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    Login register United States of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be stationed in Afghan embassy christmas to encounter a Taliban to announce to be in charge of origin: ? Qu Xian?2013-12-26 10:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    In Afghan capital Kabul, safe personnel is patrolling in street. Picture origin: Guangzhou daily

    18 days, north makes an appointment with motorcade to be encountered in Kabul piece. Picture origin: Guangzhou daily

    Dispatch United States will be stationed in the net austral Fujian on December 26 Afghan embassy makes a surprise attack 25 days by two rocket, diplomatic mission unmanned casualties. Armed after the event of tower benefit class alleges production assault.

    A statement that American embassy publishs in 25 days says: "Kabul local time in the morning about 6 when 40 minutes, american embassy encounters indirect firepower makes a surprise attack about two rounds inside the

    courtyard... without American casualties. " press associated press view, indirect firepower assault shows acting trench mortar makes a surprise attack commonly or rocket makes a surprise attack.

    Immediately of armed personnel of tower benefit class alleges production assault, zabiwula Muguxide of spokesman of tower benefit class says: "This morning about 6 when, (We) 4 rocket fire in the embassy of Kabul to the United States, all hit a target, cause great casualties. " this one view fails to get confirming, taliban arms to often exaggerate assault is sequential.

    Afp says, taliban arms to assault much lack in the trench mortar of Kabul before " accuracy " , but this assault of American diplomatic mission makes a person must

    fear this arms to had promoted rocket and direct assault capability however.

    Recommend read: Armed spokesman of class of Pakistan tower benefit admits shoot dead tourist of 9 foreign countries

    Read related: Two China climber meets with in Pakistan Xiamen of Zhangzhou of city of spring of Fujian of recreation of news of shoot dead of tower benefit class

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

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    Login register Russia of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to carry be in danger of antarctic of 74 people ship 5 days does date of Chinese snow dragon head for rescuing origin: ? Be not?2013-12-30 10:0 of north of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosomeEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    Boat of Russia antarctic be in danger " date of Shaokalisiji academician "

    The Russia that holds 74 people " Shaokalisiji academician " date passenger ship is tired by floating ice and blizzard near Antarctica maritime space already 5 days. After receiving information of ask for help, the China that undertakes division take an examination ofing the 30th times in antarctic " Xue Long " date changes course, head for at top speed come to help, 27 days sail be apart from boat of Russia be in danger 6.5 sea mile put an area on the ice, because weather situation worsens continuously, "Xue Long " date is forced to stop the advancement that break ice. Drive toward what come to help to still have France at the same time " star dish " date and Australia " australis " date icebreaker. Nevertheless, because French icebreaker puts a layer on the ice too thick with weather reason early abandoned rescuing move. Await the arrival of Australian icebreaker at present, undertake rescuing next acting jointly.

    Presently " Shaokalisiji academician " date is " class of the voyage between ice " pleasure boat, in limit of its division examinee, this boat sails in Pacific Ocean maritime space all the time, never had arrived at antarctic or arctic, put in place of scientific research of atmosphere of hydrology of Russian far east 's charge now, but use by Australian operation orgnaization. This this boat carries 74 passengers, include an Australia division to take an examination of team and come from the country such as England, Argentine, Holand, New Zealand, Chile tourist.

    According to Chinese country ocean the message of bureau website says, through the voyage of 50 many hour, 600 much sea mile, china " Xue Long " date arrives at boat of be in danger at 27 days area of concentrated floating ice. Because put a heavy panel on the ice, "Xue Long " after date enters floating ice area, can defeat glacial advancement with 9 speek of a ship or plane only, final and be expert at to boat of distance be in danger when 6.5 sea mile, because floating ice condition exceeds oneself badly to destroy glacial ability, "Xue Long " date can be retreated only to wide water area, await Australia " australis " date icebreaker, undertake rescuing next acting jointly.

    Russian new company says, captain of ship of Russian be in danger base Xie Liaofu expresses 29 days, the personnel on the boat was not immersed in panic at present, the supply on the boat is ampler, the sailor still is working normally, experts still make an on-the-spot investigation in proceed ocean, and passenger criterion takes a walk to glacial layer. He says: "We are awaiting Australian icebreaker to come round to come to help, its power is compared ' Xue Long ' number is large. We are nonexistent any menace, also do not have any structural sex attaint. But to save fuel, engine already quited the job. Engine already quited the job..

