Australian eyeball tattooes the skin explode red expert: Or cause blindness [group plan]

Kebula says, his eyeball tattooes the skin originality inspiration comes from a friend, the white eyeball fill that this friend is him with Photoshop at that time color. He says: I think formerly, the philtrum popularity that eyeball tattooes the skin to be able to go after an extreme in those only rises. But what your person feels anxious is, it seems that more person is in such doing, even oneself give eyeball coloring. Although this kind of operation is not painful, but still make a person feel quite terrible.

The triumphant Li of Australian city is added on the west this (Kylie Garth) did on oneself eyeball permanent tattoo the skin.

International is online stalk of grain only: According to England " daily Post " will report on November 15, eyeball tattooes the skin to be in Australia is arisen, although medical expert warning says this may cause blindness and cancer, but at least already 20 people had this operation. Calling eyeball tattooes the skin is American body transforms an expert Lunakebula (Luna Cobra) invents, it is to be in sclerotic (all round iris white area) aspirant travel coloring.

Body perforation artist Qiaoertelong (Joeltron) in operation lieutenant general sclerotic turn tennis into green.

American man Jiesenbanamu (Jason Barnum) the Chinese ink lubricious eyeball that revealed oneself 2012.

Napier (Naepier) it is one of 20 Australian people

that accept eyeball to tattoo the skin.

Eyeball tattooes the skin the process includes to note ink ball of pleasant to see directly in, ink color can be in sclerotic in diffuse.

Add this the eyeball after showing him operation.

Kui of much Henry of Chile man Edward thises (Eduardo Henriquez) the eyeball that reveals oneself.


esponsibility edits: Ren Shaojie

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