Is Japanese girl patted oneself naked according to: of flush network media? Cut down of drop  ┕ ?

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Gain ground as the big range of gregarious network, the information such as individual privacy photograph is divulged very easily, this also is the main reason that current network puts in photograph of pornography of increasing large scale, illuminate with patting uploading children pornography oneself among them most remarkable. According to Japan alarm

the statistic that inspects hall to carry out, end in June 2015 end, in be being decided to be the victim that children pornography takes, 4 is become all belong to pat oneself upload, so why should these fall victim girls pat her oneself naked according to upload to the network?

Japanese girl is patted oneself naked according to flush network

Will report on December 7 according to Japanese RecordJapan website, according to the investigation of police, the culprit basically is come from share smartphone software at a kind of photograph, the essential objective of this kind of software is share a photograph with the good friend, but according to police ransack discovery, there is 30% to come in uploading a photograph 40% belong to children pornography to illuminate, and all software users, want to be able to belong to a picture correctly to upload the cipher password of user set only, can browse arbitrarily share a photograph even, bring about these photograph in a steady stream to flow into the outside ceaselessly.

Japanese police undertakes classified d

iscovering through taking a picture oneself to these, end June 2015 end, in be being decided to be the victim that children pornography takes, 41% is belong to pat oneself upload according to, scale sells to prep above very spring trade and pat secretly.

And the reason that uploads to take a picture oneself about children, expert analysis points out, it is to earn pin money on one hand, it is to acquire other on the other hand adulatory, a lot of children adolescent may get rarely at ordinary times the attention of other, produced the opinion that through uploading the means that takes a picture oneself to come try to gain pays close attention to then, and pat alone naked according to also won't feel bashful, although upload a photograph to be equal at oneself naked according to announce at numerous, but most children adolescent realizes this very hard however, accordingly for the family to having children, ought to strengthen the education of this respect.

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