    Bay maritime security bureau expresses, head for come to help " australis " date icebreaker captain will decide according to local situation whether continue advance through putting a ply on the ice undertake rescuing. If icebreaker cannot before row, will consider other rescuing way, include to use China " Xue Long " the helicopter on date evacuates the personnel on the boat. Bay " Sydney pioneer morning paper " word of 29 days weighs captain of cite bay icebreaker: "At present local wind direction is southeast wind, if become west wind, will alleviate glacial pressure, the task that is helpful for us is finished. But if put a ply on the ice to exceed 3 meters, icebreaker will not before row, this will exceed the capacity of icebreaker, be just like strike a wall with the car. Be just like strike a wall with the car..

    Polar division takes an examination of bureau of Chinese country ocean office director Qu Tanzhou to " round-the-world times " reporter introduction, presently " Shaokalisiji academician " date is a yacht actually, the majority on the boat is the tourist that goes to antarctic travel, they always want to leave antarctic mainland a bit closer, come up against big cyclone unexpectedly, be in tiredly floating ice area, if be stranded fo

    r long, fuel and food can give an issue. Then this boat passes Australia the maritime center that rescue takes an examination of a boat to issue signal of ask for help to the division of antarctic area, china " Xue Long " polar division checks order the boa
    t is executing the mission, it is a the closest from it, france and Australian division take an examination of a boat to also be driven toward later over there. Qu Tanzhou says, the ability breaking ice of French boat is limited, they follow originally " Xue Long " boat, lead plane occurrence breakdown. And " Xue Long " the boat also encounters floating ice area to hold back in close process, and it is one ice piling chaos, cannot advance now. "Xue Long " date is executing the mission originally, to save Russia ship, delayed journey of 56 days at least. But in antarctic, once one party encounters danger situation, no matter how the condition is hazardous, humanitarian is to be put in the first place.

    Ever went to antarctic division to take an examination of " People's Daily " reporter Yu Jianbin is right " round-the-world times " the reporter says, to 2009 he ever attended the 25th antarctic division of Chinese to take an examination of along with the team 2008, those who sit is this " Xue Long " date, main task is to be China to build the first antarctic inland to stand -- Kunlun stands. Because the task is formidable, "Xue Long " date shifts to an earlier date than in former years a month sets out from Shanghai, to Antarctica Shi Bing has not melted, the ice that encounters on the way goes to 34 meters from a meter thick have, and " Xue Long " date can break 1 meter of ice only, can advance only when the day is least 60 meters. They also try to put a layer on the ice with dynamite blast, the result discovers a blast to give a small hole. Yu Jianbin says, "Xue Long " date also has been encountered like Russia " Shaokalisiji academician " date is put on the ice the circumstance of box up, once sweep 10, the gale of 11 class, oil also is used very badly, they are forced to wait in place, finally to drive time, the sea that comparing level is ice and direct discharging, open Zhongshan station from glacial face by snow ground car. Meantime, snow ground car still has gone an accident for visit district, come up against an ice cavity to drop, fortunately machinist escaped from scuttle. (Liu Yupeng of swallow of fine of horse of Han Chao of round-the-world times reporter)

    Recommend read: Antarctica coast produces 7.3 class earthquake to cause sea nobody get hurt

    Read related: Beautiful antarctic inspects station scientist to weigh ill plane to fall nearly glacial face helps a patient " Xue Long " number ends arctic division the 5th times to take an examination of the task to return China " Xue Long " place of ship of rescuing Russia of time-out of influence of date be deceived coming back is on call Zhangzhou of city of spring of news recreation Fujian

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    Woman of American white man sues spermatozoon library fault to be delivered of to black spermatozoon mongrel

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    Zhuang Hanqiao buttock toots the mouth breaks up again pat " sex appeal is illuminated " spit groove (graph)

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    Flower thief housebreaking is blocked house of window aperture ask for help advocate

    2022年01月17日 19:16 上海各区gm资源汇总推荐
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    Send telecommunications company according to Russia international article on November 7 message, russia is in 15 years to the couple, kill 5 oneself one's own, at present police already launched investigation in the light of this matter.

