TPP draft agreement announces Japanese government to be eager to eliminating home to be anxious

In report will occupy new network on November 6 day intermediary report, cross agreement of concern of Pacific Ocean associate (TPP)12 the English version that negotiation country announced draft agreement full text 5 days. Whole careless brief of a case 30 paragraphic form, cover the content of the respect such as the market admittance that incorporates regulation of cancel custom duty and the intellectual property that integrate copyright system.

About aiming to advance the TPP that commerce and investment liberalize, negotiation country still published the accessary document that provides exceptional measure, include to keep the right of project of social security of and so on of insurance of Japanese the whole people among them.

Headquarters of countermeasure of Japanese government TPP held a press conference at this point that day, to its content undertook the specification of 2 many hours, emphasize assuming the custom duty that revises the individual breed such as rice through consulting again completely repeatedly. Although governmental respect passes these making known one's position that be eager to eliminating to concern,be anxious, but whether obtaining extensive understanding still is an unknown.

The draft agreement that Japanese government releases than before the material that publish is more detailed, it is the total order essentials that is close to real clause. After having those who get attention is become effective 7 years, can mix with respect to custom duty the regulation that the 5 countries such as urgent entrance limitation and United States, Canada have consulting.

According to this article, no matter how the consultative content of heretofore sets, increase the market such as open produce likely in the future. Negotiation adversary still has Australia, Chile, New Zealand such agriculture is big country.

But, the cabinet of headquarters of governmental the way to deal with a situation discusses government-owned acerbity Gu Hejiu to say: (Bilateral) agreement of economic associate concern (EPA) is joined about increase the provision such as the negotiation not curious, day bay EPA also writes such regulation.

Acerbity cereal still expresses, many otherer paragraphic in appear about revise, the provision that increases a negotiation basically is the American state government that content of the developing country with insufficient degree and agreement involves in be aimed at this second agreement.

Because because TPP happening changes,food tags regulation, the uneasiness that is browbeaten about food safety is confirmed also. Acerbity cereal emphasizes again on the press conference: In the clause a bit cannot find this kind of anxious ground.

Can minatory to TPP the whole people is oppugned safely, he states social security serves as withhold a project in the future, also will be affected henceforth by TPP. He says or state with certainty: As long as not active its from the eliminate in withholding a project, won't become the target that consults again.

However, cannot judge a government

at present whether let TPP opposition accept an agreement according to literal meaning through such specification, actually the situation nots allow hopeful.

The government still is hiding unfavorable to oneself thing. The checkup that is in next week the lieutenant general is found out af

ter all. The personage is in related opposition be ready in take action, in checking, the congress careful that the plan holds with 11 days in 10 days launchs a debate.

Original title: TPP draft agreement is announced be eager to eliminating home to be anxious at numerous Japan government

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