What does Parisian climate congress eat? Uncover the coffee hall that the U.N. inside COP21 assembly room fixes a price

Login what to register congress of climate of Paris of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to eat? Uncover the: of coffee hall origin that the U.N. inside COP21 assembly room fixes a price?  ?2015-12-03 16:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Everybody is good, qin Ziqi of Jia Xihe of Liu of the member that the Netease that we are now has manner youth to sow a newspaper. Regard dye-in-the-wood cate as lover, the group of behind the curtain of the food site such as way station of the biscuit lane that we were taking strong interest and curiosity to visit Parisian climate congress, coffee, during taking you to see plenary meeting, we eat some of what.

French cate is famous in the whole world, each dish has goose liver, seafood, snail, Zhi person oneself distinctive cooking method, covet making a person 3 feet. Regard this second climate as the host country of congress, if why entertain all directions with cate,France is guest caused our Netease to have the attention of manner youth delegacy.

10000 pure manual biscuit that make are round-the-clock supply

In congress the spot often can see inn name is the bakery of PAUL, the manner young people that buy loaf through can be being gone in by accost every time stepped into lane of congress backstage bake eventually, with bake division people chat deep.

The graph is using ancient legal system to make bread for bake division

Arrive through covering knowledge, the first store opens PAUL 1889, each type thing has deep strength inside. They all methods that make and mould are very ancient magic art, for instance the tool of similar and ligneous quant on the

graph is the tool of panification. To assure mouthfeel, they do a biscuit to want to spend 7 hours. In the assembly room you eat the ox horn that go down to wrap a likelihood to look very common, but the French taste that has very delicate, typical case actually however.

Baker insists to use bake of ancient magic art, maintain supply everyday 10, 000 biscuit are mixed to each bakery in the assembly room dining-room. Everyday late at night when, the processing factory is carried to machine animal feed after the rest biscuit can be collected that day, assure to feed material to be not wasted.

The graph is delegate of Netease manner youth and bake division group photo

U.N. of site of 7 mobile coffee fixes a price personally

Be over in seek by inquiry after biscuit lane, young mission will be located at the assembly room the Alto coffee way station of one horn. Way station receives composition of car of mood shift coffee by, delegate of the honored guest that meets to come round to join only, media offers meaning type to condense coffee, take iron, Kabujinuo and rub the drink such as card.

The graph is making coffee for Anthony

The master of the coffee that make is the Anthony Wei Ji that comes from Paris and Aolianna Buweier. They are not the employee of Alto cafes formerly, because be interested in Parisian climate congress,signed up the invite applications for a job of coffee division, during becoming plenary meeting through layer upon layer choose the coffee division of Alto coffee way station. They went to work at 8 o'clock about everyday, work all the time in the evening at 6 o'clock.

The graph is those who do not have engine to receive type coffee car

All conferences that Anthony tells us plenary meeting share way station of 7 Alto coffee, among them 3 are laded by small truck, in these 3 in, 1 has engine, 1 is electric car, 1 does not have engine; Additionally 4 are laded by barrow, all offer directly by Alto coffee company.

The graph can reclaim to use what org

anic material makes coffee cup

The graph is box and muddler sell outside using what organic material makes

Be worth what carry is, all raw material of the coffee that make, material reflected the concept of environmental protection. Anthony says, the liquid waste course that the water that place of the coffee that make uses is whole plenary meeting specializations the processing, drinking water after filtering; The container that fills coffee is to use organic material to be made character, the price 1 Europe, drink the 1 euro that can remand the cup after coffee and pays before go back when the client, all material can use do one's best circularly, realize 0 rubbish truly 0 discharge.

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Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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