The big country of backside of Russian plane crash argue: The United States set a big trap to Russia

Log onto the big country that registers backside of crash of plane of Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian argue: Did the United States set a: of big decoy origin to Russia? ?2015-11-09 14:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

We ever were opposite after Russian plane crash the possibility of plane crash undertook an analysis. We gave out mainly at that time two kinds of the most possible reasons, bomb assault and mechanical failure. But the view with respect to the individual, more apt bomb makes a surprise attack, because a variety of evidence at that time make clear, mechanical failure causes an aircraft possibility of crash of the disintegrate in abrupt sky is not very tall, although fly to machine rear to ever had sufferred loss, but give breakdown to also should have a development process, not should at a draught disintegrate. So, opposite for the possibility that is fallen by the disintegrate in the sky after bomb makes a surprise attack is larger. Of course, because information is too little we are bad at that time to make farther judgement.

Egypt of Russian plane crash

Nowadays, information is increasing, more and more evidence make clear, the airlines is bigger be assaulted by bomb and probability falls. Above all, in prang the following day, distribute from plane debris in 20 kilometers the area with long, 8 wide kilometers can see, the plane is in headroom disintegrate, this also got Russian square expert admits really. And the photograph that publishs according to media, the nose of the plane and wing and before half airframe are one cut, second half part is to scatter so that limits increases, these accord with a plane is the feature that explodes in headroom, and explosive position is probable it is hind in airframe (if be to find a place for bomb, so be in in the possibility tall) of hind goods storehouse. And if be engine explosion only, appear impossibly current falling feature.

Earlier before, the report says, beautiful message personage points out, russia crashs at that time on the west the orbiter of an United States in the sky ever diagnosed Nai peninsula to heat up glitter, the plane may be be assaulted by bomb. The report will say satellitic news Moscow on November 3, ceng Can and Russian division add thunder Mu an Egypt legal medical expert of program of inspection of remains of passenger of airline A321 plane expresses to satellitic wire agency, the Ceng Fasheng inside the engine room before the scathing characteristic of remains or demonstrative plane strike the area explodes.

And the preliminary judgement according to black box data, unit staff is to lose pair of plane pilot suddenly, make any ask for help react without there's still time at all so. These information actually adumbrative also, the plane has very big probability is to produce the disintegrate in sky to just can appear this kind of circumstance. Below what circumstance can the disintegrate in abrupt sky just appear? Possibility is afraid do not say everybody also feels. Of course, because everything still does not have the investigation that finish, we still cannot say this is to fear raiding.

Actually, in occupy a person of extraordinary powers to look, the place that deserves attention truly is not prang itself any more, the state that has around prang however matchs powers.

The message that we just come out ceaselessly from the United States can see, hill Mu uncle hopes very much this incident qualitative to fear raiding, take out pertinent so-called information to guide a thing to develop quickly to this direction. However, when the thing square Russia and Egypt reaction differ completely. The reaction of Russia is very cautious, do not have already very fast this incident qualitative to fear raiding, also did not deny the possibility that fears raiding, affirm carefully as far as possible however. More as different as beautiful Russia is Egypt, egypt president is after aircraft accident not only eliminate to fear raiding for a short while, in next deny ceaselessly even in time fear raiding possibility, newest message is Egypt president is aimed at public opinion to fear raiding guide and undertake sharp criticism. So, why is this the Three Kingdoms such manner? Do they have severally what kind ofly to think? In this backside have a trial of strength of what kind of country be? In occupy a person of extraordinary powers to look, beautiful square manner has its very strong purpose sex.

Beautiful public opinion ceaseless to fear raiding direction to bring, it is a hope play a lure the enemy away from his base plan. The reason with the mainest IS of general Beijing blow is, IS constituted menace to Russia country in the activity of Caucasian generation, general Beijing not only playing the just banner with terroristic blow in the world, in home also be to playing the just banner that guards national security. If the plane crash of Egypt by qualitative to fear raiding, should Russia undertake hit and revengeful to the IS of Egypt? Because anyhow, the activity of IS of area of Caucasian and other places was not formed to Russia any assault is actual, and be like this plane by qualitative to fear raiding, the more than 200 Russians that died are honest fear raiding reality, how does the IS that faces Beijing of general of this kind of circumstance to be like incorrect Egypt churchyard undertake blow should be explained to the countryman? More what is more,the rather that, IS say be him down for a short while (did money close to handle affairs here? Did the thing on one hand, say him down again on one hand, say everybody does not believe down after all, who does not have a thing to want to endure big wool bomb really is not) , if affirm really,be to fear raiding, be complete challenge of course to the Kremlin.

