Short list of award of depict of 2015 the poorest sexes announces many well-known writers to be seleted (graph)

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Fen of arteries and veins of language of swallow of sound of streaming with sweat, warbler, blood piece, surfy see these words be meant, award of annual depict of the poorest sex should be announced again. This one award at 23 years before by " literature is commented on " (Literary Review) the magazine is established, in order to reminds people to notice those is perfunctory contemporary novel is medium redundant sexual depict, persuade everybody not to want follow the lead of. However result, apparently the original intention institute that this award establishs does not hope to see.

In the short list this year, share 8 books to be seleted. Although evaluate people have not decide, but in a paragraph of when the British premier without accredit appears in Cameron biography colourful affection about premier and a pig history the eyeball that captured evaluation above all. To this, evaluation writes in statement: By A of Er of Michael of vice-chairman of the Conservative Party assorted overcomes Luo Fu spy (Michael Ashcroft) before mixing " Sunday peaceful interview person newspaper " political chief editor Yi Sha Beieraoke Xiao Te, in ever inserting the fine point of a certain illicit of his body a dead snout by right of prospective premier so breathtaking explode makings the attention that caused us. This depict serves as although the novel is not quite vivid, but enough makes a person together of thoughts or recollections flashing across one's mind. Nevertheless, " call me David please " the biography that is this blame fiction, not was seleted short list.

Ailika fines jade (Erica Jong) the famousest novel " be afraid of fly " (Fear Of Flying) publish establish at award of depict of the poorest sex previously, ever stayed to the person for a time give birth to fierce impression, this time she depends on newest novel again " be afraid of death " (Fear Of Dying) was seleted award short list. The male hero in the book feels on rachis one lightning has been broken off, heroine tells him, the elder brother that is him then amounts to li of Buddhist nun (gem gal teachs natural science favorite for vitality) rising, next he replies: That still is used say, that can be good thing.

On history of award of depict of the poorest sex, the writer that has many famous is seleted: What obtained this special honour last year is the Benaokerui that ever obtained cloth to capture prize (Ben Okri) , the winner 2008 is Yaohanepudaike (John Updike) . This year, rock band Smith (Smiths) before advocate sing Molixi hand in hand the first his novel " tracing form " (List Of The Lost) be seleted, hopeful unplugs so that the head prepares. This novel when by penguin classical library is published, already caused an in an uproar, evaluation mentions: This is penguin is classical the first author that is seleted short list. There is a paragraph of intense emotion in the novel 4 those who shoot is paragraphic be such begin: Yi Lisha and dust the snowball that carat rolled to be full of language of warbler sound swallow perfectly roundly. Ending nature is unfortunate in pairs falls get out of bed. Evaluate one of Frank Bulinkeli (Frank Brinkley) the competitor that says Molixi is to have latent capacity extremely.

The others is seleted short list, still include manage to check heart Bao assorted (Richard Bausch) the novel that is setting with 9 11 incident " before this, at that time, later " (Before, during, after) , alexander Hei Meng (Aleksandar Hemon) " of corpse big f

ight form " (The Making Of Zombie Wars) , joshua division favour (Joshua Cohen) by " new York Times " praise of times of amount to word " Youlixisi " novel " digital book " (Book Of Numbers) , and Norwegian writer Tuomasiaisipeidaer (Tomas Espedal) " violate nature " (Against Nature) .

Fine jade besides Ailika beyond, another female writer that is seleted short list is Laolungeluofu (Lauren Groff) , her novel " destiny and move restlessly " (Fates And Furies) in have a paragraph of such picture: He closes an eye, the fruit juice that whip of egg of the Chinese flowering quince that thought of mango, rift, fruit and sweetness are about to drip, next all these ended, he is moaning, send all over sweet.

A little bad gender depict still has dangerous sex at the same time. Heat up beautiful theatrical work greatly for instance " live wire " (The Wire) playwrite George sends Lekanuosi (George Pelecanos) short story collect " last lens " (The Martini Shot) in, relator is in between sitting room sofa and 4 column bed after shifty (moon and a shot in the arm that candle power can become me, accordingly I always pull open the curtain) , begin to be anxious to rise for the lover's hairstyle actually. Thank you, my say, my hand between conversation still is worn in caress her hair. I probably all the time so hold tight is worn her hair, ability will be so random.

" literature is commented on " will be in the London of do sth for the occasion on December 1 bar of pass in and out (In And Out Club) declare the winner of bear the palm this year. (Zhou Xinqi / compile)

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