Phenanthrene armed organization hijacks ransom of all alone of hostage of 3 foreign countries 60 million dollar

In report will occupy new network on November 4 outside intermediary report, husband of Ye of Sa of cloth of A of Philippine south armed organization hijacked hostage of 3 foreign countries recently, requirement ransom money of 6000 much dollars, this is the lar

gest amount that local folk arms to

be blackmailed up to now.

The report says, philippine authorities shows, this organization reachs these 2 Canadian 1 Norwegian lock up in southern forest, ransom of requirement high specified number, nevertheless the government holds to phenanthrene country not to pay the policy of ransom, but the army still rescues hostage with the safest means as far as possible.

It is reported, abusayefu from 20 centuries 90 time begin, a Mohammedan country holds water in Philippine south to strive for, often with explosion, kidnap, assassinate wait for armed strength behavior and governmental make a stand against, be included horror to organize blacklist by the United States and Philippine government consequently.

(original title: Cateran of phenanthrene armed organization hijacks hostage of 3 foreign countries to blackmail about 60 million dollar)

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