    Serve department information according to news of ministry of Russia internal affairs, si Kezhou of De Luofu of Russia Si Weier discovers 5 infantile bodies, according to investigation, kill the murderer of these 5 babies is their one's own parents.

    This all is local dweller to the couple. The wife is 1957 stranger, it is a cleaner, and the worker that the husband is room of some company boiler. They admit to part at 1982, 1986, 1992, 1994 kill with the child that just was born oneself 1997, bury in the brim place of the vegetable garden in the home.

    This wife explanation says, after she is delivered of the child, just discover oneself bring up them without ability, plus by nature of wine of marital be addicted to, decide to kill them then. Occupy preliminary findings to show, this killing to husband and wife one's own means all

    is one's own the be addicted to in putting tub is dead.

    Current, 5 infantile bodies already were sent toward concerned branch to undertake checking. Local police also case of put up with is particular detail undertakes investigating. (Round-the-world net exercitation compiles: School of careful of Zhao brilliance of the rising sun: Di Lu graceful)

    Original title [Russia kills 5 one's own 15

    years to the couple say to be brought up feebly]

    Recommend read: Holand hostage event is bloody shoot dead of wind up father 3 years old of daughters again commit suicide

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    [round-the-world net reports integratedly] according to American news website on August 29 message, because a when American Kentucky jasmine belongs to prefectural detention house male convict eats off jail friend to had immersed beautiful sanded ketone (medical effect is similar herion) briefs and die. This message once exposure, immediately causes heat to discuss.

    It is reported, this convict is called the Maikekerui in the division, this year 33 years old. The briefs that he eats off comes from be the same as the Michael Er in a prison house with him Jones.

    As we have learned, before the accident before long, michael Er of 55 years old by concessionary go out atten

    d a funeral. After walking out of a jail, michael Er thinks method carries water of add of a few beautiful sanded ketone, the dress after immersing oneself briefs answered a jail. Subsequently, he rips briefs small, him deal out jail is friendly people enjoy, include among them in the division. This action before long by jail alarm discover and try to check.


    to feel uncomfortable after eating off briefs in the division however, but he dare not show an account to police, just complain oneself may fall ill. Police immediately looks for a doctor to be checked for him, arranged a prison house alone for its. Be being moved into prison house however the following day, in the division abrupt however cruel kill.

    Current, michael Er has been accused to murder by police in the division. This case still is in further investigation.

    (Original title: Beautiful convict eats jail friend to had immersed after drugs briefs cruel kill)

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    Flower housetop builds boat hotel tourist to be able to look down at peaceful interview person river beautiful scenery

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    According to Han Lian the company reports, distance typhoon " salangane " assault is Philippine already went a week, korea is stationed in tower gram to fall 15 days of messages weigh class diplomacy orgnaization, still have 15 the name is Korean miss because of this second disaster, the government is beginning look up work actively.

    Respect of Korea diplomacy orgnaization says, have ceaselessly after calamity happening Korean declare say to close friends is missing, in island of peaceful of Yi of thunder of heavy disaster area (Leyte) is taken add up to 58 people lose connection, at present already loo

    k up arrives among them 43 people.

    Korea government uses transport of for military use 15 days to overcame class of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to send relieve the people in disaster goods and materials to the tower, take transport plane of for military use at the same time return calamity of can be saved, medical treatment and diplomatic personnel. In addition, 11 Korea colony takes American transport to head for Manila that day.

    Occupy U.N. additionally 14 days to express, according to the data that ministry of Philippine social welfare provides, strong typhoon " salangane " invade Philippine the death toll that cause is 4460 people, have 920 thousand person additionally become destitute and homeless, victim number amount amounts to 11.8 million person.

