American unemployed man scoops up golf to sell 14 years to earn nearly 100 million yuan in the lake

According to American media coverage, man of American Florida city thinks of a crazy idea after Gelunbaijie is unemployed, the dive in the lake that draws near in each golf field namely fishs for missing golf. He can be scooped up every year 1.3 million to 1.7 million golf, 14 years created gross to amount to 15 m

illion dollar (add up to a RMB about 95.27 million yuan) breathtaking fortune. Berger says he is in semi-employed condition at that time, the golf field near Ceng Zaijia has stolen golf, with every ball the price of 1 dollar sells. Begin to feel a ball in the lake later, the business does bigger more.

Nevertheless, the biggest reason with rich and generous profit is, there is huge risk in pond or lake. Berger has bumped into cart of table, golf, mower, snake below Ceng Zaishui, still have alligator even. Once he feels his arm extended crocodilian mouth even in!

Berger is not the full-time dive with Buddha only state to scoop up ball person, still have 100 people about with what he pursues same job. Internatio

nal stage

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