Accident of incident of Nigeria happening explosion sends at least 32 people to die 80 people are injured

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rt will occupy new network on November 18 Reuter report, local time 17 days of evening, a Da horse covers with tiles the city

thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located to be pulled about Nigeria produce event of one detonate blast, bring about 32 people death, at least 80 people to get hurt.

According to the report, explosive happening was controlled at 8 o'clock in the evening that day local time, around market of a vegetables and fruits.

Allege instantly without the organization responsible to making a surprise attack this. A Red Cross official that does not wish to disclose a full name says: 32 people die, 80 people are injured.

Eyewitness says, the person that 8 ambulances will be hurt sends toward the hospital to have treatment.

Original title: Incident of Nigeria happening explosion at least 32 people die 80 people are injured

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