    Recommend read:

    Philippine victim is fooled grab governmental rice storehouse to already caused 8 people death

    Han plans to offer dispatch of humane support of 5 million dollar to phenanthrene group of 40 people deliverance

    Outside intermediary: Salang

    ane is sent Philippine body of death of nearly 10 thousand person is cankered already

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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an a

    ttempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, pr
    omotion provide for the aged is taken

    2022年01月17日 19:16 2020佛山飞机网
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    Korea is sentenced accusation of 6 years of American: Commit emissary crime state of human rights of intentional pry Korea

    2022年01月17日 19:16 佛山蒲典
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    Economist small gain unscrambles general of mark of criticize of abstruse Ba Ma bring mad transmit

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    Defend oneself of collective of lift a ban of the protest before Japanese citizen collects premier official mansions counterpoises (graph)

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    England is missing woman of foreign citizen of Chinese origin confirms be murdered husband is made murder a blame by accusation be on trial be on trial

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    Conference of parliament of legislation of state of dominant of Thailand military goverment elects parliamentary chairman

    2022年01月17日 19:16 广州喝茶上课网站
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    Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile li


    The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotio

    n provide for the aged is taken

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    Gu Ge is contributive 12.5 billion dollar buys Motolora to move

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    U.S. Army local of crash of inner ear of Poland of helicopter of 6 black eagles thinks Russian army inbreaks (graph)

    2022年01月17日 19:16 西安夜生活网论坛
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    According to " central company " 16 days of reports, philippine domain is expected to expand eastwards kilometer of 130 thousand square, bigger than island of 3 China Taiwan, also be equal to almost increase a Luzon again, be expected to obtain the abundant oil of marine contain accordingly.

    Philippine media Ba Ye of minister of environment of humble of 16 days of quote (the word of RamonJesus Paje) says, the international name of territory of kilometer of this 130 thousand square is " the class breaths out Mu upland " (Benham Rise) , be located in the sea floor with northeastern Luzon, philippine offerred application to U.N. in April 2009, if do not have an accident, next year in year but formal offer is Philippine territory.

    The class breaths out Mu upland is by the United States geographical home class breaths out Mu (AndrewBenham) discovered 1933, be apart from sea level lower part the most shallow 40 meters, the deepest 2000 meters.

    When Ba Ye accepts ask for an explanation of committee of Philippine senatorial finance 15 days, say, phenanthrene government wait for committee of treaty of U.N. ocean law to proclaim only now the one part that this marine land attributes Philippine mainland to wear, it is P

    hilippine territory.

    His complement says, the basis goes 5 years the perambulate

    between, the class breaths out Mu upland to hide many solid state firedamp, once U.N. announces to belong to Philippine, the government has legal basis and folk to develop these resource jointly namely, rangfeilvbin achieves enough the target with self-sufficient the sources of energy.

    Ba Ye expresses, because do not have other country and Philippine contention class to breath out the dominion of Mu upland, philippine delegate and committee of treaty of U.N. ocean law want reopen only a conference, overall situation but the bottom is decided.

    Once the class breaths out Mugaodena to enter Philippine territory, philippine territory area will be added from kilometer of 300 thousand square to kilometer of 430 thousand square.

    Responsibility edits: Hdwmn_cjf

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    North makes an appointment with allied forces many 100 American carries on machine of Iran of crash of a charter flight

    2022年01月17日 19:16 上海千花网论坛
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    The net austral Fujian dispatch will be suspected of bribery scandal of be involved in because of the family member on December 26, · of Mohammed of Turkey economy minister plunges into Phil Qialayang and Home Office to grow Er of Ju Lai of Mu Amai Er · 25 days to announce resignation early or late.

    Qialayang made a statement that day say: "17 days begin having an insatiable desire for investigation instead is apparently one is aimed at a government, hold the mean action of political party a

    nd country. I decide to resign economic minister one duty, so that let,this deformed action is able to come to light. " subsequently, the Er that reside Lai also publishs similar statement, announce resignation.

    From this month 17 days begin, turkey police initiates blow project invite public bidding to have an insatiable desire for the special operation of

    corrupt, arrested those who include to just pull Yang Zhizi and house Lai Er child inside tens of people, of action limits wide counterpoise with experience case personnel whole nation of earth of Gao Zhen Jing. Court 21 days to be suspected of having an insatiable desire for corrupt personnel to release arrest formally your.

    Notable is, this one action suffers police hold of the political party object. Earthy premier Aierduoan criticises this has an insatiable desire for the action instead 18 days is operated by foreign force, aim to disturb Turkey economy, overthrow show a government. Aierduoan removed to share post of many of the action senior police officer subsequently. To this, party of people of main opposition republican criticises governmental interference covets investigation independence instead, the minister of scandal of corruption of requirement be involved in resigns and the appeal holds countrywide demonstrate protest, having an insatiable desire for the action in order to support instead in what undertake.

