England prohibits the student says to take sexual distinction to discriminate against a word to include " resemble a man "

In occupying Taiwan, wide news network reports, british Ministry of Education informs each of elementary school, do not let a student say the woman, word that resembles the belt such as a man sexual distinction is discriminated against.

A research that British physics meets discovers, because everybody can do what, girl to be able to make the established impression of what to the boy, british female scientist is less. They suggest to teach child couple equality as a child.

British Ministry of Education singled out a few belts to sexual distinction discriminates against the word of the meaning, want various school to prohibit the student says. These words include the woman, appearance that makes a man, do not resemble a cup cake softly waiting.

Ministry of Education wants e

ach school to appoint a senior teacher to be in charge of carrying out. A few active schools had let a student form compulsory picket group, inform against the fellow student that says

these words at any time.

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