegal.

Station of Philippine GMA news the word of Philippine naval officer says 7 days of quote, another China fisher was at large to suffer the intercept of another armed ship from spot hind, but the armed ship that is not us then.

Door of pool of city of Hainan sea fining jade presses down fishing politics fishing port to supervise Wang Qizhen of control stand deputy stationmaster 7 days to say to media, fine jade sea fining jade 09063 fisher go to Na Shahai region to produce at will declaring at customs from fishing port of pool door center on April 24, will reach sea area of reef of Na Sha half moon o

n April 29. On May 6 10 when the left and right sides, philippine armed personnel is ascended forcibly fine jade 09063 of sea fining jade, and to celestial airing of views 45 guns are warned, this boat and its personnel control, fine jade 03168 boats discovery drives fishing of sea fining jade instantly after the circumstance the boat leaves, the ship that a doubt appears to be like Vietnam fisher again when should opening door of reef of half moon reef to be in undertakes intercept to this boat, fire a shot warning. Final, fine jade 03168 boats left of great capacity fining jade successfully this maritime space. And fine jade the north of 09063 fisher fights sea fining jade accommodation monitoring already on May 6 10 when be shut 12 minutes, pool door presses down fishing politics fishing port to supervise control stand loses connection with its.

Ding Zhile of chairman of association of fishery of door of pool of Hainan sea fining jade is being accepted 7 days late " Chinese youth signs up for " when the reporter is interviewed, express, up to 7 days 20 when stop, fine jade sea fining jade 09063 had not gotten in touch with them, 11 fishermans that break couplet all come from 3 villages that door of pool of city of sea fining jade presses down, among them the age is 64 the biggest years old, 19 the smallest years old. According to Introduction Ding Zhile, guard of door of pool of city of sea fining jade still has 339 ships to work in Na Shahai region now. The fisher that works every year toward Na Shahai region before pool door exceeds 160, involve 5000 people of piscatorial to control, take ship of exercise of Na Shahai region 7 into above.

This the half moon reef of accident ground is one of insular reef of Chinese The Nansha Islands, be located in north latitude 8 degrees 52 minutes, the east longitude 116 degrees 16 minutes, atoll, the ministry is flooded by seawater southeast its, form buccal door, accessibility 300 tons of fisher. Fishery of half moon reef is resourceful, and the berth that has had and natural port bay, our country fisherman often comes here exercise. Half moon reef belongs to Chinese territory since ancient times, half moon reef has the rock that gives dew all the year round, can enjoy 12 sea mile territorial sea borders with 12 sea mile area.

Publish Nanhai defence to plan to cope with China

Accident that day, philippine officer of an advanced army passes Japanese joint company outward bound is cast gave defence of a so called Nanhai to plan, and phenanthrene just is in of late the big movement of Nanhai maritime space is more consecutive.

Allege according to this phenanthrene army officer, to protect Philippine national interest, should resist China is right of Philippine exclusive economic zone inbreak, the ado to Philippine fisherman, and the Chinese ship of ceaseless aggrandizement. This official says: China still thinks occupational ceremony happy beach. For this, philippine army casts a Nanhai defence formally to plan, the budget of this plan will be in Ajinuo's president reached the designated position entirely before lieutenancy end 2016.

According to the plan of this Nanhai defense of newest exposure, phenanthrene square specific content includes: In in island of course of study instantly deploy patrols twice boat and two maritime scout; Preparative clique patrols joyous island of boat permanent horse, reef of another resident commanding officer; The card that establishs dimensions of brigade of a land battle pulls Yan Qun team of insular spy dispatch; Instantly the airport on island of the course of study in repair, add propose the dock establishment that can hold ship of the sea, air force and plane. In addition, philippine island of the course of study in still considering to be in is circumjacent occupational island reef builds its pl

ace satellite communications base station, the setting has direct and the radar monitoring system that control capacity; This year before the end of the year, in the Ma Huan that Philippine place occupies insular place belongs to 9 all islands marine surveillance and scout are built on reef systematic radical stands, among them Yang Xin alluvion, the construction project of lunar island is the 2nd echelon formation on the west, predict to was finished 2016, the project of reef of the island that expend a letter, commander and Na Yaojiao will be finished 2018. Meanwhile, philippine still plan to start information war inside global limits, the authority that attempts to publicize Nanhai place to belong to insular reef through the system is belonged to, acclaim Philippine dominion view.

In plan of defense of so called Nanhai, strengthening its to reach those who add coastal waters region to patrol to reef of island of Na Sha embezzlement is phenanthrene square one big move. To this, hainan fines jade Ding Zhile of chairman of association of fishery of sea pool door expresses to the reporter: Philippine patrol strength is strengthened apparently recently, and its sea alarm often masked execute the law, carry a weapon namely but do not wear uniform, by official business of fisher and rather than the boat reachs close China fishermen. As a result of Nanhai armed pirate appears from time to tome, work in Nanhai plus Chinese fisherman sea area is vast, hope government enhances the strength that protect fishing further.

In fact, philippine the big movement in Nanhai is latter continuous: On May 3, the leatherneck on shabby to kindheartedness reef landing boat has phenanthrene air man airdrop supply; 4 days, 5000 United States and Philippine soldier begin to be in draw near the land sea area of Nanhai holds code name to be shoulder to shoulder massive exercise, one of practice headings in an account book are those who answer a likelihood to inbreak; 6 days, philippine before senatorial Lamosisahani is advertised avowedly should let the United States offer martial base on kindheartedness reef and Huang Yan island.

On May 7, philippine " the star signs up for " return a report to say, this month 10 days come 11 days be about to at Burmese the 24th held Dong Mengfeng is met on, sansei of Philippine president A Jinuo will drive Nanhai code of conduct again.

