Brazilian convict trains mice to carry drugs inside the jail

Brazilian north holds Kantingsi in the palm a few convict of a jail use the city a mice carries drugs to wait inside the jail, final issue discloses.

The jail is in charge of Jiankaluosigemeisi 5 days to say, jail staff member

is in the routine examination October 30, discovery is fastening a link up with on the tail of mice only.

It is so docile, let a person touch its head, dagger Mei Si says, next, the staff member notices, this mice went from jail A area C area. A few convict ship drugs or other goods with it, for example mobile phone chip.

Police ransacks subsequently jail, find a few cocaine and marijuana. They still will examine monitoring kinescope, with period the host that discovers this rat.

Show level, this mice already was in the in be in the woods free captive animals near the jail.

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