Scientific research group confirms quanta is pestered or break principle of Einstein velocity of light

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Quanta is pestered regard 21 centuries as 10 did not see one of scientific mystery groups greatly

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Did Einstein become wrong?

Quanta is true also kink! Since a century, the scientist is in all the time pester for quanta (Quantum Entanglement, interpret is quanta intricate phenomenon) and stick like a limpet, because of this kind microcosmic physics phenomenon appears inobservant physics is basic and mensurable velocity of light is changeless, and be opened up to be by Einstein ghostliness kind super- spur action. This year the beginning of the year, quanta is pestered still be labelled 21 centuries one of groups of mystery of the 10 big science that need solution.

But, in the research that has milepost sense in recently, the group of international scientific research that scientist of a Holand heads shows, their experiment can prove quanta is mechanical allegedly one of the basiccest theory: Material is OK really remoteness 10 thousand lis however interplay. This can break the god with famous Einstein probably not the view of dice, the scientist expresses, this didymous subatomic particle in considering to confirm microcosmos (existence surmounts spatio-temporal information to transfer pattern between Sub-atomic Particle) .

According to " new York Times " will report on October 22, husband of Holand acting Er manages especially work college (the scientist of Delft University Of Technology) uses Bell experiment method, confirm existence quanta pesters apart between the didymous electron of 1.3 kilometers.


Before a half moon, observer net has reported principle of shellfish Er experiment, this research may proclaim Einstein concealed variable goes out theoretically bureau.

And Holand Dai Erfu is especially big learn the research that

with Beiershi check confirmed quanta to pester, zhou San is in magazine of international authoritative science " natural " on announce, confirmed an Einstein once published rejection idea further. This one discovery is right classic physics calls principle of the sex that decide region (Locality) basic principle is hit again. Its law points out, an object can be affected directly by the environment all round it only.

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