Phenanthrene authorities thought to obtain American protection

Warm up again to connecting recently Nanhai condition, 7 days of reports say station of Philippine GMA news, because week visit is Philippine on American president Aobama,this is later, let Manila in feel he obtained American protection.

Not come singly but in pairs, vietnam also is in of late Nanhai motion is constant. Yesterday, china and Vietnam ship produce conflict in Nanhai controversy maritime space.

The Nanhai problem that warms up again causes international media attention, many Philippine a man of insight expressed intense be anxiousing. Philippine before senatorial Lei Ni expresses when accepting Philippine ABS-CBN TV station to interview, the basis is Philippine the 7th chapter provided charter the 2nd times 1987, philippine the diplomacy that should pursue independence, is not to depend on the United States overly. Lei Ni says: We sign the spirit that the U.S. Army withdrew Philippine base agreement 1991 should be not forgotten. We should not become American colony, we are in early became independent 1946, can look now, did we become independent what? !

 Login register archipelago of Solomon of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to lift World War II to search treasure to heat up Microsoft patr

iarch Allan to be in an origin: ? Nobeliun sends?2013-11-04 15:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Paul · Allan (the data pursues)

Be in south archipelago of Solomon of Pacific Ocean insularity, hearsay has insular a of intertropical around this country maritime space heavy boat discovers valence to be worth -1494072448 pound (about one billion nine hundred and eighty-nine million one hundred and forty-four thousand seven hundred and four RMBs) gold, it is Japan

allegedly come from southeast Asia loot when World War II. This hearsay lifts a heat that find treasure, attract domestic and international explorer to hurry off to this maritime space. According to hearing among them a person that find treasure is Microsoft collective patriarch Allan. (according to England " peaceful interview person newspaper " )

According to saying, an insular father exposes spot Tibetan treasure before on one's deathbed, draw a treasure map. The chef on battleship of a Japan is when this person World War II. Treasure is one case case the case of the metal bar, every metal bar can heft 440 ounce, this may be Japan of period of World War II large quantities of gold from southeast Asia loot, never be discovered for the most part.

Claim with the congressman before the archipelago of insular contact Solomon that discovers a metal bar AlfredSasako expresses, this are insular will discover treasure this year in March, the discovery that scoops two metal bars to prove him is belonged to solid. Help of government office request scoops insular Ceng Xiangzheng odd treasure, with 5 into gain profit the redound that serves as pair of governments, but the negotiation fails. Later insular receive dead menace a few times, hide to maintain life only.

Pass Microsoft patriarch to join

The hearsay of marine Tibet gold attracts this locality and nonlocal explorer to spread out find treasure, a few people still are carrying handgun and machine gun. Sasako expresses, the person that finds treasure includes governmental personnel, this locality convict and a few foreigners, be like American and Chinese. A few people go with palletter float below tool search stone, someone else relies on the instrument search such as camera of more accurate remote control submarine, benthic and global tabulator. According to hearing among them a person that find treasure is Microsoft collective patriarch Allan (PaulAllen) , he is lover of history of World War II, own the yacht with the big thirteenth on the world, two helicopter and two submarine stopped above, this houseboat will be seen appear in Solomon archipelago water area in June.

It is reported of this one treasure is the Feng Wen below hill of Japanese army high-ranking officer booty of the predatory when aggressive Malaysia and Singapore, original store is in Philippine penetralia and burrow, before Japanese be defeated, crossing Pacific Ocean carries treasure to be nodded to other ground, believing was to meet a contingency during transit. Act according to below hill long surrender to confessed his crime that day in Japan, 5 lunar hind are executed, but his gold fokelore continues to circulate.

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rvice of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy
and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotion provide for the aged is taken

 Beijing of Russia president general, Sinuodeng obtains Nobel peace prize to nominate [graph]

 上海后花园Login install to register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian times for " found a state memorial " is publishing a talk: of origin of first time of past dynasties premier? ?2014-02-11 11:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Data chart: Local time on January 20, 2014, japanese Tokyo, japanese premier installs times Jin Sanfa watch to speak.

Original title: How times will publish first found a state day talk is about to foster " patriotic sentiment "

According to coverage of Japanese news network, feburary 11 is Japan " found a state memorial " , japanese premier brings times advance 3 will publish a talk, with " the patriotism sentiment that fosters a countryman " . The report says, this will be first time of premier of Japanese past dynasties is " found a state memorial " publish a talk.

According to the report, according to Japanese history " Japanese book discipline " account, "Japan " this one country is built at BC 666 years on Feburary 11, found by divine fierce the emperor of Japan. Accordingly, japan made this one first 1872 " found a state memorial " .

In seeing, the reporter that magisterial Jian Yiwei is in room of Japanese ministerial official 10 days can say, how times a talk will be published in 11 days. Official of villous themeda justice says, bringing the times end that publishs this one talk is to be carried out to the countryman " souvenir founds a state, the patriotic heart that develops a countryman " " found a state memorial " establish a tenet, bless a country this one important time.

Put forward in the light of the repor

ter " the Right deviation that whether installs this one act of times premier to you can show political power is changed? " quiz, jian Yiwei refutes say: "Establish a tenet to publish a talk according to memorial, be Right deviation is changed? The talent that I feel to have this kind of idea is brain has a problem. The talent that I feel to have this kind of idea is brain has a problem..

Japanese news network reports, the information that leaks according to shifting to an earlier date says, install this one talk of times to will have the following and main content: "The country that reviews us when us takes the route that cross up to now, we thank ancestors people hard, face be full of self-confidence and proud

future, the prosperity of invocatory Japan. The prosperity of invocatory Japan..

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored