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Sun wind comes off imitate of Martian atmospheric art pursues. (picture origin: Net of official of bureau of American space navigation)

According to bureau of American space navigation (NASA) at time of American the eastpart part 5 issuance informations will say in November, the data with the closest MAVEN of detector of spark of have the aid of, the scientist discovers sun wind with every second the speed of 100 grams is in come off Martian air.

Beijing time on November 6 before dawn at 3 o'clock, NASA is in the Bai Litang of Zhan Mu Si Wei of Washington headquarters, hold brief press conference, announce the another major discovery that explores an aspect in spark.

NASA says, MAVEN data makes researcher decides Martian air is passed by sun wind come off. Measure make clear, sun wind comes off aeriform speed is in every second 100 grams (be equivalent to about 1/4 pound) . MAVEN chief researcher says we had seen, atmosphere is eroded during sun storm increase significantly, before so we think a few years, become tropic year is mixed gently more active when, martian atmospheric loss late is taller.

It is reported, maven spark orbit is explored, enter the space at blasting off in September 2013, entered Martian path on September 22, 2014, it is the one share that Martian scout plans, the purpose is to study the position of Martian superstratum air and ionosphere, and the interact with sun wind.

This already was American spaceflight bureau, nearly 4 months will the 3rd times release major discovery of spark, this year on July 23, bureau of American space navigation announces, what astronomer discovers through opening general to strap aerospace binoculars heretofore is close to another earth most is dilettante star Kepler-452b, its are bigger than the earth 60% , allow liquid state water to exist in the surface. This is human aerospace explores another significant revolutionary progress. On September 28, american NASA discovered the strong evidence of water of existence liquid state first on spark.

American spaceflight bureau go up oneself 60 time begin the century exploration spark, 40 will launch ab

out 20 detector to spark in all for years. In July 1965, 4 detector fly to jack-tar first sweep past spark, send picture of temper star close-up to the earth.

Show level, american curious size and good luck date explore a car to be in spark to express exploration, ceaseless hair answers new data.

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