    Recommend read: Turkey builds Europe of Asia-Europe chunnel join " hundred years dream "

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    Now international news

    2022年01月17日 19:16 东莞桑拿论坛2020
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    The net austral Fujian dispatch will report on December 20 according to Korea media on December 22, u.N. secretary-general Pan Jiwen 18 days of transcribe a paragraph of video, speak American state security bureau (NSA) eavesdrop incident. In video, the global each country that comes round to search Panjiwen knows a personage to taking the gift of all sorts of wiretap, result by him one by one get behind, and their buy need not, leaked alone only a ball-pen of camera. Then, pan Jiwen's every act s

    ufferred the eavesdrop of NSA.

    See Panjiwen is taking phone depress sound to say only: "I give ready money, deliver the thing quickly. " after NSA eavesdrop group hears this word very excited, nevertheless, after 10 minutes, they discover to the member that sell outside a pizza just comes in inside Panjiwen's apartment, after taking pizza, pan Jiwen paid cash.

    Subsequently, dance of start of Pan radical article comes. A staff member bows go collecting the clip on the ground, buttock day day is patted by monitoring camera. NSA eavesdrop group thinks Pan radical article is jumping at the beginning the stirring of low common electric buttock dance, result again feel disappointed and return. (Round-the-world net)

    Recommend read: Flower intermediary says: Does network of large-scale monitoring alliance mix 5 countries of European phone?

    Company of beautiful much home casts aside Qing Dynasty and country to install bureau relation to represent move " abhorrent "

    Network of deploy of the White House " water army " it is Aobama technically " res

    cue sb from a siege "

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    Afghan official says Taliban sets commando of seal of U.S. Army of bureau trap and kill

    2022年01月17日 19:16 东莞桑拿蒲桑网
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    Government office of Thailand clear Lai produces 6 class earthquake to send tens of injury epicenters to be travel resort (graph)

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    Korea is sentenced accusation of 6 years of American: Commit emissary crime state of human rights of intentional pry Korea

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    American Nevada the error when one museum experiment explodes 13 people are injured contain 7 children

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    Ireland exits crisis of euro deliverance debt formally to still keep suspicion in one's mind

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    Whether is this page list page or home page? Did not find appropr
    iate text content.

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    Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does consulate of United States of assault of Libyan armed element kill: of data sources of secret of 4 people pilfer? ?2014-10-15 15:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

    In report will occupy new network on October 15 outside intermediary report, 2012, a group of Libyan armed element assaulted American consulate in Banjiaxi, killed 4 American. 14 days, in the light of among them one is arrested to arm molecular indictment confirms, in the assault incident at that time, number stage puts the computer that has sensitive and confidential data to be walked along by pilfer.

    Libyan raid the United States to get house computer by pilfer, data of secret of Cun Youmin feeling

    It is reported, american blessing Ke Sixin hears Ceng Yu to will report in July, at least two computer are armed element from the spirit away in consulate, and American the State Council undertook denial to its report. However, in 18 newest accusation that are aimed at Aihamaidekadala, confirm the case that is put in sensitive and confidential information to be stolen.

    Aihamaidekadala is 43 years old, it is the first Banjiaxi that is sued violent incident participator, be offerred to support to terrorist by accusation at first, cause American officer death.

    New indictment included a lot of enough to sentence its the accusation of capital punishment, include to kill among them the personnel that gets international protection and killing in armed assault other. The indictment is accuse still its provide support to terrorist, destroy belongings and abortive of the member that try to murder American in cold blood.

    On September 11, 2012, the United States is stationed in Libyan Banjiaxi consulate suffers assault, cause include ambassadorial Christopher Shidiwensi inside 4 American die.

    After assault happening, republic party criticises government of abstruse Ba Ma fails to provide adequate protection for American institution functioning abroad, mask nitty-gritty intentionally after incident at the same time. This year in May, voting approval establishs Boule of United

    States Congress a committee, investigation the White House after the accident answer measure appropriate.

