The person that London subway produces commit physical assault or murder of incident of person of the disclose that hold a knife shouts for Syria

China Daily net on December 6 report, integrated England media will report on December 6, will control at 7 o'clock in the evening on December 5 local time, subway station produces the Laidusitong of London the eastpart part to hold event of knife disclose person together, cause several people to get hurt, disclose person person still shouting this before be subdued by the police is for Syria, at present London police hall already incident qualitative make a surprise attack for horror.

That evening 7 when, police is received call the police call London Laidusitong hall of ticket of subway station carry out produces attack event. Have surrounded the person that watch to pat incident process to erupt simultaneously with the mobile phone to the net. A paragraph of video presentati

on, a man that wearing brunet dress lies in pool of blood, the man holding a knife that wears gray jersey and rice yellow pants holds knife random dance, be apart from its closer person to escape broadcast in office of carry out ticket. Fab is, the old person that one takes portable bag unexpectedly as if nothing happened from charger beside had gone, continue oneself journey.

Eyewitness says, before the police comes, this man of 29 years old that hold a knife assaults a crowd to be as long as 10 minutes at random everywhere, cry greatly: This is you offend the result with maternal due Syria. I want you all blood are aspersed come out. He calls recoil of an audience criterion: You are not Moslem. Disarm of a constabulary life man, but the man dashs instead to this police, another police employs gun of high-pressured peaceful a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument to shoot to the man later, the man is about to lower his head to escape, after shooting several times, the man just falls down, the police subdues his then.

The subway stands the staff member says, this man is paying passenger of a white man, cut its throat with the knife. Nevertheless, also have video presentation, this man is the arm gets hurt it seems that. Whole episode brings about one person to suffer serious injury, two people get flesh wound, the person that hurt at present already was sent toward hospital cure, all insensate danger.

Passenger of a subway is being pushed go up especially the experience that told about oneself, he is being driven together with the colleague that evening attend Christmas dinner, in the subway he sees a lot of people escape alarmedly. I do not have justifiable meeting, continue to take the subway, but the eye that suddenly I can believe myself scarcely, I see taking a knife maly, there still is a person on the ground. I escape desperately then. The 10 polices after arriving 15 minutes came, subdued the man that hold a knife.

At present this case already gave London police hall fears a branch instead. This branch chief Lichadewoerdu (Richard Walton) hair statement says: We already should make this proposal terroristic case handle. We appeal p

ublic keep one's hair on, but keep alert at the same time. Terroristic menace still austere, the possibility that this means horrible assault is very large. If have any doubtful thread,influenced the person that in Laidusitong the subway stands at 7 o'clock tonight, ask those who dial us to fear a hot line instead. Send next video or the person of the picture also is contacted with us please.

British government spokesman says: Police is having uninterrupted investigation to assaulting incident tonight, we are watching progress of details of a case closely. After incident, london transportation department suspended Liverpudlian ave station and heart of five heart blessing / all services between station of Niu Baili park.

As a result of Mohammedan country (IS) encourages its epigone to make raid in their mainland, cause in a state of anxiety of whole Europe popular feeling. The target carries out the Mohammedan country that British parliament leaves a courtyard 2 days to approve pair of Syria bomb, at present British air force has carried out air attack twice.

Go up month, IS armed element makes horrible raid several cases in French capital force, cause 130 people death. The most serious Mohammedan armed element of British happening assaults assault of the subway that incident was July 2005 and bomb of type of public transportation suicide, assault causes 52 people death. In addition, may 2013, the case in soldier plum compares British army (Lee Rigby) is southeast London ministry busy street is killed in the street by two Mohammedan believer.

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