Russia is rescued air man: Any warnings were not issued before Turkey is atttacked

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China News Service is Muscovite on November 25 report (reporter Wang Xiujun) Russia is rescued revive Mu La He Jing represents pilot of 24 opportunity for combat 25 days, turkey opportunity for combat did not give an any attack to warn signal before atttacking Russia machine, russian square plane also did not enter earthy territorial sky one second.

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24 days, russia one revive 24 opportunity for combat are mixed in Turkey crash of a side of Syria of Syrian border land. Turkey respect says, russian opportunity for combat invades earthy territorial sky illegally 17 seconds, cubic meter of earth is being warned for many times without fruit hind its down. But Russia just expresses to should wear opportunity for combat to did not encroach earthy territorial sky. Beijing of Russian president general expresses, this issue will affect Russian earth badly to concern.

Russian opportunity for combat is attacked to lag behind, parachute of eject of on machine two air man. According to the information that Russian army releases, among them an air man has died. Beijing of conspicuous of Mu La of another air man already was found and be sent a hospital to accept treatment. At present in order of body of Beijing of Mu La conspicuous.

According to report of Russian satellite news service, beijing is in Mulahe revive navigate task is held the position of on 24 planes. Russian government already decided to give brave medal to its. And another death air man will be chased after to give medal of Russia country hero by Russian government.

Beijing of Mu La conspicuous pulled Dajiya to express to media in Syrian haven city that day, revive any att

ack warning signal that Turkey opportunity for combat did not obtain to give out before 24 opportunity for combat were being atttacked that day and signal of warning of cross the boundary illegally, no matter be a vision,admonitory signal or radio warn signal.

This air man says, the F16 opportunity for combat of Turkey respect is fast at oneself revive 24 planes. If the other side wants to issue a warning, can be in revive signal is issued on the parallel course of 24 planes. But actually plane of cubic meter of earth was not done so. Missile is abrupt came to rear of opportunity for combat. We did not observe, so that have not enough time,operate the plane undertakes opposing missile for emergency use.

Beijing of Mu La conspicuous denied the Russian opportunity for combat that place of cubic meter of earth weighs to keep the view of 17 seconds in earthy territorial sky. He says, russian square opportunity for combat did not enter earthy territorial sky one second. Be hit till the plane, revive 24 planes are complete in his control. I am map, on-the-spot to this one area the position of landform and border land understands very much. (Be over)

(original title: Russia is rescued air man: Any warnings were not issued before earthy opportunity for combat is atttacked)

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