Below this kind of circumstance, beautiful public opinion assaults directional guiding to horror ceaselessly not fathomless, once come true,the moment of truth that negotiates in Syria especially guides this kind, the achievement of public opinion battle that is very low cost, can turn the attention of Russia to Egypt easily.

To Russia, why be opposite is this incident so careful? Beijing seeing general is opening the face with relevant cloudy conference to know this thing is very intractable. On one hand, if Russia announces this is to fear raiding prematurely, that went up of hill Mu uncle set, the organization that is afraid to general Beijing is turned over inside Russia next produces public opinion with respect to meeting demonstrate, beijing saying general does not go to blow and Russia be enemy IS, slant however should waste manpower material resources to help a person exert oneself in Syria. In Russia economy pressure huge case falls, if the countryman called a discount to the accredit of general Beijing, that ability is truly right the blow of Russia. On the other hand, if be to fear raiding really, russia cannot be concealed completely absolutely, because once affirm,be to fear raid and announcing,this is on one hand, the France that masters evidence may overturn at any time with this the mana that general Beijing government is in Russia, the public opinion that cheats a countryman through making general capital will hit Russia interior to unite. More what is more,the rather that, if be to fear raiding reall

y, russia can pass this one incident completely run, force Egypt more deepness ground and Russia undertake the military affairs cooperates to fear in order to be in middle east area instead.

Be based on this kind of logic, russia continuity affirms carefully is most the choice that is helpful for Russia, so Russia still can continue to affirm carefully, pull longer time as far as possible, actual result is announced again after mastering sufficient evidence.

So, this aircraft accident clears up the thing that is big probability as a result, because reality decided Russia is not gotten vaguely, give his country handle namely vaguely, the general Beijing of KGB one's previous experience is afraid won't give such chance. If final it is to fear raiding, without giving thought to time length, final meeting announces a result. If not be, also can announce a result. Look from the perspective that occupy a person of extraordinary powers, still won't leave final conclusion to this plane wreck temporarily, it is opposite only for more now evidence makes clear may be to fear raiding more, but if affirm finally,be not fear raiding, that also should OK consider as true. Because of this thing interests is very great, already played not to get a holiday.

To Russia, if can have affirmed now,be to fear raiding, that regular also meeting stalls for time further, after procrastinating to wait for incident to drop in temperature finally, announce again. To in those days, syrian problem or be solve below U.N. frame, or it is to have more distensible war, wreck of anyhow Russia plane will be digested by much to the influence of Syrian condition. And Russia can borrow force to hit force to deepen the collaboration with Egypt, from this plane corresponding strategic benefit gets in falling (the person died more than 200, if sacrifice again strategic interest, that is a country really too wriggled, general Beijing won't so clumsy) .

Why is Egypt phonated by the president one after another is denying to fear raiding? Prime cause depends on, once affirm now,be to fear raiding, so Egypt will make international central point very quickly, so Egypt is local can be magnified indefinitely by IS pilot reality. And, to in those days, the IS that a few countries can support Egypt churchyard probably with farther jumble Egypt, push the random bureau of middle east thereby more the direction that is helpful for oneself (borrowed engine control the Suez Canal to stay in Russia with respect to clutch naval) of a main thoroughfare. Egypt does not hope he becomes Syria or Iraq of course, can do h

is utmost to deny of course so. In fact, right now for Egypt very in a extremely dangerous state, processing is bad to endanger national stability, cause large-scale civil war possibly even. So, if final Egypt spends this to close, so Egypt strengthens the strategy with Russia and martial cooperation necessarily, also Russia wants this. Be based on this, russia also is met as far as possible the interest that takes care of Egypt, stall for time cautiously as far as possible on this thing.

The basis takes the observation of a person of extraordinary powers, if this incident is final Russia processing is proper, will change danger to be machine, the position with this accident favorable to the country translate into. After all how can the business grow, our wait and see what happens. (author: Occupy a person of extraordinary powers)

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