Japanese desire forcibly one-sided restores antarctic whale to meet with flower bay object

Hall of Japanese aquatic product tells committee of meeting international whale 27 days, say Japan will resume the activities of 2015 whale of antarctic maritime space to 2016 year. According to the report, in the application that day just is submitting before already annual the small amount needing whale that hunt catchs is cut down 2/3 reach 333, weigh from scientific level word, this is reasonable arrangement.

In the light of Japan this with one action is moved, england and Australian government express 28 days to object. British environment respect says: We decide to be in to Japan south Pacific Ocean restarts whale feels disappointed. This destroyed the ban of global commerce whale that England supports strongly.

Australian environment minister says, japan cannot ignore the scientist's opinion, one-sided decides to restore whale in antarctic maritime space. Australia objects Japanese t

his summer strongly be in south the decision that ocean reinstates whale.

As we have learned, international whale committee was passed 1986 " the whole world prohib

its whale convention " , prohibit commercial whale, but allow to be purpose hunt to catch with scientific research. In March 2014, the International Court of Justice of U.N. The Hague rules, antarctic whale activity of Japan is not stem from scientific research purpose, ought to stop.

As we have learned, at present Japan is annual whalemeat consumption reachs 5000 tons in 4000 tons about between. International society and the fact that turn over whale organization not less to criticize Japan to be a whale of peddling course of study with scientific research.

(original title: Japan is about to restore antarctic whale)

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