Content of drive of announce of the CCTV on Williams prince protects flower intermediary: Effort and China are built interactive

British Williams prince appears in 19 days of special programs in CCTV, conduct propaganda protects wild animal, the appeal hits illegal wild animal to trade. Because the program broadcasts,time just meets Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman arrives at England to visit, and Williams prince is heir of second of sort of British future monarch, because this gets,British media pays close attention to all the more.

Williams prince ever will visit Yunnan to save in March this year on the west double edition accept the habitat of elephant of a feral Asia. This is the visit site that Williams prince selects actively, in order to reflect the attention that he waits for humanitarian topic for discussion to wild animal protection. England " peaceful interview person newspaper " 19 days of r

eports say, williams is princely the means with transcribe video, in CCTV program " begin lecturing " appear in special program, appeal the public protects the wild animal that is close to danger.

Defend according to British sky inspect news station cover, this paragraph of video is in London transcribe of kingly college library, the key is to appeal people wants attention to be close to living the animal such

as the elephant of dangerous situation, rhinoceros, tiger. Williams prince emphasizes a youth needing to have the consciousness that protects wild animal more particularly, because such doing,be for human future consider. " peaceful interview person newspaper " say, in this archives in program of 45 minutes, besides the speech of Williams prince, the compere of still includes British audience to be familiar with British TV program that appear the person such as Daiweiatengbaige. They still accepted the young audience query of transcribe spot together.

The couple of duke of beneficent orgnaization Cambridge that Williams prince couple and prince of little brother Harry have him and Harry are princely and royal foundation, combining protective wild animal is one of organizations of below its banner two big charity.

19 days of reports say the BBC, williams prince establishs good interactive relationship with China hard all the time. During China is being visited at the beginning of this year, his Ceng Yuzhong just discusses wild animal to protect a problem. Should report, china also has a few foreigners to advocate the person that protect wild animal actively familiarly, the Yao Ming that retires from NBA for instance, appeal people abandons eating fim all the time, do not buy ivory. This he also participated in the transcribe of the program. [round-the-world times is stationed in Ji Shuangcheng of reporter of British engage by special arrangement]

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