    Security of diplomatic and consular missions of aggrandizement of before the Kenudesitelun in Libyan safe Guan Ai is stationed in to ever died in the person such as Shidiwensi before a few weeks of requirements, meet with decline of the State Council. He is written, official of the State Council hopes to make the United States square reduce safe resource to throw in Libyan action normalization.

    Nudesitelun says, be stationed in Libyan diplomatic mission to ever requested the State Council to approve those who lengthen a safety to support a group to be stationed in take time, meet with decline. This one group is comprised by member of unit of about 16 special type, protective United States is stationed in Libyan official, will leave this year in August Libyan. Just, respect of the State Council denies this one statement, say to had not received similar delay request.

    (Original title: Libyan raid the United States to get house computer to be put by pilfer sensitive and confidential data)

    Read related: Strike of National People's Congress of industry of American oil industry comes for 35 years dusk of the most large-scale 2015-02-02 is smooth Jing passes male Luobaitepadingsen extravaga
    nt go bankrupt to make work very reluctantly American a person of extraordinary powers curtilage sexy model Sierra Blair-Coyle seizes Pan Yan after 2015-01-31 90 champion health

    Layer of Qi of moralization ox mother forest all catch multicolored

    2022年01月17日 19:16 广州夜网MHG
  • 0757佛山js论坛

    New China Daily stalks of grain especially in N

    Official of American department of defense shows 15 days, army of Libyan 14 days that day government arms to opposition for the first time launch " fleet-footed " missile, did not cause personal casualty. Additional at the same time Libyan opposition weighs Zaweiye already by occupational, the goosefoot of the capital is target of their the next in wave. And governmental army spokesman says Zaweiye still is under governmental army control however. Meanwhile, u.N. busies clear did not send ambassador-at-large to participate in Libyan peace talks. And the United States expresses, the Kazafei of be besieged on all sides " gas number will be used up " .

    "Fleet-footed " did not cause casualties

    Official of American department of defense shows 15 days, army of Libyan 14 days that day government arms to opposition for the first time launch " fleet-footed " missile, nevertheless, in the desert that missile falls to be apart from lay mines of oil town of military importance to add 80 kilometers to be in, did not cause personnel casualty. The report points to, libyan government is added to contend for lay mines with opposition already hassle a few months.

    And expr

    ess according to Libyan opposition respect, this fleet-footed missile is to opposition armed forces builds up the area blasts off, although did not hit a target, but they are deciding its are ballistic. The outside before this reckons Ka Zafei army has missile of more than 100 fleet-footed, its cannon-shot exceeds 320 kilometers, these missile reserve ever were north makes an appointment with one of targets with Libyan air raid. 15 days of Kazafei ever published a paragraph of recording, the proponent that appeals him takes a weapon, with " traitor and north are made an appointment with " fight.

    ring of encirclement is immersed in in Li Bo?

    French media says, libyan opposition arms 15 days to announce, they had controlled the 2nd to border the town of military importance in the Li Bo of the capital covers Er spread, cut off from two freeways of Xiang Na of the Xiang Xihe in Li Bo, take up a political career at the same time the capture in hand of government office army a large number of heavy equipment.

    If afore-mentioned messages are belonged to solid,

    the goosefoot that will make clear had been immersed in opposition ring of encirclement in wave. Although opposition still is lacked,capture the actual strength of the capital, dan Bing faces the situation below the city to may let Ka Zafei a group of people of same interest be immersed in civil strife.

    American respect calls the significant progress that opposition obtains to feel encouragement, expect they are broken with Kazafei army lasts the deadlock of a few months. Chock of confidence of Libyan opposition respect expresses, they still plan to pass the oil in the Li Bo that cut off to carry conduit to defy card plunges into phenanthrene.

    Before this, in the Li Bo that opposition arms to announce to enter benefit capital at 14 days with the Ye of urban Za Wei of 50 kilometers is being made an appointment with on the west, if build Er raise and Za Wei Ye to be controlled by opposition, so the power that opposition already achieved the surround in right Li Bo.

    And additional on one hand Musayibolaxin of Libyan government spokesman says 15 days, goosefoot ministry town of military importance plunges into Bolixi Wei Ye still is under governmental army control.

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