The United States allows private company aerospace mining or violate deep space treaty (graph)

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The science fiction that exploring spark is great " spark comes to help " the instantly that heat sows, american president Aobama (Obama) signed an ambitious aerospace bill recently, will allow private undertake aerospace mining, encourage home to expand spaceflight economy, this is the bill that in recent years two parties support more god-given republic party the Democratic Party.

American science fiction is great " spark comes to help " stage photo

Local time on November 25, aobama is signed passed " American commerce aerospace launchs competitive proposed law " (The U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act) , resource of aerospace of exploitation of illicit look forward to and become a possibility into peddling property use. Before this on November 10, united States Congress has passed this bill, aobama signs mean bill formal go into effect.

The resource on local ball by extinct when, can the mankind go on other asteroid will mining complement? This sounds very arrive like the content in sci-fi, at present till, still do not have a person to give valuable mineral resource in the exploitation on other asteroid. But if somebody wants such doing, also legal framework escorts the Emperor for this convoy. When technical condition is mature, the mankind or will greet unprecedented aerospace to develop a climax.

This bill that Aobama signs involves the square respect area that explores to aerospace, include American acceptance to will strengthen pair of international spaces 10 years to stand in future (the investment of ISS) , the life that stands international space is lengthened from 2020 to 2024, ensure relevant business plan and scientific test on the rails.

The largest window of act is a lot of limitation that cancel pair of aerospace poineering companies, and gift aerospace mining is lawful quality.

According to this act, any American citizens have the aerospace resource that authority discovers his to bring back the earth. Although other asteroid is impossible vest in which country or which enterprise, but if which enterprise above exploitation goes out valuable mineral, criterion these belongings with respect to vest in this enterprise.

This act says: The United States any participation minor planet or aerospace resource commerce anabiosis any resource that the citizen of the plan has authority to obtain minor planet or aerospace to go up, include to be obtained according to applicable law have, carry, the right that use or sells any resource on minor planet or aerospace.

Act points out: American citizen has authority to be engaged in commercial exploration reaching participate in the dimensional resource business that does not get negative interference to anabiosis plan. This act points out at the same time, any American citizens have authority to bring back the aerospace resource of discovery the earth.

The asteroid that nevertheless act also makes clear a regulation to exist without biology only just belongs to the category that commerce extracts, if commerce probed a team to discover biology on minor planet, even if be microbial, cannot use them to seek profit for oneself. Will be punished otherwise by severity.

Besides allowing mineral resources of aerospace of private company mine, act still lengthened so called study period, object company of private space travel clearly letting him tourist paying fee assume a ri

sk, unless have grave accident happening,set at the same time, otherwise confederative aviation management board (FAA) does not allow to interfere industry of private space travel.

In going 15 years, one of the greatest progress that American spaceflight place obtains let private company enter spaceflight field namely. The enterprise of this type does not have SpaceX only merely, still have Blue Origin, virgin Galactic, still have more at the same time the enterprise that we had not heard of a name also is in try to use aerospace resource to earn money.

Include Planetary Resources company (planetary resource develops a company) inside aerospace mining advocate spoke very highly of of new proposed law through, dispatch of associated author Eric Anderson says: A lot of after year, when our turn one's head this day of our meeting sees bill passing is the how crucial one step on the history, its open human civilization transmits the great progress beyond the earth.

Or disobey " deep space treaty "

Nevertheless, this is helpful for American spaceflight economy and the bill that gets two parties support is mixed possibly however photograph of U.N. aerospace constitution is violated.

The the United Nations General Assembly passed on December 19, 1966 " deep space treaty " (Outer Space Treaty) regulation, any countries cannot any partial glom on to aerospace, all countries must use deep space at peaceful utility.

" outside empty treaty " , full name is " include moon and other celestial bodies to be in about each country is explored and be being used the principle treaty of activity of space of layer of inside and outside " (Treaty On Principles Governing The Activities Of States In The Exploration And Use Of Outer Space, including The Moon And Other Celestial Bodies)

Deep space, also weigh astrospace, point to the space beyond earthly aerosphere. On January 27, 1967, " outside empty treaty " in London, Moscow and Washington 3 ground are opened for signing, of the same age on October 10 become effective, termless effective. To in January 1990, already 93 states approval is joined. It was 1963 the the United Nations General Assembly passes " each country exploration is as enunciative as what use the legal principle of deep space activity " complement and development, reason is called again deep space charter, the basic law that is concerned deep space and about outside the first empty statute, outside the principle of the activity of concerned deep space of its establish is explored to each country peace and be being used, empty activity has certain and direct sense, conduce to the armament race that limits deep space.

" outside empty treaty " set 10 when be engaged in spaceflight activity place should be being abided by basic principles. Include, explore and use deep space to should seek welfare for all countries, and no matter its economy or the rate that grow scientificly how; Each country should be on equal foundation, according to freedom of law of nations the ground is explored and use deep space, freedom enters spherical all area; Must not ask through putting forward dominion, use, occupational or with other any means wait for deep space glom on to.

Media says, the United States " outside empty treaty " sign one of countries, the commercial aerospace company that urges the United States however alleges on moon or other planet feudal. Come from so that the republic party assemblyman of the city pulls silent Er Smith says, this act provided safeguard for private spaceflight en

terprise of the United States, they also can feed back a country, ensure the United States lies the foremost edge of spaceflight science and technology, create opportunity of more obtain employment. Simplify unnecessary and overelaborate formalities, hurried has the security of course of study, return finally can incentive the aerospace outside the spaceflight person exploration of below one generation.

China joined this treaty on December 30, 1983, state in instrument of accession, taiwan authorities was opposite with Chinese name on July 24, 1970 at was being mixed on January 27, 1967 of the subscription of this treaty and approval dispute law, invalid.

(original title: The United States allows private company aerospace through act mining or violate deep space treaty)

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