Immigrant of base of Cyprus Ying Jun produces rambunctious spot picture to have tent on fire

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According to the BBC (BBC)11 reports 4 days month, video material shows, the hope left Eng

land to make a series of disturbance in the immigrant of the air base of Cyprus.

People tries to surmount segregation hurdle

A tent catchs fire

Video presentation a tent catchs fire, people tries to surmount segregation hurdle, a person is calling us is a person, not be an animal.

According to the report, this batch of people will reach royal air man by boat in October Akeluodili (Akrotiri) base, they live in temporarily the shelter application that camping ground awaits Cyprus to examine and approve them. British department of defense says, 100 emigrate, it is a Syrian for the most part among them, they get 3 eat and room everyday.

The report says, video appears to use a mobile phone to film in the immigrant of camping ground by, this camping ground is built in the base of another military affairs of Cyprus island the eastpart part. A paragraph of

video shows menace of a man wants hang oneself suicide it seems that, next British police officer arrives. In additionally one paragraph of video, a boy complains too cold, say to there are a pair of slipper only on his foot.

Spokesman of an England government says: We understand in Cyprus temporarily camping ground produced a series of event. We can continue to be the same as Cyprus authorities clasp, solve the problem over there as soon as possible. British government won't allow to open the new emigrant channel that leads to England.

Reporter comparing straps the matters pertaining to defense of BBC (Jonathan Beale) says, the much among 114 people still stays in camping ground, the condition over there is very troubled. He says the situation over there video presentation is tighter and tighter, because immigrant is prohibited going somewhere else, they are very bemused. [round-the-world net reports reporter Cheng Junqiu]

(Original title: Immigrant of base of Cyprus Ying Jun produces rambunctious circumstance to be pointed to very confused)

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