Russian minister of foreign affairs: Won't start a war to oppugn Turkey to currently hold the post ofleader layer to Turkey

Xieergailafuluofu says Russia minister of foreign affairs 25 days, russia opportunity for combat meets with after Turkey army down, russia just does not prepare to start a war to Turkey.

When he attended a press conference that day, say: We do not prepare to start a war to Turkey. We are treated Turkish civilian the manner does not have a change. What we oppugn is Turkey currently holds the post ofleader layer. Russian opportunity for combat meets with after down, the Russia earth minister of foreign affairs that Lafuluofu cancelled to decide 25 days to be held in Turkey formerly meets. Whether will hold a talk henceforth when both s

ides of earth of Russia be askinged about when, lafuluofu expresses, russia just sends any officials to head for Turkey to visit without the plan, also do not

prepare to recieve any Turkey officials to call in. Capital of Russia president general declares where one stands with day, appeal Russian does not go again Turkey. [Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially] (Zhang Jing)

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